Sunday, 17 February 2008

Entries for Challenge 11

We had some fabulous entries this week....Check them out!!

Journaling reads:

In all honesty, I never expected us to be friends. We grew up on opposite ends of the social scale. She's from a small family, I'm from a big one. She's a social butterfly, I'm more of a homebody. Yet she makes me laugh like no one else. She understands my obession with food, laughs at my quirks, and brings the fun wherever she goes. I hope she'll alwaysbe in my life and be my BFF!

Journaling reads:

Love is the thread that sews two hearts into one. I know this man knows how much it meant to meon the day he said "I do". On that day my heart was sewn perfectly into his, and will foreverLOVE him for giving me his heart as well on that day. No, I don't think, I KNOW he knows.

Journaling reads:

For better or worse they say...mmmm. Well tell me where does snoring, burping, drinking, eating chocolate in bed, Coke is food attitude, speaking on the phone all day, leaving your clothes on the floor, and flicking through channels with the remote every 2 seconds, fall?
Its on the other side to you cooking up a storm, believing in me and my abilities, always happy if I buy stuff for me, encourageing me to do ANYTHING I want, always wanting/needing allthe latest gizmos, believeing that your friends and family count, I suppose.

Journaling reads:

It's hard to put into words just what you mean to me Ash. Ultimately you are my best friend. You are the only person I can talk to. You understand me better than anyone, even better than I understand myself sometimes. No matter what happens, what I do, you are always there. So loving, so patient. I don't know what I ever did to deserve you, but I am truly GRATEFUL.

Design Team, send me your vote for your fave! :) Thank you so much for joining in ladies!


Colette Bate said...

Oh my goodness ... how can we possibly choose our favorite one, Stella?
She Gets Me is such a fun page ... great color combination and the b/w doodle papers and the mesh .. it's ALL GOOD! I think it's wonderful that she's scrapping about her friend.

Love Is ... what a beautiful photo! The hearts go so perfectly with her theme and the circle that holds the journaling balances the title so wonderfully. Love her ribbon detail ...

My Other 1/2 ... so plain, so simple, so graphically brilliant .. and her journaling had me rollin' on the floor. How true .. after all these years .. and you learn to put up with the other stuff because of the better stuff. This page ROCKS!!

Best Friend ... the page design on this layout is just wonderful! I love the mix of papers and that bracketed Noteworthy paper as the journaling block just makes this page! Love the stacked hearts on the bottom and the stamped border detail on the left. Wow ... you ladies are good!!

It's sooo awesome to see so many gals participating in the challenge! AND ... it's impossible to choose my fave!!

QueenTracy said...

WoW! Love these layouts! Way to go to go back and ponder a winner!

Beverley Todd said...

Such a hard choice to make - I love all four entries for different reasons. Had to think hard before casting my vote. Well done to you all - these are great pages!

Reformed Mama said...

Wow, those are all great pages and los. Gotta say "My Other 1/2" made me laugh!

QueenTracy said...

Thanks for adding the journaling Stella! That really lets these layouts shine!

Beverley Todd said...

Have to agree with Tracy - the journaling on these entries is so powerful!

Anonymous said...

This was a tough, so many beautiful choices to vote for!