Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Stefanie's challenge 29.

“Generally by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been rubbed off, and your eyes drop out, and you get loose in your joints and very shabby. But these things don’t matter at all, because once you’re real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand.” I just love this excerpt from the Velveteen Rabbit, because that’s how you feel about your Bunny. He was given to you by Oma Erika in Germany and even though you got numerous soft toys when you were born and for your first birthday, Bunny was “the one”. One day you were asked what his name was and you replied “Bunny!”, then came the follow-up question, “not Peter or Rabbit?” and you looked up and said very slowly and clearly “No, just bunny!” As you can see from these photos he was very much an integral part of your life. I don’t have a photo of the night you tossed Bunny into the bath water after you’d finished bathing. I shouted “Noooo!” but it was too late. He was soaked and bedtime was fast approaching so I did the only thing I could, tossed him in the tumble dryer. You sat in front of the dryer sobbing as you watched him go around and around, he was still very damp when you were re-united. He finished the drying cycle after you had fallen asleep and I had managed to pry him out of your grip. Bunny is still in your room (hidden from view), he’s lost his pants through the years, but he will always be special because he was your favourite childhood toy.

Mia's Elephant Love

I can't really recall how or when it actually started. I think you were about two years old when we noticed your preference for elephants. And through the years, you have made quite a collection for yourself. Here you are with four of your favorites: Elle, Dumbo, Zoom and Lumpy. You are such a cutie! We love you very much, Raya!

Monday, 28 July 2008

Nicole's Crayola Queen

Crayola Queen:
When I was a kid, I didn't have a favorite toy in the usual sense. There wasn't a stuffy or a doll that I took everywhere or slept with each night. What I did have was one of the best Christmas gifts ever: a light up drawing desk (a.k.a., a light box). I still remember the box it came in with the Mickey Mouse logo on it and the sheets of tracing templates that were also included. I spent many an hour tracing and colouring with that desk. It fueled my love of drawing which extended itself well into my teens and even my years at University. And while I did most of work with a plain lead pencil, I owned so many boxes of crayons and markers that my friend, Barb, dubbed me the 'Crayola Queen'. It's been several years since I've sat down with my sketch pad but I still have that Christmas gift from my Dad that my own children now play with.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Challenge 29

Journalling for the above layout

These have always been your favourite ‘teddies’. I bought the little brown dog before you were even born, cos I just loved it – so did you! You only got the Dalmatian puppy much later on when you were about 8. You still have the Dalmatian – Spot, but we can’t find your little brown dog. We have moved a few times so I am still hoping he turns up.
This week's challenge is brought to you by Joanne Rasmussen.
A little about her, in her own words...
I have been scrapbooking for about 6 years although I feel I only reallystarted documenting my life and the lifes of my loved ones in the last fewyears. I feel a layout is incomplete without some journaling and 'cherish,love, beauty' do not count. I often look through my old layouts and feelthey are nothing more than pretty pages that tell me/you nothing.
My style - I am not really sure how to describe my style other than quiteneat! I would love to break out a little but find it hard to do. Watch thisspace I intended to do it soon.
I find inspiration in any scrapbooking magazine or idea book even though Ivery rarely scraplift an entire layout. As far as inspiring scrapbookers,Ali Edwards and Donna Downey are probably my favourites, with a little bitof grunge throw in for good measure by Kristina Contes.
I am a total blogging junkie! I visit numerous sites daily, quite a mixedbag though, photography blogs, scrapbooking girls, and just SAHM mainly. Ilove to pop into Creating Keepsakes once a week to check on the POTD choicesof Erin Lincolns as well which keeps me on top of what is hot and happeninin scrapbooking generally. I do admit to following the trends even though Idon't spend much money on scrapbooking as I have enough stash to keep me going forever.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Challenge 28 Nicknames : readers round-up.

Thanks so much ladies for taking time to rise to the challenge.

The lucky winner this week is...

please email me your street address so I can send you a little something something.
This entry was from Ali:
OH MY Daniel!!

