Monday, 31 December 2007

Tonya and Jamie's Takes

Here is Tonya's take:

(no things - these things suck): people who think the rules don’t apply to them. nosey people. thieves. screaming children in the grocery store. not being able to find my scissors when I want them. The bobbin running out of thread near the end of my sewing project. ice-scrapers that only work on the outer corners and leave the middle untouched (especially brand new ones). slippery surfaces. buying fresh fruit and finding the majority of it rotten. ordering the wrong item from the menu and being too embarrased to change it. fruit flies. fast food restaurants that make you pull to the side and wait. movies trailers that show all the good parts on preview leaving nothing left for the show itself. items that ring up the wrong price at the register. people that talk on their cell phones while driving. back-handed compliments. people that think only their projects are important and everything else should be dropped. wrapping presents. people that return their food for unimportant reasons. the cattiness of teenage girls. bedtime on Sunday. Monday mornings. mean people. when your kids are sad and you know there is nothing you can do to fix it. people who build themselves up by putting others down. people who won’t admit they don’t know the answer and make something up instead. people who try to talk above you. photographers who upload digital photos sooc - they aren’t finished yet. people who upload every photo they take, even if its twelve shots of the same thing from the same angle.

(yes things - these are a few of my favorite things): hearing the birds outside. falling asleep to the sound of the surf. babbling brooks. the smell of pine trees. Friday nights and Saturday mornings. people who are passionate about what they do. people who speak their mind in a non-belittling way. friends who care about my welfare. seeing the world through a lens and then making the photo came to life. the cuteness of kittens and puppies. the creaminess of baby cheeks. milkshakes. eating outside in the summer. decks and porches. days when everyone gets along and seem to actually enjoy themselves. going to the movies. playing card games with family. Thanksgiving dinner at my mother-in-law’s house. crocheting, quilting, knitting, sewing. reading a book so good you feel like you’re missing something when you put it down. listening to music through headphones. roadtrips with no particular destination in mind or clock to watch. close sports scores that your team wins. hearing adults say good things about your children. seeing your children make the good decision, even when it’s harder. dj’s t-bone steaks in the summer with a green salad and a baked potato with sour cream. Friday night being pizza night. warm summer nights. realizing you don’t have to work on the rainy day. Las Vegas. family vacations. being truly surprised. good hair and good jeans at the same time. bananas foster. chips and salsa. laughing. awesome movies. knowing you have the next day (or more) off work. coming home to a clean house. feeling good enough to dance. knowing i’m loved.

Here is Jamie's take:


" '07 In Review"

TV shows I (heart)
American Idol
Big Brother
Rock of Love
The Amazing Race
Grey's Anatomy
Biggest Loser
Project Runway

Books I adored:
One for the Money series (all 13) by Janet Evanovich
Pieces of my Sister's Life
Edge of Winter, Sandcastles, Summer's Child by Luanne Rice
Savannah Blues and Savannah Breeze
All of Dorothea Frank's novels..Shem Creek, Sullivan's Island...

Things I'm Proud Of:
After owning my store for 5 years (on New Year's Eve) I've decided to change direction in life an do something new. I'm saying goodbye to my store, and going back to school. It was a scary decision to make, but I am at peace with it. I feel good about "starting over" in another career.

Wow...this year found David and I married for twelve years! I can't believe we've been together for this long...sixteen years and still in love!

I'm so proud of myself for keeping up with my weblog. I celebrated my one year anniversary as a "blogger" this year! I love it and think it's so fun to communicate on such a large scale.

Songs that made me feel happy:
Praise You in this Storm...Casting Crowns
It just comes Natural...George Strait
You will be Loved...Josh Grobin
All of Justin Timberlake's songs
Your Man by Josh Turner

Family Moments to Remember:
*Our Seaworld trip totally rocked...we had a great time!
*4th of July at Tybee Island...always a treat
*Deciding to get a puppy and then surprising Elizabeth with her a carpool.
*Our Mother/Daughter trip to Disney...just the girls!
*Halloween...trick or treating from the back of David's pickup truck.

Saturday, 29 December 2007

New Year's Challenge AKA Challenge #5

Brought to you by Tracy King....

I have a secret! Shhh! I am a compulsive list maker. Its true. I even make lists of lists I need to make! Lol. This week I challenge you to step inside my obsession and make a list of lists too. I am focusing on a “year in review” kind of thing because I like to reflect on what has happened during the year. It gives me an opportunity to count my blessings and document what I like and who I am right now. Feel free to do the same or come up with your own list of lists. Maybe a list of things you’d like to do this year, places you’d like to go, things you are going to buy, etc… Perhaps you’d like to do a list of favorites: favorite colors, favorite songs, favorite desserts, etc…

This challenge would be a great opportunity to try scrapping without pictures if you have never created a page like that. Be creative! Don’t obsess about what to write. Lists are supposed to be quick, bullets of information. I hope you have a great time!!!

