Monday, 31 October 2011

Inspired by

A layout created by Krystal Hartley on the me so scrappy blog, you can see that here.
I used her journaling as a jumpstart to mine.
I also used a template by Scrapping with Liz and a kit by Tracie Stroud Designs, called Tomorrow's yesterdays.

Time. It keeps on going. When I was young I thought it ticked by so incredibly slowly. Waiting for my birthday, waiting for a holiday trip seemed to take years instead of weeks. Now I realize that the kids are growing up way too fast. Honestly 2 of them already taller than me! Slow down, hesitate or even just stop for a little while.
Sometimes I’d love the chance to turn back the hands of time, to go back to my wedding day, to not apply that white eye shadow as concealer. To when the boys were young, small, those rosy warm slept on cheeks, to sniff that scent in deeply and to watch them toddle and run away from me. To those days that time seemed to drag, those days when I’d get nothing done, when I was so looking forward to the time they’d be bigger, older, more able to do for themselves, or the ultimate for them to all be in school and for me to have some time to myself, to read a book or meet a friend for coffee.
I think back to when I really was young and thin, not just that thing I say when people aim a camera in my direction. The smile lines and dimples that are wrinkles now. The body that is slowly succumbing to the good food we eat and the force of gravity.
Time keeps marching on, our oldest nearly finished school, his last few exams ahead and then his driver’s test,  next month, then on to Uni next year. It seems like not that long ago it was my driver’s test, I was nervous and passed second time around on the 22nd of November (was it really 1984?) He is such a man now, I can rest my head on his shoulder, his smell is that of men’s deodorant, not flings, sticky suckers and marie biscuits smeared all over his cheeks. Stubble covers those self-same cheeks.  the middle one leading his clan in modern warfare 2, me not giving him enough credit for that. This boy man who needs to be reminded to apply deo, to do his chores and willingly helps his sister, whether it is downloading songs onto her brand new cell phone or Afrikaans homework. She is growing so fast now too. I wonder if I’ll be the shortest in the family soon. She is growing in beauty as I am aging.
Time can be relentless, however family and these relationships are eternal. If I have to grow old then there is no-one that I would rather spend these years with. Us both with tighter pants and wrinkles and getting older – together, just where we want to be.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Some more dt work from me

First is : Keep your chin up, created by Pixelily Designs and for sale at Funky Playground Designs.

Next is Gameplay, created by Steph Designs and available at ScrapMatters.


 Design by Tina has created this beautiful versatile kit to scrap all your photos, there are such richly textured papers, every day elements that we need to date and beautify our pages as well as stunning PNGs that can be used as brushes. What are you waiting for?
On sale until th e1st of November, right here at digiridoo scraps.

Designed by Meredith Cardall.

 My journaling:

I love that we borrowed some outfits and props from Aunty Nikki and you didn’t need much more encouragement than I wanted to practise taking photos on the patio. I can’t say that the reflector worked that well, however having you posing, laughing at your mistakes and embarrassment and just enjoying the process made the endeavour totally worthwhile. That and the fact that I now have gorgeous photos to scrap and know the kind of poses I want. Roll on Friday – party day I am (almost) ready!

 Template set: Layered up volume 1 - available here at 9th and bloom.

We don't celebrate Halloween in South Africa and I have a problem with it spiritually, I did compromise with using this kit in some ways, but I only used those parts of it that I am comfortable with.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hatching butterflies

title: hatching butterflies

I noticed some fat green caterpillars on the nasturtiums one morning and showed you, right there and then you decided that you wanted to hatch some more butterflies. We got my big rose bowl, put some leaves in the bottom and settled them in your bedroom. When I went to check on them I noticed that they were trying to escape but I found three of them on your lamp and curtains and returned them to the bowl, adding clingwrap to keep them inside. It only took a day or 2 and they started spinning. Another 2 days later and they’d lost their heads and were pupating. They were moved to the spare room where I checked on them every few days. When I noticed that the pupae had changed colours so that we could see light and dark coloured butterfly inside I knew that it would be soon. Sure enough the very next day we had 2 butterflies out and allowing the blood to flow into their wings. We removed the clingwrap and placed the vase outside. The final butterfly emerged the following day. Such beautiful pale green wings. I loved watching this little miracle with you all over again.

Template from Janet Philips - Sweet shoppe - 2 many photos # 31,
Green and blue papers and butterfly brush - Elise's Pieces - All natural and Boyish Charm - ScrapMatters
Pink papers and flowers from my digi stash - not sure of the designer sorry :(.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

prompt 6

I know that I am so not even doing these prompts in order, but my thanks to Ali Edwards for her storyology class.

