Wednesday, 29 April 2009

New DT Members

(she was our guest designer for March)

My name is Melissa, I’m a 28-year-old mother of two who’s been paper scrapping off-and-on (mostly on) since 2002. I also started digi-scrapping in about 2005, around the time my oldest son was born. When I’m not scrapping, I work for Kalamazoo Public Schools as a Technology Integration Specialist. When I’m not scrapping or working, I love reading, writing, photography, gardening, and watching Notre Dame Football with my family.

I would describe my paper scrapping style as clean and simple, for the most part, with a touch of shabby-chic here and there. My digi style is a little different, although I still try to keep it pretty clean and simple, although I tend to use papers and products with a more shabby-chic feel.

(a local lady who has been taking part in our challenges regularly for a while now.)

My name is Cindy Roberts and I live in Australia with my partner of 12 years and my 2 gorgeous daughters. They are my inspiration. I have been scrapping for 4 years, starting on the first anniversary of my mother's death. I wanted to create an album to keep all the obituary notices and special cards and letters that I had received. This started an obsession, which I find grows and develops all the time. I had dabbled in other crafts and implement these into my scrapping. I love this craft. I currently design for Scrap'n'Art Journey here in Australia and am loving the opportunity

Please join me in welcoming the following awesome ladies to our team.
As you can see with all this talent we should be able to inspire you every day of the month.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Reader's roundup

This is from Tertia.

The title of the LO is Mirror image. Every letter is a rubon on a mosaic mirror tile. The journaling reads as follows:
Tertia-Lee and Daniela came to visit me at school one day. I could not understand why the girls would not stop laughing and start to work. Then Daniela got my attention and told me to look next to me. There was Tertia-Lee, a perfect mirror image of me. The body language exactly the same, the little arms on the hips and even her little feet, planted firmly on mother earth! No wonder the girls were laughing.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

DT call

Just a reminder of the DT call that ends tonight.
I have received applications from

Shayne S
Janis M
Melissa W
Cindy R

Please contact me if you have applied and your name does not appear on this list, I have had some computer issues and it is possible I have missed someone's application.
I will be making the announcement on Monday morning our time.


Friday, 24 April 2009

Nicole's challenge 55.

Jasmine was very difficult for us to find. We found her at the Princess Fantasy Faire. Now we could finally get Dominique's hat completely autographed. We bought it 4 years ago and now it's complete.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Liza's challenge 55

Title: Limited Edition

I was never a sporty person but there were a few games I enjoy watching and have actually tried playing. Badminton was one of them. I love the game and I love the fact that one hour of playing makes me sweat/work-out a lot. I did this for a few moths but had to stop because of work and other things. How I wish I could go back to playing.. I miss the sweat and I miss the rush of energy. It was good while it lasted.
(Photo: September 2007 / Journal: April 2009)

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Readers' roundup

This is from Janis.
Life happens
A step at a time.
Don't be afraid
To take a step forward.
You have each other -
-To lean on
To share life with.
Hold handsTogether
I am behind you two.
This is from Timi.
Journaling: No one knows me better than her. She knows about my thoughts, my deepest secrests, my fears, my aspirations in life. She knew me from my past. She knows me today. As long as I'm here, she's also here to stay. She is me and I am her. She's no other than my bestest friend - my SHADOW.

This is from Shayne.

"Bean and I in matching stripes. Just 1 week old and you'd already stolen my heart - absolutely and completely. Your mum took this pic of us, by surprise. I was sitting on her bed holding and cuddling you, before I went to meet Lee-Lee for tea. She walked in unaware and snapped us - hence the startled look on my face. This is one of my favourite photos of us together. Your mum thought it was a Kodak moment becoz we were both wearing stripes. I agree with her. I love you little Bean. xoxo"
Thanks for the awesome LO's ladies - much to inspire here.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Shannon's challenge 55

you may see a scribbly, old drawing.....but i see a family favorite...a daily constant in our life....the creative imagination of a boy who loves to see us laugh, a boy who is a daily source of love and joy in our's amazing how a simple thing like a drawing of doodlebob can be such a meaningful thing! - mg

Monday, 20 April 2009

Tracy's challenge 55


Victoria Falls, which lies between Zambia and Zimbabwe, is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World …

Dad visited this natural phenomenon in the dry season which is between late April and early November. This photo shows a breathtakingly beautiful example of our Heavenly Fathers’ Creation.