Here is a list of ideas to get you thinking about lists you can create about the year 2007: (LOL! See? What did I tell you? Another list!)
-books you’ve read
-music you have purchased
-new recipes you have tried
-places you have traveled
-people you have met
-goals you have met
-new restaurants you have tried
-funny quotes from your kids
-new addictions
-pet peeves
-favorite anythings: books, colors, snacks, tv shows, shoes, phrases, hobbies, etc…
-life changes (new job, school, house, etc…)
-funny things
-things you’ll never do again
-things that made you say “hmmmm”
-fashion trends you tried
-happiest moments

Here’s the journaling on my layout. The scan is a little blurry in places due to the bulkiness of the brads.

Books I Read
The Road by Cormac McCarthy
Become a Better You by Joel Osteen
The Idiot Girls' Action-Adventure Club: True Tales from a Magnificent and Clumsy Life by Laurie Notaro

Songs That I Loved
“Praise You in This Storm” by Casting Crowns
“Annie’s Song” by John Denver
“Fergalicious” by Fergie

New Restaurants I Tried
Stir Crazy
Thai Pad Kitchen
The Noodle Company

Some Places I Visited
The City Museum in St. Louis
Chemo Center at SLU
The Arch

New Addictions
Biggest Loser

Movies I Liked
The Simpsons Movie
I Am Legend
Spiderman 3
Music and Lyrics

Movies That Made Me Roll My Eyes
Blades of Glory
Shrek the Third
The BEE Movie

Fun Things We Did
Art in Bloom at STL Art Museum
Helicopter and Airplane rides
Hayride and Bonfire
Watched Joey play baseball
Paddle Boat around Forest Park

The Big Things
Jason’s new preachin’ job
Joey’s new school
My dad’s death

Whew! What a list of lists! Now what are you sitting there for? You've got a list to make! :-D

Tracy King

Friday, 28 December 2007

Stefanie'e entry from the last challenge!

I am loving this LO! The colors, oh everything!

Journaling reads:

You three children woke up late this year (only 7.05am) usually your excitement makes you rouse far (far) earlier, but I am thankful for this difference. Dad was even able to join us for the gift unwrapping ceremony; usually he is still too fast asleep. You loved your gifts,; Spiderman pc game, books, and the Age of Empires game- racing upstairs high on sweets, chocolates and pleasure to load the pc games and plug in the singstar for Hannah‘s high school musical game.
Dad and I had our tea and just relaxed a little, thankful that the day wasn‘t going to be too hot. Dad peeled the veggies for lunch and I assembled the Christmas trifle. We loaded the gammon into the oven and then had to rush to be ready for church at 9am.
Christmas is all about the gifts, food, family and remembering God’s gift to us: His Son.

Stella and Beverly's Takes

Here is mine. I just completed it. LOL

Journaling reads:
The best thing about Christmas is seeing the gleam in Victoria's eyes which shows unadulterated joy, innocence and happiness for the season. This in itself makes me proud to be a parent and makes our Christmas worth while. The fact that we will be paying for Christmas for months is not important when we see how magical Christmas is for her. The squeal of delight on Christmas morning of, "Mommy, Daddy....Santa came, Santa came!!!! Come look!", reminds me of long ago Christmases when I was doing the same with my parents. She is the reason that we go through all of the Christmas crowds and screaming children at Toys R Us. We have so much fun deliberating over what to get her and how much she will like it. Christian and I have a hard time sleeping waiting for her to come and get us on Christmas morning. I am not sure who gets more excited, Victoria or us. She makes our Christmas.

Here is Beverly's take:

I wanted to use a different style of journaling - so every journal
starts with one of the letters from 'CHRISTMAS' IYGWIM. (NB: Fish is
nickname for Auryn - our youngest son! LOL) Looking forward to the next
challenge - I love Tracy's idea!
Beverley x
Journaling reads:

Christmas Tree: decorated with far too many lights & usually done by
Fish helped this year & we always have Christmas songs playing while we
on it.

Having Breakfast: We don't usually bother but at Christmas we have the
works - A full English to tide us over; Lunch is usually late anyway!

READ: Every year I read 'Twas The Night Before Christmas before bedtime
Christmas Eve. The boys say they will carry it on when they have kids
their own.

I'm dreaming of a WET Christmas: Why is the weather always dull and

School Nativity: Just wouldn't be Christmas without it! This year Fish
the Innkeeper.

The youngest child: Hands out the gifts from under the tree. This falls
Fish now and he loves this special role.

Meal: Christmas Dinner is the one time each year when we sit together
to eat
as a family. I cherish this time, made even more precious as each year
be the last.

A Vist To Ruxley: The garden centre has the best decorations and we
Santa here too (the real one, obviously). This year, Santa left three
of his
reindeer in a pen outside so that the children could visit with them.

Stockings: It just wouldn't be Christmas without them. Each of the boys
a stocking - all handmade by me. Traditionally we open them Christmas
morning but Sean gets particular enjoyment opening his at around 2 am
a night out with friends.

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Tonya and Tracy's Takes

Here is Tonya's LO:

Journaling Reads:

For me, Christmas is all about the lights and "the light.""The light" is the feeling that comes from being with family. Alightness of being because I don't have to work. No work, no stress, noplans. I know that doesn't sound like the typical holiday season, butfor me, regardless of all the "work" involved, the feeling of Christmashas to do with just being together, in the same room. With the noisesall a bit too loud and the lights a bit too bright. Everyone is happyand excited. Everything goes on at once and a general sense of chaosfills the air. And in the background, always present, is the light. I amsurrounded by family, twinkling lights on the tree and the sun coming upas we open presents. I can think of nothing better than Christmas light.