Daniel, my sweet “Pumpkin,” now almost 8 yrs old, won’t let me call him that.
He doesn’t like to be called by any other nickname except “Dan-Dan Houdini-Man…”

When he was just 2 yrs old and still a baby, really, he could barely pronounce the nickname he’d earned, and it came out “Bam-Bam Houbini-Ban” which was totally hilarious. It has stuck and still makes his Daddy and I laugh!

The nickname was earned because Daniel was truly a Houdini-like escape artist from the beginning!

One crisp fall morning at 6 AM, having run past me in the kitchen like a streak of lightning (which I missed), Daniel, about 3 years old, went out the sliding patio door and down the deck stairway in his undies. He then made his way to the fence surrounding our yard.

Daddy went to back up after clearing the windshields in the van of frost...and…as he glanced out the now-cleared front windshield, there was Daniel, peeking up like “Kilroy” over the fence at his Daddy in the van!!

YIKES! We STILL can’t figure out how he got past me in the kitchen, and outside so quickly and quietly. Daddy says he will never forget how startled he was to look through the windshield and see Daniel’s little face grinning at him from over the fence!!

Daddy brought him back in, and he was “Dan-Dan Houdini-Man” to all of us from that day forward.


Photo~ late July 2007; age almost 7
Journaling July 2008.
This one is from Lynn Robertson.
Her journaling:
It's a nice feeling when my parents call me by one of my affectionate nicknames.
toots, lynnie, pal, bairn, darling, bear

My journaling reads:
Dannah - most people call you by this name
Ayah - the nickname you never got to use
Nene- close family members call you by this name especially your Daddy
Baby Girl - that is how I'd like to call you, even when you're all grown up
Boy- your Ninong (godfather)-best friend calls you by this name.
I don't know why because it's a secret between the two of you
Deng - Che (Cheng) and Pau (Andeng) call you by this name in your "make-believe" world.

Thanks to Timi Mercado.

Journaling reads:
Loving every minute of being on the wall at Planet Granite. And as you ascend the wall, you can hear all the names you have as others shout out encouragement: Zachary, Zach, Jie-Jie and Guo-Guo.
I used Creative Scrappers sketch #9.
Melita Chow sent in this page.

Lord FartQuard
Lil man

Thanks Annie Brown.

Cameron Jakob

DJ Wiggy-wiggyCJ

The Drama Queen

Little Fatz

Thunderoucious Thighs

Little Linebacker




Lil Bubba


Baby Brother

Velcro Baby

Journaling reads:
When you’re sweet: Mommy’s little man
When you’re silly: Little monkey man
When you’re playing with Daddy: Mini-J
When we’re playing: Stinky-butt
When it’s bedtime: Cutie-Patootie
When we’re snuggling: Ethan-George
When you’re not good: Mr. Naughty McNaughty-head
When you’re good: The E-Man
These two from Melissa Williams.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Joanne's nicknames challenge.

The journalling reads
With the name Joanne, you could easily assume that I would be called Jo.
Yes and No. At school I was only ever called Joanne and my Mum and family
call me Joanne, although my brother Andrew has also started calling me Jo.
My Mum also calls me Chicken which I secretly Love. I have ended up calling
my kids Chicken too. I have occasionally had friends that called me Jo, but
not many. However, since I moved to Cape Town everyone knows me as Jo but
they all know my name is Joanne. Paul calls me Josephine and always has. I
don't know why and neither does he!! I love being called Jo, for me it
feels like a term of endearment after years of Joanne. Suppose I am just
not the 'babes' type.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Mia's nicknames LO.

Journaling: Also known as
Ching ching to Daddy
Lovey to Mommy
Best friend to Abu
Ali ali to Mama Flory
Poggy pog to Tita Ovvian
Baby girl to Raya and Nadine.

Tracy's nickname's entry.

Title: The Boy

Journaling Reads:
At first, there were a few people that were uncomfortable with Jason and I calling our precious bundle of joy “the boy”. *giggle* It wasn’t disrespect. It was a loving title inspired by our favorite TV Show, The Simpson’s. Now, it is just second nature. He is “the boy”. Our wonderful, funny, happy boy. I think he likes the nickname. I just wonder when he’ll start calling me “the mom”.

