Sunday, 3 February 2008

One more...

Last one for the conversation challenge. Here is mine. (Stella) Sorry for the wonky scan. :(

Journaling reads:
Victoria: "What did you get for Christmas?"
Shannon: "I got a new car."
Victoria: "I did too!"
Shannon: "Yeah, but mine is faster."
Why is this conversation so hillarious to me? Victoria got a barbie jeep for Christmas and Shannon got a new Mercedes. I just love the innocence of Victoria's response. To her a barbie jeep is just as awesome as a Mercedes. It warms my heart to see the naturally pure response from her. I treasure these little memories of her while she remains innocent and pure of heart.

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Colette Bate said...

What a great photo, Stella!! And, I love how you've used the converstaion between the girls to scrap some Christmas pics! Brilliant! Beautifully done ... and the scan doesn't look wonky at all!