Here is Tracy's LO:

Journaling reads:

My Christmas List

I love Christmas. I decorate early. I begin singing Christmas music in October. My Christmas Cards are picked out weeks in advance. I love it. This year I was stressed. Things just weren’t going well anywhere. This year has been a bit more hectic than normal with three different schedules in three different towns…but these are things that are still essential for Christmas:
-a beautifully decorated tree with colored AND white lights
-hand painted ornaments (salt dough, usually)
-Grandma King’s adorable sugar cookies
-our Festival of Fried Food on Christmas Eve. Nothing says “Christmas” like battered and deep-fried anything
-Christmas parades. This year we went to two!
-a church program with shepherds, angels and the true meaning of Christmas
-gingerbread houses
-Christmas concerts! Even with the stress, I love Christmas concerts!
-pretty Christmas paper…I like paper with words on it. *giggle*
-Grandma’s sage dressing…mmmm!
-Cats in the Christmas tree (annoying, but always there)
-Christmas carols
-exhausted shopper buzz
-the floodwaters of paper that rise on the floor as the presents are unwrapped
-snuggling with my baby with candles lit and presents wrapped
-watching A Christmas Story on TBS
-the smile on Joey’s face.

Wednesday, 26 December 2007


ANAM!!! Guess who made a mention of you on the Scrap Smack Blog.

Go check it out: Scrap Smack

Nicole and Jamie's Takes

Here is Nicole's lovely LO:

Journaling reads:

My brother-in-law, Dale, once joked that my family could make a meal out of dessert. The thing is, he's right. Coming from a large French family, I grew up with a sweet tooth and there never seemed to be a lack of sugary treats around. At Christmas, Mom would make desserts that we only got once a year. Dishes like Pineapple Delight were happily devoured each Holiday Season. When I look back to my childhood Christmases, I remember the noise, the laughter and the food. Now that I am older with a family of my own that lives in another province, I am not always able to partake in my Mom's feast. But I do carry on the love of baking, especially of all those sweet confections that remind me of home and Christmas on the farm.

Here is Jamie's unique LO:
Journaling reads:

No Snow Here

It's definitely NOT going to be a white Christmas!
As we watch the news reports about blizzards and ice storms across the U.S, we are relieved and blessed by our sunny conditions, beautiful foliage, and blue skies.

Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Challenge...aka Challenge # 4

This challenge is from our very own Janine Kaye:

What makes up your Christmas. This is going to be a fun one since we have gals from all over the place. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. Be sure and submit your entry by next Saturday at 9 am to be eligible for a prize.

journaling reads:
i love that we live in australia ..that our christmas is celebrated with seafood and fresh fruit...that we can swim and eat and relax in the sunshine. A winter wonderland would be special but there is no place like home with my family and friends for my favourite time of the year. i love christmas!

Last Challenge's submissions...

From Ginger Bales:

Journaling reads:

"Our church erected this wall to give people of the community a place to come and pray for our soldiers. I spent many days and nights on my knees at The Wall...praying for your safe return and pouring my heart out to the Father. I remember a specific night that Sydney and I met out there in teh freezing cold, pouring out our hearts and tears together on you guys behalf. I believe that God has strengthened us because of our obedience to make prayer a priority. It's become my sanctuary...a place of peace."

From Stefanie Semple:

Journaling reads:

In case of fire.

I would ensure that the family were all out of the house, including our 3 cats. Would try and save all the photos and scrap albums, but the next item on my list to save would be the quilt that has our handprints on it. I had intended to capture the moment at the turn of the century, ie December 1999, but Hannah was only 2 months old and I was pretty sleep deprived, we had family staying here and I missed it. The following December I managed to paint everyone’s hands with fabric paint, made impressions on calico and get a sample of their names in their own handwriting. This was then made into a quilt by a close friend, Debbie.
I look at it every day, seeing our family represented, seeing how the children have grown bigger and their handwriting has developed. Thinking that as time has moved on some things have changed, others have stayed the same.

It makes me happy, it reminds me just how blessed I am.

It reminds me of what is really important.

Ginger and Stefanie, send me your addresses and I will send you a prize. :) I will have the challenge uploaded here soon.

Friday, 21 December 2007

Nicole's Take...

Here is Nicole's take:

Journaling reads:

My wedding ring. One of the very few pieces of 'real' jewelry that I own. The only piece that truly matters. I thought I had lost it once. Terry and I were jogging down 6th Avenue and I noticed my hand was naked. I stopped dead in my tracks and shrieked, "My ring! Oh my God! My ring is gone!" I felt absolutely nauseated. I immediately started scanning the ground in an effort to find it. Then Terry remembered that I had taken it off to do the dishes and, sure enough, when we ran back home it was right where I left it. Needless to say, I don't do that anymore! This ring can never be replaced. It reminds me of when Terry and I were younger and how in love we were, how innocent. It reminds me of how much we have endured, how much we have grown, how much we have learned about each other and what it means to be married. My love for Terry is like this ring: unbreakable as a diamond and as unending as a circle of gold.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Beverly and Tonya's Take...

