Saturday, 2 February 2008

Submission for the conversation challenge

Here is the fabulous submission from Stefanie Semple!

Jouraling reads:

She said
You need to cut your toenails.
Don’t bite into that remember your braces.
Pick your clothes up off the floor. Clean stuff hung up in the cupboards and dirty stuff in the washing basket.
NO playstation/computer or any little screen today!
I shouldn’t have to tell you – you should be able to see the stuff all over the floor!
I hope your exams go well, Maths 1 and MDD. I will pick you up at 12:45 and remember I love you.

He said
I just cut them last week.
No-one else’s Mother worries about that.
I’m in pain, how could I forget?
I hung up my jacket, I thought you’d be proud.
I did everything you asked me to. You really didn’t give me enough time after saying “your room is untidy” to clean it before we had to go.
I love you too, Mom.


Colette Bate said...

Wow Stephanie! Oh, the joys of having a teenage son! And, what a great page documenting your conversation with him. I'm sure those statements are made at one time or other in EVERY family! Really like your photos and the journaling blocks! Just awesome work, girl! So happy you decided to play along with us!

Stella said...

Those photos are awesome!! Great page! our journaling is so funny! Gotta love those teenage boys.