Sunday, 24 February 2008

Contest Standings

*****edited I forgot a couple of entries!!!****

Here are the top ten that will go in the drawing for tomorrow:

1.Stefanie Semple 575 pts
2.Jamie Danford 560 pts
3.Gina Johnson 495 pts
4.Tracy King 380 pts
5.Beverly Todd 290 pts
6.Colette Bate 55 pts
7.Nicole drewniak 40 pts
8. Sam ellis 30 pts
9.Ali 25 pts
10 Deanne Burton 25 pts

I will post the winner tomorrow afternoon! :)


Reformed Mama said...

Cool! I'm moving up!!!

Nicole Drewniak said...

Whoohoo! Wtg ladies!

Anonymous said...

Tracy sent me! Give her points so she'll leave me alone! :-)-Michelle

Stefanie said...

The gap is closing and there is still so much month to!

Anonymous said...

Well Stephanie I'd like to say I'm catching you, but darnit if you don't keep pulling out ahead! ;) I'm runnin' out of people to refer!