Here is Tonya's take:

When I was a teen, I once snuck out of my house (after bedtime) to go hang out with friends. As dawn approached I knew I had to get back in. The way our fence was built, it was easy to climb over from our side, but impossible to scale from the outside (would’ve been perfect around a castle!) As I stood there, panicking, I looked to the heavens and saw a shooting star zoom across the sky! It was a sign! I instantly felt the greatest sense of relief: Everyone knew that a shooting star was good luck! About 2 minutes later our next door neighboor came home from “partying” and let me go through her house into her backyard and across to our backyard, where we shared a raised terrace. I easily got back inside and my parents were none the wiser. I never did anything like that again because I knew even if there was someone looking out for me, I certainly wasn’t going to get a second chance! Now stars are my favorite shape, I have them all over my house. They’re always there to provide me just the luck I need.

Here is Beverly's take:

Journaling reads:

At first glance it's just a book - but not so. This book, and moreparticularly this one story, is an integral part of our Christmaspreparations. I have read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' every ChristmasEve since Sean was just a few months old. This copy is not the first I haveowned but it has been with us for 17 years now. The rest of the year itlives on the shelf and when it's time, we sit by the twinkling lights of thetree and read it before bed time. The older boys still come and listen - forthe little one's benefit, of course!

Monday, 17 December 2007

Jamie and Tracy's take...

Here is Jamie's take:


Lesson Learned

I keep this stack of old credit cards as a not so gentle reminder of our past. There was a time when David and I had an enormous amount of debt racked up on these cards...over $37,000 in fact! I still cannot believe we were lugging around that burden. Geez! It started out innocently enough...our honeymoon...a new refrigerator...but it ended up completely out of control. So, we finally decided to get into a debt management program, and now, five years later are totally debt free! Wow, what freedom! Nowadays we follow the Dave Ramsey plan for our budget and pay cash for everything. We've totally learned from our past, but I'll never throw these cards away.

Here is Tracy's Take:

Journaling reads:

Its not funny. Not really, but I miss my bellybutton. I've always had a strange relationship with it and writing about it right now is just a little weird too. :-) After two surgeries in 2005 I was preparing for a third in December when the doctor told me that i would lose my bellybutton. I felt pretty sad, you was one part of me that I liked showing people, in fact several of my college friends have pictures of me exposing my belly button...just for grins. When I taught high school I would threaten to show the kids my bellybutton if they didn't smile while they were singing. It was funny! It was my thing! ( WEIRD thing). Its gone now. I still miss it. I know that's an untraditional object to be attracted to. I know that some people think its strange to even mourn it. Untraditional, strange, weird...but not funny.

(NOTE: It is a little hard to tell but the picture on the layout is my bellybutton before the surgery that left me with out one. You can see the scars from the other surgeries. Sexy. I know. *giggle*)

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Janine and Colette's Take

Here is Janine's journaling:

journaling says:
there is something magical about seeing the lighthouse in wollongong just instantly makes me feel safe , brings a smile to my face and i get a warm feeling of "home" from this white structure jutting out on the rocks. i am by no means a nautical person..i don't even really like going to the beach, but this white building reminds me that there are lots of people watching over me, protecting me and guiding me in the right direction. Lots of symbolism for my life right now i suppose..all i ned to do is shine, have faith and follow the light. Things are going well for me lately. i need to focus on that and stop expecting the worst, have faith in "me" and my internal light and trust in the knowledge that i am totally safe and loved.

Colette's take:

You See A Sofa by Colette Bate

I cut some strips of the sofa fabric from a manufacturer's sample to create hinges on my page. The photo portion lifts up to reveal the journaling. I also included a few of the sofa feathers to embellish the flower.

Journaling reads:

It's a Drexel Heritage down filled sofa. It's not contemporary like all my other sofa have been. It's my 'grandma' sofa. Grandma's have traditional furniture. I love the pumpkin chenille fabric and the bun feet ... but, I don't like the way the tips of the feathers work their way through the fabric to stick and poke you when you don't expect it.

One Sunday afternoon, after splashing and playing in the pool, the girls and I curled up on the sofa to watch a movie while dinner cooked. Later that evening, after everyone went home, I noticed a small pile of feathers on the floor in front of the couch. I smiled inside.

Tori must have been pulling the feathers out of the large cushion and dropping them onto the carpet. I smiled because I used to do exactly the same thing at Ma's hous when iI was in 2nd grade, too.

This is the sofa that I slept on for severa months after Craig died. I just couldn't sleep in our bed ... where I found him that morning. It's the comfortable sofa that Helen sits on when she's here ... curled up under a soft banket with her slippered feet resting on the coffee table edge. It's the place where my Mom sits to drink her morning decaf coffee and do the daily puzzles in the newspaper. RaKell and I occupy our place on each end of it for an hour, wearing our jammies and with pillows under our arms, to watch Jack Bauer save the world. It's the place where RheAnna lays for her afternoon nap on Mammy Days.

