Monday, 31 May 2010

Readers roundup.

This one is from Melissa (isay), you can visit her blog here.

journaling reads:
I don’t know how can I do everything without any help,that is why I am so thankful to have a very supportive husband who still appreciate & love me even though I don’t cook. My “super” mom who helps me with babysitting, doing chores in the house & always so patient with me. To our neighbor who gives my son a ride to & from school. But still, with all the help sometimes I wish I have more time & energy to do more things.It is overwhelming sometimes working full time & being a mother of three kids but being a mom & a wife is my priority & the most important to me. I know I need time for myself too & these shoes are not for fashion at all & definitely need some serious makeover but these shoes are comfortable & it represents me as a hard worker & a dedicated, responsible mother and I am very much comfortable just being like that.

Just a reminder you have until middnight tonnight GMT to get your submissions in.
When we have 5 submissions in one month I do offer and RAK and will post internationally.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Tracy's challenge 80.

Ok, so here’s the thing – I’m an awful time manager … There!  I’ve said it!!  I know the theory of time planning but I just don’t put it into practise – crazy, right??  I write lists by the dozen – grocery lists, recipe lists, deadline lists, to-do lists, very detailed cleaning lists, lists of books to read/buy, packing lists, project lists, lists of punches I own, wish lists, bucket lists … I guess you get the picture.  I read loads of magazines with step-by-step time management tips.  I download dozens of pre-made to-do lists and organizers.  I even subscribe to websites that send me daily time-saving tips.  I buy cute little notebooks for my lists and make them pretty with ribbons and charms and tabs and still time eludes me … sigh …                                            MAY 2010

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Stefanie's challenge 80.

I have stuff I have to do, I see it all as a part of my job description, being a stay at home Mom. Things like making beds, washing dishes, doing laundry, grocery shopping, menu planning, checking kids homework, Mom’s taxi: driving them everywhere and making sure I am at their school as the bell rings, making supper, checking how much time they spend in front of the little screens, encouraging them to pick up and tidy their stuff, I tidy the house, sort cupboards and turf out unused stuff, I nurse them when they are sick, make sure that we have the correct meds on hand just in case. I sell Avroy Shlain cosmetics and Honey Accessories so my beauty products and jewellery needs are taken care of. I teach scrapbooking from home twice a week.

There are definite perks to the job: Monday mornings are a big one, the house is quiet after they’ve all left for school (and work) and I can just breathe and relax in a clean and tidy home. I am able to “be there” when the children need me; school sports days, galas, outings etc, we have sufficient finances to buy fresh flowers every so often, get takeaways once a week or so, I can indulge in scrapbooking for creative pleasure and memory keeping. I take the time to get my legs waxed and have regular pedicures and haircuts. I snuggle on the bed some afternoons with a good book and a couple of cats. I am able to indulge some whims, like buying red cushion covers to perk up the tv lounge for winter. In many ways and to many people I lead the perfect life, but it is hard work at times, it is wearying at times and seeing your children make incorrect choices can be devastating. So don’t envy me, it can be so easy looking from the outside but walk a mile in my shoes and then we can chat again. The noise level, the constant bickering, tom foolery, mess and dirt are a very real part of my daily battles too.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Liza's challenge 80.

Title:  How do you do all that Mom?

I've often wondered about it... How you were able to squeeze in everything in a day... taking care of us, fixing the house, doing errands in between, devoting a little "me" time for yourself... You do it all so effortlessly, it seems there is nothing you cannot do.  Looking closely, I realize, you're able to do it all 'coz of your love for us.  You care for us so much that there is nothing impossible for you. We may not have said this often but, thank you... thank you for your unconditional love, your time, and everything in between. We love you...

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Cindy's challenge 80.

Its called Best Things in Life

the journaling says:
Balance in life... Is it achievable?  I think when you combine the role of wife, mother and employee you end up with uneven scales.  Priorities should be with family but that can be difficult when you are working with deadlines, responsibilities and just having other staff rely on you. What about when you add in the need to look after yourself - exercise, relax, time with friends,
haircuts. Unfortuately, we all know who suffers, not the hubby, nor the kids or the boss - yes... us women. We suffer with the disease of putting everyone else before ourselves. If there is a woman out there that has balance in her life, please introduce me. But would I change anything,not one thing!!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Meet Heather

I am a stay-at-home mom of 3 kids. I have been scrapbooking for about 8 years but have only been very active for the past 3 and a half. In that time, I have probably completed hundreds of layouts (mostly kids, family, self, and cookbooking) and cards, and several altered art pieces. I have experience working in a scrapbooking store and have been exposed to many designers, techniques, and projects in that capacity. I typically use 3-4 patterned papers, one sheet of cardstock, and 3-4 areas of layered embellishment groups. I have done layouts ranging from zero to 20 pictures (One to three is most common for me). 