BUT did you know that during the rainy season, and especially during floods, it is impossible to see the foot of the Falls and most of its face. In fact, the walks alongside are shrouded in mist and are in a constant shower. Closer to the edge of the cliff spray shoots upwards like inverted rain and you’re guaranteed a shower whilst overlooking the Falls …

Just because the Falls are at their most magnificent during the rainy season does not mean that their beauty diminishes … REMEMBER THIS …

The most beautiful person may not always be the most obviously beautiful … look a little closer … the next “Wonder of the World” may be lurking just below the surface …

April 2009

Friday, 17 April 2009

Helen's challenge 55

Herewith the beginning of my duck collection... I am tired of collecting hippos and so over the ethnic phase of my life ...I am now after a bit of fun and frivolity and this pair fit the bill perfectly...
I have since found them two friends.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Cabbie's challenge 55

these 2 little brothers, aetom and aedan, 9 months apart in age, always fighting like they're soldiers... and yet they can be the sweetest brothers to each other.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Mia introducing challenge 55.

So many people are doing the 365 - photo a day thing.

I would like to challenge us to do a LO about one of those random photos we take, that would be meaningless to others, but that make us take a step back and appreciate something small and significant just for today.

Mia's journaling:
July 2007
34 weeks pregnant.
Maybe, just maybe 3 is our lucky number, and this is my last pregnancy...Then I’d like to remember everything about it, every push, every kick, every it feels to have a being inside fulfilling every movement is. I’d like to remember how blessed I am to experience this 3 times. I’d like to remember everything about it.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

One more

This is from Jeanie.
journaling reads:
"it must've been 30 degrees that day but you still managed to put on smiles that lasted the entire day. it must be true. it must be love."

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Readers' Roundup

This is from Timi.
A day before your 12th birthday, we went out to have coffee.
A very hot day that was, you opted for a frappe.
Glad you loved it.

This is from Pamela.

Thanks so much for your lovely LO's and for taking the time to participate.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Tracy's challenge 54

to build 2 B/R, MES, GRANNY
and O/P LNGE and D/R

What started off as an enthusiastic “Let’s quickly build a granny flat for mom” turned into a “money-hungry” mammoth project that has taken a lot longer than we anticipated.

The plan seemed simple … build a 1 or 2 bedroom flatlet, with en-suite bathroom, a neat kitchen and open-plan lounge/dining room area.

Greg knew exactly what he wanted and how to get there … so off to the Architect for some plans … backwards and forwards, forwards and backwards … it seemed at times as though we were going backwards faster than forwards … then … some progress …the plans were ok so we started to demolish existing buildings and dig foundations … what a mess – dust, dust and more red dust!

Then along came the cement, stones and sand – sigh … more dust … more mess!

The foundations were laid – it’s at this point that the cement is still soft enough to bury that irritating neighbour that lives behind us … evil tee hee …

Next came some walls, window and door frames, electrical cables being run and plumbing started … 6 months and it’s still a WORK IN PROGRESS …

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Helen's challenge 54.

Step 1 : Remove from packet & start to lick.
Step 2 : Pop into side of cheek & bond with hamster.
Step 3 : Swap cheeks for good measure occassionally.
Step 4 : Eventually (after 3 hours) attempt to bite.
Step 5 : (If step 4 fails) Climb onto top bank & throw onto (clean) floor!
Step 6 : Pick up pieces & stuff into mouth.
Step 7 : Chomp on pieces (30 mins).
Step 8 : Chew on gum found inside (30 mins).
Thanks to Reilly for the instructions.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Liza's challenge 54

The anticipation, the excitement, it's written all over your face as we were about to give your gift. The element of surprise made you feel giggly. Then it was finally time to reveal your gift. Oh that look on your face was priceless. Barbie Princesses are your favorite and this was no exception. Opening it was your priority. And no one can stop you! Good thing we captured your reaction, princess.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Cabbie's challenge 54

swimming is my favorite sports. it makes me feel energetic and challenged! this summer, me and my family will be going to the beach where i can swim and splash in the water all day long!

Friday, 3 April 2009

Nicole's challenge 54

I was shocked to see how you were transformed with a different hair-do and some make up. You look so grown up! But you're still my little girl. What a beautiful ballerina you make!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Mia's challenge 54


These are Tita Ovvian's version of chocolate truffles.

You all had fun bonding on our last day in Manila.

:D December 2008

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Challenge 54: sequence

This fortnight's challenge is to feature a sequence of photos and of course to journal about them. First up is your first shave
You told me your moustache was "bugging people".
When I asked, "who exactly?"
You said, "me!"
So we bought you your own razor and shaving cream.
I was very privileged to be allowed to watch and photograph this momentous occasion.
I am so very proud of the way you are growing up and of the man you're becoming.
Love, Mom.

The second one is also one from me called just flying your kite.
Journaling: Paul and Lara gave you this kite for Christmas 2008 and you and Granny tried to fly it in our back garden, but it kept getting hooked in the trees so you couldn't wait to get to a beach to really try it out. When we stopped to picnic at Buffel's Baai in Cape Point the wind was good and Dad helped you get it airborne quite a few times.
Sadly though it crashed one too many times and one of the plastic spines broke and needs to be repaired.

You have until the 14th of April to get your LO's in to me.
Congratulations to Timi, the winner of our March RAK for participation.