Funny how the things in your home can evoke old memories and be a part of the new ones, too. The sofa won't last forever. That's why I'm scrapping about it. To help the girls remember those cuddle moments, to help me remember the quiet times with my mom, to remind me of how I made the transition from mom to grandma ... wife to widow.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Challenge #3

Here is the challenge for this week...brought to you by our own Jamie Danford.

The challenge for this week is to journal/make a page (either or both depending on what you have time for) documenting an object that has significant meaning to you and why. Here is the fantastic example from Jamie:

Connection –
Buried treasure? A message in a bottle? Well, sort of! You see, over thirty years ago, my Dad filled the trunk of an old live oak with concrete to keep it strong. It seems he added his own personal touch to it as well…three beer bottles! Sure it does seem trivial, but to me it’s a personal, physical connection with him…something I lost when he died twenty five years ago. Mom and I were sad to have the old tree cut down, but we were thrilled to find this reminder of my dad. I’m sure he never thought that these bottles would mean so much to his daughter, but after all these years without him…they really do mean so much.

Have fun! I can't wait to see your writing/creations!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Anam and Beverly's Take

I am loving these LOs!!!!!

Here is Anam's fantastic LO:

Journaling reads:

Blonde hair doesn’t suit you – neither does pink
Everything happens for a reason – even boyfriends
You will always love sports
Your mother will never love you the way you need
You will never be this thin again – enjoy it
You are not going insane – it’s called Endometriosis
Pass your driving test – it is worth the stress
Stop drinking – it is not worth it
He will hurt you but you will find true love again
Buy more jeans – you will need them
Keep a journal – you will forget more than you remember
Children are in your future – hang in there
Don’t stress about having a career – motherhood is better
Stay honest – it’s your best friend every time
Photograph: me ages 22 years old. Northern Ireland 1996

Here is Beverly's Lo and heartfelt journaling:

Journaling reads:

You seem so unhappy in this photograph and that is how I remember you atfifteen. Hang in there, it will get better and you will one day becomfortable in your own skin. I know that being the only girl, you feel leftout & like it's always about the boys. This is never going to get any betterand you'll have to learn to deal with it. No matter what you do, whatsuccesses you have in your life, you will never feel as important as theboys. They will always take centre stage and you will need to let go of youranger and accept what you cannot change. Do this, not for them, but for yourown emotional well being.

There are a few things I need to tell you, stuff that will make your journeyeasier. Trust me, I've been there and although I have no real regrets maybeI could have made some better decisions. First, do not marry the first manthat asks you. You will pay for it for a long, long time. Have courage inyour convictions: if it feels wrong, don't do it. Don't bleach your hair: itwon't look good at 25 and will be worse at 35.

Stick to your guns about being vegetarian: you are a healthier veggie thanas a meat eater. And go to uni before you have the children - it will beeasier that way and will open so many opportunities up for you. Learn todrive as soon as you can. It will seem scarier when you get older & you'lldecide not to bother.

Most of all, don't worry too much. You're gonna turn out just fine.

The thing that strikes me most is the similarity here how they both talk about hair color choices :) and driving. It is amazing how similar we all are and how we think about so many of the same things.

Tracy and Nicole's Take

Here is tracy's awesome LO! I love that photo!!!!

Journaling reads:

Notes to Teen-aged Tracy

1. Love more. Whine less.
2. Credit is important and can make or break your future. For real. Stop with the student loans.
3. You are your own worst enemy. Love yourself like other people do.
4. Trust. Holding grudges only wears you down. Jealousy can consume you.
5. You look hot and may never look hotter. Shut up about your flabby arms. They're fine.
6. Its okay not to be good at everything.
7. Listen to your Dad. You'll miss him when he's gone.
8. Don't be afraid to really be who you are (even if your mother wouldn't approve!).
9. Keep journals and take more pictures. You'll LOVE looking back at them.
10. Buy stock in Microsoft. For real.

Here is Nicole's gorgeous LO!

Journaling reads:

Dear Nicole,

Just wanted to drop you a little note to let you know I was thinking of you. You are going to be facing some tough times ahead (moving to another province, loneliness, financial stress) but it WILL be okay. Honest! Don't sweat over stuff so much. You are much, much stronger that you give yourself credit for. Chin up, girlfriend! Hugs,Nicole

P.S. And when you meet someone named ****, go with your gut and run the other way. Seriously.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Prize for this challenge...

The fabulous Allyson Bright Meyer is offering a prize on her blog for people participating in this challenge!

Go take a look!!

Thank you so much Allyson!

Jamie and Tonya's Take

Here is Jamie's gorgeous take:

Journaling Reads:

Hey little girl, do me a favor...get that pouty look off of your face, and give us a smile! I know you feel totally uncomfortable up there at your piano recital...wearing the little pony dress and the nude pantyhose, but CHEER UP, lessons with Mrs. Lamb aren't that bad. And sure, practicing piano theory is BORING, but it's better than paying bills! Here's the deal, when you're 35, you're going to wish that you could play the're going to wish you could teach your daughter how to play something other than "Jingle Bells." So, do yourself a favor...take one for the team ok? I'm proud of what you've accomplished, but you'll be so much prouder of yourself if you stick with it...go get 'em!