You can visit her blog.  Please leave her some encouragement and welcome her to the JJ team.
Her challenge 80.

I thought I would turn the challenge on it's head a little and document something that I DIDN'T do.

Here is the journaling...
You ask me about things that I can’t remember, like exactly when you sat up or what your first food was. We’ll just call it the second child haze. Everything is noted in your baby book because I didn’t want to forget. Never doubt, though, that I have loved watching you achieve each milestone, and, though the details may have left my brain, each one is… Etched on my Heart.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Design by Tina - Baby boy

This beautiful kit brand new baby boy kit is available now and at 40% off.
You can find it at Enchanted Studio Scraps.
A closeup of the details, really fantastic quality and stunning to work with.

I was able to create 3 LO's in a snap.

My 2nd's 2 year old birthday, seems like just the other day.
I was delighted to have that healthy little boy that I'd asked God for.

I created this one so that you can see with a little imagination you are not limited to baby boy but even older boys can be show cased with ease.

My journaling:
"how are you doing" I asked.
"fine" you said.
"and your brother?"
"he sleep." you told me.
Never have I got there faster
-couldn't believe it was true.
Fast asleep in the warm water.
The younger brother watching out for the older one.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Jennifer's challenge 80.

title is 'finding the right balance',
here's my journaling:

'In trying to find the right balance in my life I've had to face up to one important fact: It's impossible to prioritise everything at once! Some days I have to let the housework build up in favour of playing with my daughter; or a whole month might go by without me picking up a fiction book because I want to concentrate on crafting.
I still find this a difficult truth to live with - I wish I could do everything at once! But I manage to accept it with encouragement from my husband and from my best friend (they tell me to stop getting stressed!), and by reading blogs that show I'm not the only one doing a zillion things, one thing at a time.
I've tried to set myself some achievable goals - 'pocket-sized plans' to blog about each week, but I keep setting too many, or they turn out to be too big to finish in a week! I guess finding the right balance will be an ongoing challenge, I'll always be tilting this-way-and-that to try and level things out!'

Friday, 21 May 2010

Cabbie's challenge 80.

Title: life
life is like stepping on stones. we have to open our eyes and stay balanced. though there are lots of slippery stones on our way where we could fall anytime, keeping ourselves clear on the perspective will guide us. amidst the turmoil of challenges, with determination, we will reach our goal and purpose. because in life we should persevere, thats how we live.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Meet Debbie

Please welcome Debbie to our JJ blog.
Here is a little about her, in her own words:
I'm Debbie, a 38 year old Mum of 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. Also wife of a long suffering husband of 10 years. I have been scrapping since November 2007 and dearly wish I had found the hobby sooner! As well as spending time scrapbooking, I LOVE to read crafty blogs of people all over the world and I am capable of spending many hours in the evenings hopping around blogs or working my way through my Google Reader list. 

Debbie's challenge 80.

Crazy Busy Me
Life is fairly crackpot crazy most of the time for me. Work, kids, Guiding, Forest School Training, a Foundation Degree. Top that with additional ironing I take in for extra spends, and you get the idea!  I've tried so many times to get organised, I dream of it. But procrastination is my middle name. Instead of getting on and doing it, I'll read books about it, blogs about it, even Flickr groups dedicated to all things beautifully organised. Flylady, S.H.E. Sidetracked Home Executives, I've done it all.
But still chaos reigns - I think I am just made that way.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Melissa's challenge 80.

Title: Some kind of wonderful
Journaling: I'm thankful for those things that make being both a Mom & a working Mom easier.
 If it weren't for those sometimes seemingly insignificant things, I don't really know how I would do it!

1. family commuting
2. knowing how & when to pick my battles
3. having a Mom I can talk to
4. knowing the Dad has my back
5. those bits of "me" time to help keep me sane

Monday, 17 May 2010

Challenge 80.

I know that I am a trifle late for Mother's Day, but anybody who has been scrapping for some time has probably done a tribute to their Mother's already, or pages on being a mother, for those that are...we did one last year on JJ. For the rest who fulfill various roles everyday...This fortnight's challenge is to document how you keep balance in your life.
What you do work, home and play.
 Include things like your "to do" list, time management tricks, how you prioritise what needs to get done, web sites or magazines you read that give you advice/helpful tips.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Readers roundup

We have only one submission this fortnight and it is from Darlene.