The list of names: 1 Joey, 2. Joseph, 3. son, 4. the beast, 5. Joey

Monday, 21 July 2008

Two more

Eenie weenie scenie Moffy



John Boy Walton



Cable John

Brolie, Bro

Dumb ass (from his older brother - not me!)

Mr Teachable Spirit

When you were about two I called you "honey" it started as Johannes which is Afrikaans for John, your second name and evolved from there. I stopped calling you Honey when some stupid lady at a Mothercare Bible Study asked if Honey was my daughter's real name.

No matter what I call you though, you'll always be my little Honey.

Nicole's challenge 28.

Gabriel (by any other name) A boy like you, who has so much personality, could not possibly be known by one name alone. Over the years you have acquired several aliases, such as:
1. Mr. Monkey Man--you've been a climber since you were a baby. You know No Fear!
2. Junior Mint--'cause my boy is as sweet as candy.
3. Baby Peanut--you got this one before you were even born! My pet name for your Dad is Peanut. As we knew you were going to be a boy, you became Baby Peanut while in utero.
4. Gabe the Babe--it was cute, it rhymed, and it fit you to a 'T'!
5. Biel and Beetle--the first was given to you by your sister. She wasn't even 2 years old when you were born and couldn't say your name so she shortened it to 'Biel'. Dad and I called you Beetle because...well, I dont' know why! I guess we thought it suited you somehow and it stuck. Though I can't call you that now. If I do, you are swift to remind me that you're not a bettle, you're a BOY! But no matter what nicknames we give you, you will always be my 'son-shine'.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Another reader's submission for challenge 27.

This was sent in from Yasu Kataoka
Since I am into vintage taste, I have been trying to make photoes look like vintage most of the time. However this picture is a real vintage of my own. As the title says, it was back in 1980 when I lived in Australia with my family. (We were there because of my dad's work.) I always look at this picture with deep emotion. It was a day filled with joy and always believed in my bright future lay ahead. The world was samll, my heart big.Even though I admire vintage style, I completely forgot that I myself is a real vintage!! It scares me how TimeFlies・・・Me with my classmates lined up in front of the padock. (Aussie! ) My teacher Ms.West was beautifully smiling as she always did.The bird, from wall paper which was pretty out of date, turned out to be perfect with my paper (FoofLala) and the picture. The bird pulls a piece of wire which has a key (Tim Holtz) with a clock on it. You can imagine the key is opening my heart back to 1980.  Here we go!
Thanks so much for your reminisce entry.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Melody's challenge 28.

Mel's second daughter and her list of nicknames.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Challenge 28

The challenge this week is to journal about nicknames, could be yours, or your significant other or the children or pets. Usually there is a story behind the name's creation, sometimes that's all the sibling could say - otherwise names evolve over time. Lets hear your story...

Journaling here:
Hannah Fanna Camoli
Little one
Rose Nose
Miss Last Word
Hannah Banana
The Rosie
She'll answer to all of them.

This challenge is mine. I have been scrapping for about 5 years. Really love the paper thing but am dabbling in hybrid (not quite digi yet) I love Becky Higgins sketches and her use of cardstock.
Rebecca Sower's books help me to make my pages more meaningful and to be a blessing to my family. I strongly feel that a page without journaling is incomplete. I love that my scrap albums can be read by any one without me needing to lean over their shoulders, point to pictures and explain the details. (ie where, what, who why etc)

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Stefanie's challenge 27.

I usually journal in the first person, as though I was actually talking to whoever I am making the LO about.
This LO was in response to a challenge on my friend, Kim's blog, but I also thought it would work for this week's challenge here as whileit is important to remember things that happened a long time ago, it is just as important to document the everyday, here and now.

Journaling reads as follows:

Your brothers were both out visiting friends and at first you were upset then you decided that we should have a play date. We did a scrapbook page, baked vanilla muffins and went on a shopping spree. You "scored"~ your words; a new dressing gown, 2 pairs of tights, denim shoes and Bratz pj's. At the end of the day I read you Hannah Montana and you said it was your best day.

Hannah's LO is included so that you can see her handwriting.