Here is Tonya's lovely layout:

Journaling reads:

Hey you,
I guess I have some explaining to do. First off, you are going to break your hip when you are eleven. It will seem almost cool at the time, the attention is pretty heady. But don’t let it become this “thing” that changes you from an active, energetic kid to a woman, who at 40, is way too old in her skin. It may not seem to be making changes to your life, but they are miniscule and they add up. I would hate for you to realize out of the blue that despite the facade, you hate much of your life. When you are thirty you will get some bad medical advice, and you will accept it, because this is what we are taught to do. I want to tell you now, trust yourself first and strangers second. Because i know what’s coming up and believe me, the ten years between thirty and forty can be WAY different. WAY better. WAY more YOU. You are absolutely worth it, but you can’t be afraid to go for it. The longer you wait the harder it will be.

I am so inspired by the DT! You guys RAWK!

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Colette and Janine's Take

Here is Colette's take on the Letter to the past challenge:

Journaling Reads:

I'm older than you. I have years more experience than you. I wish I could offer you sage advice, wisdom and encouragement about your future. But, it seems that time hasn't changed my need to lecture you, pressure you, criticize you. I want to tell you DON'T! Don't lose control when your daughter tells you a lie. Don't be too busy to call your son. Don't have that life altering conversation with your sister. Don't let your Dad get away with it. Don't expect too much from your mom. Don't let them send your husband home from the hospital. Don't start smoking. Don't let Breckin help you cook breakfast. Don't, don't, don't. But, I look at you and I know you wouldn't listen. Because you will always do what you think is the right thing ... and the right time. And, gain experience.

Here is Janine's layout:

Journaling reads:

look at me, the year was 1994. i was so young and uncertain..if only i knew what i know now! where should i start..a career is not everything, find happiness within yourself, don't rely on others to provide it for you. travel, be spontaneous, follow your heart, its ok to be vulnerable and uncertain, life is for living not planning. you will be loved more than you can imagine, you will find true love in someone you already know. that piece of paper means so little to your future. you will be a great mother, friend and wife. you will learn the joy of creating. you will find peace in your own thoughts, you will learn the value of a dollare, you will have times of sadness and despair but you will be just have to have will learn to smile with all your heart. you will realise that the dreams you are now having aren't really what your heart desires..follow your heart!

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Challenge #2.... Letter to the past

This challenge comes to us by the fabulous Allyson Bright Meyer, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Scrapbook Projects Illustrated and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Altered Art Illustrated.

Here is the challenge:

"Letter to the Past"Challenge from Allyson Bright Meyer

This journaling challenge should be a lot of fun - your final result will be a layout that provides insight into who you are now, but also who you were "back in the day."

Start by pulling out your box of old photos. Look for a photo of yourself that is at least 10 years old - if possible, look for something from your teen years. You should be the only one in the photo. It's OK if the photo isn't one of your favorites - you can even address that in your journaling. Just look for something "real."

Print the photo - convert to black & white if you'd like - I've found it creates a more "timeless" feel to the photo.

Now, get out some notebook paper or fire up your computer (whichever works best for you). Make sure your printed photo is nearby - it helps to look at the photo when you are writing. What you are going to do is write a letter to the person in the photo. What do you wish you could have known at that age? What do you wish someone would have told you? What are the things you wish you'd done? These are the kinds of things to reflect on in your letter. Don't worry about the final product just yet - just write down everything that comes to mind.

After you've finished your letter, spend some time editing it together if you wish, or just use it as is.

Now combine your letter & your photo on your layout. When it's all put together, you've got a very unique page!

Here's my letter:

Dear Allyson,

You look so happy & confident in this photograph. But I know that your life at age 15 is less than perfect. You're full of these huge dreams, but lacking confidence. You're quite scared, and uncertain about the future. And sometimes the depression that's starting to build inside feels unbearable.

So I thought I'd let you in on a few secrets and give you some advice about the next 10 years – after all, I've lived them. First, be patient. Some of the questions you have now will be answered, and others will keep you searching. But nothing will change overnight. Second, don't be afraid to work hard. The results are worth it. Yes, it's difficult, but that's okay.

Quit worrying about being loved. In about 6 years, you're going to start dating someone who will love you beyond your wildest dreams. Fairy tales don't really come true, but it will be as close as it gets. Don't cut your hair short. You hate it that way. Trying it one more time is not going to change this. Sing while you still have the talent & passion – it's hard to believe, but your dreams just might change. Learn how to pay attention in class, and do your homework. Hope. Lean on God – if there's one thing I've learned, it's that He will never disappoint. Don't be afraid to stand up for what is right.

Listen to Mom & Dad. I know it's hard to believe, but they so know what they're talking about.

Hang in there – it's only up from here.


P.S. Could you start working on some organizational skills? Because the 25-year-old you could really use some help.

For another great example, listen to the song "Letter to Me" by Brad Paisley, from his latest album, 5th Gear.

I will be posting DT examples throughout the week, so be sure and keep coming back for more inspiration.