Her journaling:
“Out of every room in my home, THIS is the room I am in 75% of the time! This is my scrap haven, where I come to create, relax, and enjoy some “me” time. For right now I only have half of the room dedicated to my crafts and the other side is a pretty functional office (Yay for my computer!) My scrap goodies are organized almost borderline OCD-ish. Everything is grouped by colors and categories because I love for everything to have a specific place. This is the one room where I can stay in for hours on end!!! How did I ever manage without my beloved scrapbook space?”
You can visit her blog here.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Tracy's challenge 79.

Sadly Tracy's camera isn't playing nice so she has been unable to photograph her LO for us.
However here are the photos she used with her inspired journaling.
I trust you will enjoy this as much as I did.

My home is filled with all kinds of things that make me happy – clocks, hearts, chandeliers, words, tin signs, lampshades, quotes and vintage furniture. My home is a reflection of the different bits of me. I have a very specific “taste” in d├ęcor and I only buy furniture that I absolutely love … hence, my fairly empty formal lounge, which is still very much a work in progress – eg. I am looking for the right velvet fabric for a deep-buttoned ottoman and I am also looking for old suitcases to stack and use as a side table and I am also trying to convince Greg to buy me that Persian carpet I have my eye on (way too expensive to walk on though … tee hee …). I am also in the process of collecting clocks in my lounge, which will all show different times around the world … the problem here is that I can’t get them to “tick” in time with each other and the ticking can drive one mental … (one meaning Greg) … My favourite rooms are my bedroom, with my feathered lampshades and seriously comfortable king-size bed, and my formal lounge, which is kind of French shabby with some “carnival” thrown in … I love it!!! Of course, I am a hoarder so there is loads of clutter lurking in my home but I’m working on that too … 2010

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Shannon's challenge 79.

so it's not going to make the cover of Better Homes & Gardens any time soon...but that doesn't bother me....because i have 2 cuddly dogs who i can curl up on the couch with...and 2 happy kiddos who are allowed to jump on the couches too and i have a window pasted with fabulous ART created just for me! i have pictures to show how much they've grown....and dog toys on the floor that get joyously thrown around by those 2 lazy dogs and 2 beautiful children and you know what? it suits me fine.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Stefanie's challenge 79.

It is really difficult for me to choose a favourite room in our house. I love that our kitchen in the hub of our home. People gather there, pull up a chair and kuier so nicely. The sitting room is an extension of the kitchen. So often we park there when Dad comes home from work and enjoys his first cup of tea after his sojourn at the office. We often sit there and wait while Rosie finishes her food as well. I love that our bedrooms reflect our individual personalities. Then we have the dining room, that only gets used when we have more than 5 for a meal. But as that is where you computers sit- the room gets it’s fair share of time spent in it. The tv lounge with our new flat screen tv and HD PVR, the coricraft couch cushions that enfold us and the various tv remotes at will. And lastly my studio, I love this space too. My computer and all my scrappy goodness resides here. Ok so I do teach from home, but truthfully I would use this room even if it were only for me.
I love my home, it is comfortable, welcoming and our haven from the outside world.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer has joined our DT for a three month stint.
Please make her feel welcome.
Jennifer's challenge 79.
titled: My craft room.

Her handwritten journaling.
This is the only room in my house which I feel is really "me". 
The bright colours really zing me up when I walk in.
I love that it's not just functional, I also have inspirational things like the prayer flags from Nepal, the "lovebirds" mug and a box of my friend's Dad made me. Lots of things that lift my heart while I'm creating.

You can visit her blog here.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Shayne's Challenge 79

Title:  Home is where the Heart is (journaling tucked in behind photograph)

This photo of our home was taken in Feb 2010.  Shortly after we had repainted the exterior of the house and I stood in my garden one afternoon and just took in it's beauty.  I really love our home.  It is almost 100 years old and has been in our family since it was built by Dean's dad's cousin all those years ago.  It is now our home and it is filled with love and much laughter, on a daily basis.  It is a solid building which provides a safe roof over our head, but it is also the place that allows us each to have our own space, and to just be the person each of us needs to be.  The garden is where i spend my summer days, each bed is a labour of love and i get such joy from simply pulling weeds or pruning my rose bushes.  I feel incredibly blessed to have such a beautiful home and garden.  Feb 2010