While this is very ordinary now in ten years time I will want to reminicse about what her handwriting was like when she was in grade 2.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Nicole's cards

Nicole made these cards with the stamps she got from "My favourite things stamps."
Thanks to Stella for organising them.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Our first reader's submission.

Timi Mercado sent in her take for challenge 27.
Journaling reads:

My earliest childhood memories were set in this garden in our old house in Canlubang. I'd never forget the colorful San Francisco plants as well as the butterfly tree with its purple flowers where I discovered the wonder of play and developed my love for nature. 1972

Materials used: cardstock, Prima and Cherry Arte patterned papers, ribbon and trims, Prima, Making Memories and Heidi Swapp flowers, metal embellishments, Hambly transparency, American Crafts Thickers, Hot Off the Press alphas, Creative Imaginations journaling paper, Fancy Pants tags, acrylic paint, glossy accents.

Well done, I love it! The hot pink and the lime green accents add such a punch. TFS.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Nicole's contribution.

One Snowy Day was for the Reminisce challenge.

The journaling was as follows: Looking back, I don't remember much about this day except Alison inviting us to the park after school and wishing she would hurry with this picture as my pants were getting wet from the snow. But we must have had fun--look at those smiles

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Colette's sponsored product LO.

Remember by Colette Bate (click on her name for a link to her blog)
My journaling challenge this week is to answer the question, 'What would I do if I had a million dollars?. But, how do you scrap something like that? Well, my BFF, Joy, sent me this birthday card last year and the picture on the front was exactly what I needed to relate to my journaling. Now I have preserved a card that I was given (that has special meaning for me) and it also serves as a great method of holding my journaling which is about me ... for my scrapbook. It may be a card that someone gave you, a travel brochure from an exotic place you have been, or even a movie ticket stub that might help you scrap your story.

I used the large deco heart from the Heirloom Hearts punch to create the patterned paper border on the left side. Then, I layered the smaller hearts that were left over in clusters to create these fun 3-D flowers. All I needed to do was just doodle some stems and leaves and embellish the centers with a button and ribbon. The Mini File Tab punch was placed on the card to invite the viewer to open the card to reveal the journaling inside.

My thanks to McGill for the awesome jumbo punches! I received the Heirloom Hearts Jumbo punch and the Mini File Tab punch and had a blast using them on this page! You can be sure the Tab punch is going to get a work out at my house. And, the Heirloom Hearts punch is so versatile ... all you need is a little imagination.

Thanks to Colette for her submissions. I appreciate that you want to take a gap, but your contibutions will be missed. Thanks for all the good stuff you have shared with us.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Thanks to Stella Crupko.

Stella has handed over the reigns of journalingjunkie to me (Stefanie) and I just want to say thanks for allowing me to take over and make some changes.
We, the design team appreciate all the hard work you have put into this from the beginning, the weekly posts, the sponsored products and the months of being on your team, of inspiring and being inspired.
I truly appreciate you giving me this opportunity and trust that you will be popping in from time to time and even submitting a layout as you get a gap.
We wish you all of the best, from your design team.
BTW(if I have deleted you from the design team and you still want to be here please forgive me and allow me to put you back on . It was nothing personal I have just acted on information given to me about who wants to be in and who wants out. Thanks.)

Monday, 7 July 2008

Mcgill punches.

I (Stefanie) used the ribbon punch to make the holes for the ribbon bow on the left hand side, with the two date tags.

The flower punch on the right is also a McGill punch.
Journaling reads:
You had to grow beans in a jar on your windowsill for a science project. On the 1st of June 2008 you decided to plant them in the garden. I was impressed by your gentleness, separating the roots from the newspaper. Hannah helped you dig some holes for the maize kernels. Then you surrounded the baby plants with bricks (so that the garden service would be careful) and lots of sticks to stop Snuggles from sleeping there.

Nicole's page - journaling her passions.
The things that make me the happiest are easily found as they're all in my home. Creative art, being with my family, and playing outside in my garden bring me pleasure every day.
I am blessed. June 2008.
Nicole's sponsored product page.
Thanks again to McGill's punches.

A close up of the punched details.