The winner of challenge #1 is Jen Harrison. Here is her fantastic LO!

Journaling reads: Ever since the girls were born we have read to them. They love books. We read to them daily. We go to storytime at the library on Thurs. Anytime we drive somewhere we go by the library and the girls want to stop and get books. I am so happy they enjoy reading and hope they always will. 12-5-07.

Jen, check your e-mail. :) Congratulations!

Thursday, 6 December 2007


Don't forget to send in a submission for the last challenge....there is a prize to be handed out! I will choose the winner on Saturday! :)

Tuesday, 4 December 2007


WOW!!! We are up to #55 on Top Scrap Blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, 2 December 2007

Official Challenge #1

Ok, since this is the really for real real challenge, I have decided to renumber them. :) The Challenge is... You know all those great family events that seem to happen over and over or just any layout where it seems that all you can seem to say is "we had fun". Well, the DT has come up with a "unique" or more fun way to say "we had fun". Please use these LOs and journaling to inspire you. A winner will be chosen from those who reply and their LO will be featured on the blog and I will send the winner a small prize. OK, ladies, get to scrapping!!!

Nicole's LO:

The journaling is tucked behind the photos with a paper clip and reads as follows:

I can not count how many days this summer you longed to see butterflies. The two of you are enchanted by them. How could you not? They are among the most beautiful creatures in nature. While at Edmonton's Capital "X", we were lucky enough to stumble upon this butterfly exhibit. Inside an ordinary looking mesh tent were thousands of butterflies! All you had to do was stand still and a winged visitor would be sure to rest upon you (often bringing several others along). It was spectacular! Both of you were delighted and would have loved to have spent the entire afternoon in that magical tent.

Colette's LO:

Journaling reads:

Third Grade by Colette Bate
The journaling, written on a tag labled "Says It All" and tucked into a paper pocket, reads:
Who doesn't love back-to-school shopping? Tori and I spent all day Friday before school started shopping for clothes and shoes for third grade. Although we visited several stores we had the best luck in Dillards.
Tori loves to try on dresses! She squirms and shimmys in front of the mirror to see how cute she looks. But, the dress doesn't please her unless it passes the Twirl Test. She spins around to see how far the skirt stands out. If you can see her shorts underneath then it's good.
She really loved this layered dress! She said, "It makes me look efficient and that would be good for meeting my teacher, right?". We also found a very cute, drop-waist red dress that passed the Twirl Test. But, she was concerned because before we left home that morning her mom told her only one dress. I told her I'd tell her Mom it was my idea to buy two dresses. {wink, wink}
We found some cute shirts and crops and even bought 5 pairs of shoes. One pair was red ... to match her new red dress ... and she wore that on the first day of school ... looking very cute ... a twirling bundle of nerves! Who doesn't love third grade?

Beverly's LO:

Journaling reads:You were so quiet at first - a bit nervous on the stage in front of all those people but you soon got lost in the music and sang and danced along. Iwas so proud of you - my little star.Leaver's Day - Tiggywinkles Playschool - June 2007

Tracy's layout:

All elements are by Shabby Princess ( The journaling reads:

It was almost the same. Really. Thanksgiving this year. Almost. Grandma had the stove cranked up so that everyone was red-faced and sweaty. Frequent trips out to the carport kept everyone sane. The kids ran screaming and laughing around and around the loop from the kitchen and through the bedrooms. There was so much food that there was no room to sit at the table just like always.
The men sat on the back porch and talked about the price of gas and deer season. The women fluttered around the table and chatted. It could have been any other year. The football game was on the TV. The turkey platter hung solemnly over the table. The wood stove was covered will foil packages of "take-home" food. Leaves were crunchy in the driveway. There was still standing room only in the living room. It was almost the same as any other year.
But without you there was just a little bit of sadness when the conversation lulled. Without you Mom was teary and distant. Without you there was extra pumpkin pie. Without you we were still thankful to be together but losing you still hurt. We missed you. And really?

Really it wasn't the same at all.

Stella's LO:

Journaling Reads: There isn't a kid in the world that doesn't like to lick the spoon. I image since the beginning of time, kids have been likcing the spoon. So yummy and so messy and so fun! So many memories are involved in helping an adult with the baking and of course the ultimate reward, to lick the spoon. However, I know that no kids has been as cute as you when they do it.

Janine's LO:

Journaling Reads:

i have the absolute most fun, best time ever @ gymnastics.

you both love going to gymnastics on race out of the car and up the stairs in record time. you love the freedom of playing on the equipment, the total fun of jumping into the foam pit and getting to share the fun with your friends. i like the routine and the structureand i love seeing you guys so happy.

Jamie's LO:

The journaling reads:

WOW these Clydesdales are BIG! They’re BIG stars, BIG eaters, BIG poopers, and (kinda) BIG babies…you see, they only have to work two times a day, six days a week…photo ops and a walk around Seaworld. Nice! Whatta life!

Saturday, 1 December 2007


Hey there you guys. I went to top scrap blogs thinking that Journaling Junkie would be waYYYYYYYYYYYY down the list and we are at #72!!!! That is fantastic! This blog is so young and we are already that far. Keep coming back and see the blog, help us get even higher! Thank you all so much for visiting. I will be posting the first challenge with the design team this evening. I know you will all be inspired!

