Sunday, 8 December 2013

Object of my youth

Featured on the Get It Scrapped blog, a layout I created after being inspired to tell the story about a "green cupboard" .

 “I started this story thinking about a cupboard that to this day is affectionately called the green cupboard. I recalled my childhood and the role the cupboard played in my childhood room. I also recalled the expectation of filling it with baby goodies before my first daughter died, the excitement with daughter number 2 and the fact that Hubby waited until she was home safe and sound before he finished it with the pink inners. And now it’s sadly relocated to an upstairs room, its role as a doll house forgotten, and its current function as storage for our overflow of stuff.”
“Story coach helped me to think logically through the history of this old cupboard, I would have never thought to tell the story behind this “green” cupboard that is now clearly pink and white. I love telling the story behind things and traditions and am thrilled to get this story told. Hubby calls me a hoarder and in some ways this is true. I hang onto stuff, for its sentimental value.”
“Taking photos and telling the story behind sentimental attachments frees an emotion and allows me to let go of the stuff and move on. I love it. I took three photos, one of the cupboard in its natural state, and another cleared off with my toes keeping the doors shut and the curtain tie-back still in Rosie’s room that matches the cupboard door knob. I loved using the green alphas to create the title, paying homage to it being the green cupboard. I kept the embellishments simple, while providing a visually substantial brown paper shelf. This will be added to an album I created of letters that my sister in law returned to me when they moved, stories I told in letters while the children were growing up. Treasured memories all of them.”

Wednesday, 4 December 2013