We have had various “talks” already, the one about pimples, pubic hair and periods. Now I want to share with you the things to look for in a good husband. I didn’t have many things on my list.
1.       I wanted a man who would be taller than me ( that included being stronger than me, not only physically but someone that I could look up to and respect)
2.       He had to have blue eyes (I know that seems fickle now but it was very important to me back then, coming from a family with brown eyes I wanted to add some blue eyed genes into the family gene pool)
3.       He had to have a good sense of humour (he would need it to put up with me at times)
4.       A bonus point was awarded for having a British passport (that was also more important in those days as you could travel to more countries than SA citizens.)
I want you to take note of the things your Father does for me. He brings me flowers on special days, like my birthday and anniversaries. He remembers what we were doing on this day 10 years ago as well as on this date umpteen years ago. He loves to tell stories and reminisce, giving value to me and our joint history together.
He opens the car door for me; he helps me when I ask him, knowing that I need help right then, when I asked, not next week. If I could do it myself I would have sorted it out myself. If he is there I allow him to rescue me (and you) from spiders, even though he only puts them into the spider relocation programme, I am totally capable of killing my own arachnids and other bugs but I allow him to protect me and rescue me. Choose a man that makes you feel protected and safe. Choose a man that your family approve of, generally they are not looking through rose tinted glasses and they see how he treats you and if he is good enough for you.
He is generous and would give me the last shirt on his back if I wanted it. Choose a man who has a good work ethic, you need a man who prioritises his family and earns enough to support you so that you can stay at home and be a housewife if you want to.
Your Dad makes me tea in bed, or water or coffee or whatever my beverage of choice is that day. He goes the extra mile for me. He hands me the remote when I want to watch something, knowing that his news channels and finance updates will still be there when I am done.
He asks for my input when he needs to make a decision, especially if it will affect me or you children. He ways everything and then decides what is best. He allows me to disagree – sometimes loudly without EVER raising his hands or voice to me. That one is a deal breaker my girl, if a man ever shouts at you or raises his hand to smack you, walk away – you’re worth so much more. He needs to treasure you and value you even when you’re wrong.
He lets me wear my pj’s when I need to be comfortable and warm and cosy, even if he would prefer me to be dressed a little smarter and more femininely. He tells me I look great, even when my hair is mussed and I feel like cat sick. He has learnt not to mention the word fat ~ not at all now.
He takes the time to thanks me, even the little things like supper, a cup of tea or collecting something for him. Little words of encouragement sprinkled liberally throughout my day. He phones every day to see how my day is going and what I am doing and how the children are. He loves you children and is very involved in the intricacies of your everyday lives. He may not remember that you don’t like avo, but he will buy the pizza and then take off the avo bits out of love for you.
He goes shopping and will pop something into the trolley because it was a good price. We have tried various new brands to see if they’re any good. He will just get what is on his list so if you want a choccie, add it onto the list, he isn’t a mind reader. He tries his best in his own way.
Find a man who will change dirty nappies, pick up cat hurl and has a strong stomach with bad smells – he is probably going to need it when you have children.
He speaks well about me behind my back, even my quirks and foibles. It is never funny when a man derides you for being different, making female somehow “less than” male. You can’t be mean and then say “only joking” as an escape card. Not funny, not joking, not acceptable.
By all means choose someone who you have chemistry with, but he must be a good friend to you too. The one you run to when you have  good news to share, the one who gives his shoulder (and clean tissues) when you have a need to cry. Someone who understands you and thinks you’re wonderful just the way you are.
As you get older now, and spend more time away from home and my immediate control, choose wisely who you spend your time with and what you do. God made us to fall in love with a man that we spend time with, it happens and sooner than I may be ready for. Think of your Father and choose well, like I did.

Thanks also to my friend, Mel who wrote a similar letter to her daughters that served as a jumping off point for me.
Thanks to Meredith Cardall Designs - 9th and bloom for the template Layered up, volume 1 and the kit - bushels of love.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I write because

I signed up for Ali Edwards' class storyolgy and the first prompt caused me to journal the following:

I write stories because they’re important to me. I reckon that I would have kept a diary to pour my heart into when I was younger had I not been worried that my privacy would be violated and all the deep things I had written would be cheapened in the reading and sharing of them with others.
I want to remember things that happen, how my life is right now. What the children do and say, the small everyday things as well as those life altering things that happen, that need to be worked through and processed. In many ways after we got married and when the children were younger I would write letters that expressed what our lives were like then. The events and emotions that swirled around me at that time. Taking photos also helps to jolt memories and bring back thoughts long forgotten. Because I sometime struggle to see my glass as half full, scrapbooking and blogging remind me of the good things. Often hubby would come home from work and ask me about my day and I’d say that it was terrible. Meanwhile something fairly small had happened (often just before he walked in the door) and I’d allowed that to colour my recollections of the entire day, whereas actually those 5 minutes of yucky shouting at the children were totally overshadowed by many hours of nurturing, teaching, playing and just loving them. So often when the days run into each other and every ordinary day is so much like the day before it and the day after it, we forget the sunshine. The highlights, the things they said to express love, thanks, make me laugh etc.
So often I forget and I hate that. I want to remember all the little details and delights of my life. Even in the worst of days there is always something good that can be found of you look hard enough.
I tell my stories because I am the only one who can. No one else remembers what I do, sees what I do and is moved by what moves me. Often I will burst out laughing by something I see. Yesterday it was a poster in China town. A skinny blonde model with the highest heels and short pink socks. Let me say that only the Germans can get away with socks and sandals. Even remembering it now I am smiling. Next week that thought would be so far removed from my mind, replaced with the next thing I see or experience. No I didn’t take a photo, no I didn’t even tell anyone, but I appreciate that my oldest would have understood my humour.
I write because I want to remember.
I write because life is good.
I write to give context to our lives and happenings.
I write to process issues that I am dealing with.
I write because to read what life is like now, in 10 year’s time will take me straight back and I will be able to enjoy it all over again with the perspective that change affords me.
I write to be creative and to share my thoughts and experiences with anyone who cares enough to read it.

Why do you write?

Saturday, 22 October 2011

What prompts you?

The digi show has a really great podcast about journaling prompts.
Here is the link.

Through them I discovered a few new great sites to stalk visit.
Friday letters being one of them.

Their prompt :
On a regular basis, what words do you share with your children to remind them who they are?

This reminded me of a song I used to sing to them when they were young:
"you are my little sausage roll,
I love you lots and lots,
and even when I smack your bum/ hug you close/kiss your cheek
I love you lots and lots."
Now how to create a scrapbook LO around that?

Friday, 21 October 2011

Always remember

A brand new release from Meredith Cardall Designs - a collab with SuzyQScraps.

I made 2 layouts with this gorgeous kit.
[url=]Always Remember, a collab by Meredith Cardall and SuzyQ Designs at 9th&Bloom[/url]

I kept the journaling large so that it will be legible in the galleries, as I print my layouts at at 12x12 I would resize them before I print them out.
In case the fact that the journaling is out of proportion and bothers you as it does me.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Roles you play

I just read this blog post at Log your memory.

It made me think of being a stay at home Mom.
Feeling taken for granted sometimes and overlooked at others.
Then I thought about the "others" that I impact.
The friends of my children.
Those whose Mom's work full time.

  • those I give lifts to, 
  • those I photograph at events their Moms can't make it to
  • those I feed, an extra sarmie here, a cooldrink there
  • those who remind me of myself, small and battling to fit in, be acceptable, stay below the radar, not to draw attention, being different
This wasn't a role I carved for myself, yet one I fulfill anyway.
Made me think of when I was growing up, the parents of my friends who did the same for me.
A few years late for appreciation, but lets just pay it forward anyway.

Then some additional links you may enjoy:

Janet's post about being where she wants to be - validating the Mom at home.
Organizing your bookmarks at the daily digi.
Sharpening your layouts before posting to the web, Scrapping with Liz.
Story teller spotlighter from Darcy Baldwin Fontography

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Challenge 114

What you wear, what defines your style, makes makes you look like you.
The colour of your hair, the way you wear it.
Your fav type of shoes and what size you take, are they comfortable or sexy?
The shape of jeans, bootleg, flair, skinnies.
Do you always wear make-up, earrings, other jewelery?
Handbag colour, shape.
Other accessories.
What you always take with you when you leave the house.

I don't know if you've noticed (or not) that the team submitting for the challenges is getting smaller and smaller all the time.
I have.
I am struggling with knowing how to continue but am loathe to let this little spot shut down, am open to suggestions?

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Finding your voice

My goal when journaling is to tell the story behind the photos.
You know how years ago we'd leaf through someone's photo album and they'd lean over our shoulder and tell us stuff about that photo.
The where, how, why they took the shot.
The background story to the importance of THAT specific image.
Back in the day when photos were more expensive and people thought more about taking the shot and the cost of having it printed out.
I want my journaling to be as though I am right there, chatting in your ear, in my words to you.