Ok, I suck at blog templates...

I am working on the template trying to get the best fit etc. So, bear with me while I try to get it to look good. If anyone is better at this than I am, help is greatly appreciated. LOL!

Monday, 26 November 2007

The Design Team Members are....

The new design team is as follows:

1. Collette Bate
2. Jamie Danford
3. Tonya Doughty
4. Nicole Drewniak
5. Janine Kaye
6. Anam Stubbington
7. Tracy King
8. Beverly Todd

I will have their pictures and bios up tomorrow. Pleas join me in welcoming them to Journaling Junkie. I am so excited to have them help me in providing great inspiration and challenges!

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Annoucement coming...

Everyone be sure and check your e-mail!!! :)

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Announcement on Hold...

I am waiting for one more person to respond to their e-mail. So, I am holding off until Monday to make the annoucement in order to give her time to respond. sorry for the delay.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Design Team Announcement...

The DT will be annouced on Nov. 21st. I have offered a couple of positions already, so check your e-mail. :) Still time to apply, I am accepting applications throught tomorrow.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Challenge 3...

You know those layouts that you have laying around with no journaling on them? I know I have at least 5 of them. Completely finished, except for one little thing...the journaling! Pull them out. Let's finish one of those pages!!

Follow the same process as we did in Challenge 2 for one of these pages.

Still not satisfied? Post it in the comments and let's all help each other brainstorm for ideas.

I have a crop that I am going to and I will post mine when I get back. I am taking mine with me. :)

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Challenge #2

The inspiration for this challenge comes from the 2 peas stash challenge for this week.

1. Take ANY photo from your stack of photos that you have not scrapped. DON'T LOOK FOR PAPER TO MATCH OR EMBELLISHMENTS!!! Grab some blank sheets of writing paper.

2. First write down the answers to the following:
a. who
b. what
c. when
d. where
e. why

3. Next write down 10 random things that the photo brings to mind. It can be anything at all.

4. Next write down any feelings the photo brings up.

5. Do you have any memoribilia associated with this photo? If so go get it.

6. Does the picture remind you of a song or a quote? If so, write it down.

7. With the above, start writing without any worry about punctuation or spelling.

8. Begin to perfect what you wrote.

9. Ok, now you can pull out the paper and embellishments. Scrap your photo/photos.

10. Now, write out your journaling in your very own handwriting.

All right, I will be back in just a bit with my example.

Sunday, 21 October 2007


The response for the "design team" is just amazing! I honestly had no clue that I would get the response that I got! So, in order to apply for the DT all you have to do is send in 3 of your best samples of journaling and one sample of an actual page with a creative use of journaling i.e. hidden journaling or a unique method of journaling. Please remember this blog is about journaling, so you will not be judged on page design only on your journaling. Please send all entries to

The call will run until November 20th. I will announce the new DT on Nov 21st.

Looking for a few good journalers...

Journaling Junkie is looking for a few good journalers to be a journaling "design team". I am looking for people who are either already great journalers or who like myself need a little journaling, how shall I say it..."assistance". LOL I have found that my journaling is an after thought. Here at Journaling Junkie, the words are the star of the show! There were will be one challenge a week and once a month there will be a layout to accompany the challenge.

Since I am just starting up this blog, at this time the "design team" would be doing this for the glory of the challenge and the page that hopefully will be completed after it is all said and done. However, I am speaking to some people about getting some sponsorship and some "celeb" scrappers to join in on the challenges.

What will be asked of the "design team" is to participate in the weekly challenges and provide one layout with the journaling that is used from the challenges once a month.

If you are interested, please e-mail me at

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Challenge #1

Tell a story about your life and begin with the words "once upon a time...". Try to make it about a profound and meaningful aspect of your morals, beliefs, feelings etc.

Here is mine:

The History of Love....Nicole inspire me.

Once upon a time there was a girl. When she was young, she felt like there was no where that she belonged. When she got older, the feeling would go away for a time, but 90% of the time she felt like somehow she was on the outside looking in. She always wondered how everyone else seemed to have it so...together, that they always seemed to know the right thing to do and seemed to say the right things and seemed to fit like pieces in a puzzle. She dreamed that someday she would meet someone/someones that she would fit with like pieces in a puzzle. Like perfectly fitting pieces in a puzzle. Someone/Someones that would understand her. But she never seemed to find that person...and even at 31 years old, even when she was married and had a beautiful child, she never seemed to fit in...and she wondered...does anyone feel like they fit in? those people who seemed to have it all together? did they feel like they were on the outside looking in? was everyone like a pea in a land of corn?

Anyway, as strange as the above post was, read The History of Love by Nicole Krauss which is the inspiration for this challenge. Please share a link to your journaling in the comments. :)

A Blog for Scrapbookers...

A blog for scrapbookers who need a little journaling help. Let me tell you that journaling is the weakest part of my scrapbooking. There are sites out there for sketches and all other sorts of scrapbooking challenges. Journaling is the red headed step child of scrapbooking. So, let the madness begin!