For instance these photos are all printed out and are in my photo of the day album.
Photos of everyday stuff I wanted to capture but not necessarily create a LO about.
 My middle son and new kitten, Topaz.
Topaz gets playful after he's eaten and if you don't play with one of his toys he'll find something else to play with. Here he tackles socks and legs.
The legs are getting hairier - the boy/man is growing up.
The holes in the socks? What can I say I have no idea, other than he comes home, kicks off his shoes (sometimes that even happens while he is still in the car and the smell...!) and walks around for hours in socks until I moan at him and make him take them off. This child of mine will sit under a blanket with a frozen ice brick on his chest wrapped in a facecloth so he is the perfect temperature, but I digress.
 This kitten is so spoiled he has his own toy box.
He grabs mice from there and will drop them at our feet so we can throw them and he can retrieve them again. The oldest son whips his toys-on-sticks at such a rate that he lies there with the captured toy in his mouth, using his paw to keep a hold of it. Topaz doesn't even respond when I swing them gently past his nose anymore, he has been conditioned to having them whip by in a frenzy.
 He gets his meals on my chair, as he prefers tinned food and the others all get Siamese adult vet food, I need to keep him separated from them or they will steal his food.
He is my favourite, undoubtedly and I have the sweet cuddles, purrs and battle scarred hands to prove it.

Chelle has some more journaling tips for you.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Linking you up

to another blog I found, with some beautiful LO of the ordinary everyday.
I tend to scrap events for my family albums - one per year since 2006; incl Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, (individual birthdays go into that person's album and our wedding anniversaries go into an "us" album) outings, family visits etc.
I have been taking photo of the day for 2 years as well now, those photos go into a seperate photo album. The first year I used the number 1 - 365, this year I have been using Ali Edwards dated overlays and actually prefer that. Most days I have a photo, sometimes I have a couple, if I want an event recorded but not necessarily scrapped.
Here it is: scrapstreet - everyday events

I have to confess that I haven't ever thought of scrapping speeding tickets and the like, see even I can learn from others, maybe you can too.

The Daily Digi has a great blog post about creating word focussed layouts.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

It's debatable

Some of the topics you covered were:
For ~ the sale of human organs (won  and got the best speaker)
For ~ Barak Obama deserved to win the Noble Peace Prize (won and got best speaker)
For ~ Re-instating the death penalty in South Africa (at home )
Mrs B was in charge.
 Because you made it to the quarter-finals you were invited to take part at Debating Provincials, against the best teams from all the other leagues, your team  finished 5th because you lost on speaker points, having the same amount of wins as the other 3 tops teams. Only one team won all of their debates.

My thanks for:
Kit - A charming party by Dream Big Designs (ScrapMatters)
Template: Tania Deskins _so divided_temp 02

Monday, 10 October 2011

Karen's challenge 113.

 Karen was having trouble with her printer, it only wanted to print yellow.
However I am still delighted that she submitted her layouts and journaling for us.

You can visit her blog and see the full blog post here.

My LO is called c1979 and its about the cartoons I loved as a kid

each tag has a photo and a short description of the cartoon and a seventh tag has some general thoughts
so here is what is on each tag
Bod had the most fantastic theme tune- very bad animation and a frog who lead an animal band and was rewarded with milkshake. Bod had an Aunt Flo and he was completely bald
find him on you tube here here

MR Ben-he's here
Mr Benn lived on his own- everyday ( it seems) he went to a fancy dress shop and when he tried something on he went through a door to an adventure ( until the shopkeeper appeared). Another great theme tune and a fab voiceover- 

Ivor the Engine- here
Ivor was a Welsh Engine on the The Merioneth and Llantisilly Rail Traction Company Limited and was driven by Jones the Steam- he was good friends with a Dragon called Idris who had hatched in his boiler- 

Jamie! Jamie!

Jamie and the Magic Torch

Down the helter skelter, faster and faster,

Towards Cuckoo Land.

Wordsworth! Wordsworth!

Following hard behind.

Ready for adventure, always there to lend a paw

...or hand!

these were the lyrics to the theme tune!)

Jamie and the Magic torch- here

Noggin the Nog- here
Noggin the Nog was the hero and Nogbad the bad was the villain. These were stories of old norse (ish) mythology, dragons and princesses   

Mr men- here

The Mister Men were voiced by Arthur Lowe which was part of the magic of the programme which wasn't much more animated than the pages of the books they came from

last tag
The cartoons I loved most as a child were very gentle, no battling skeletons or fighting warriors. Just very simple quiet stories of steam trains, dragons, and adventures in a clothes shop, animal bands and milkshakes of your choice. The voiceovers and music were also fantastic and bring back so many memories when I search for them on You Tube.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Some dt work of mine...

First up is My 4 Princesses - her latest "Periplum" available at Divine digital.

I called this one "Beauty" and then journaled
is in th eye of the beholder and while this statue didn't appeal to me at first, when I saw that the artist had signed it on the Achilles, I was struck in wonder at how we, who are created in God's image also bear His signature as having been created by Him.

Next is Meredith Cardalls Designs
She says they had to create three mini packs with only 8 items in each.

Living in South Africa we really don't experience "fall" or "autumn" as other's do so I had to search a little further for my colours of fall.
You can find these minis here, at 9th and bloom.