Monday, 29 March 2010

Janis Challenge 76

Devil on the wheel


Here he comes speeding like a rocket as if he owns the road.  Beats the red light, swerves without signal, burns his tires.  He drives past me making me curse.  Be careful, those who live fast, die young.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Helen's Challenge 76

The Details:

Title:  Don't Delay!


I hardly ever get mad to be honest, but once every few months I go berserk!  Boy oh boy you better watch out!  Not much makes me mad - individually - but when I do get angry it is usually because there is just too much on my plate and just too much going wrong simultaneously.  I don't like screaming and shouting, or evern stressing, so I just ask nicely and often people take advantage of my laid back disposition and fail to take the action I require.  Eventually I go ballistic, because I've asked countless times and been ignored, or not really taken seriously.  The last time this happened was in January this year when I had been asking my daughter for at least 2 months to get to grips with her messy bedroom.  When her friend came to stay and lost her mobile phone I wasn't surprised we couldn't find it in all the jumble!  After endless hunting and fuming as the true extent of the mess unfolded before my eyes I lashed out and swept everything off the surfaces with my flailing arms, all over the floor then proceeded to tip out all the drawers.  It felt good I have to be hones!  Poor
Chelsea was obviously very upset becasue she could see that I had lost control, and I realise this isn't the right state of mind to be in, so am just glad my hissy fits down't come round too often!  2010.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Tracy's Challenge 76

Journalling as follows:

I have to confess that mini-bus taxi's = well, the driver's of mini-bus taxi's, are my biggest irritation!  SERIOUSLY - they irk me like nothing else can!! Not onlydo they think that they are exempt from the law, but they also think that they own the very road they drive on  .... grrrr.... They knowingly cut you off to get ahead, they stop when and where they like, they drive on the wrong side of the road towards oncoming traffic (I have seen this on several occasions with my very own eyes) and in the emergency lanes on the freeways.  They put the lives of other road users, their passenger and pedestrians at unnecessary risk - this truly irks me and quite frankly, makes me angry!!!!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Cindy's Challenge 76

MAD - what makes me mad?

Being Taken advantage of

Monday, 22 March 2010

Shayne's Challenge 76

Journalling as follows:

10 Things that drive me CRAZY:

1.  People who offer to do something and then simply do not do it.  Whatsup with that?  If you have no intention of doing something, don't offer.
2.  Cupbard doors and drawes being left open - how difficult is it to close the door/drawer after you have taken out what you need? Not very.
3.  Crumbs left on the counter after a sandwhich/toast has been made.  Firstly, use a breadboard.  Secondly, wipe the crumbs away when you have finished.

4. Wet towels on the floor/bed after swimming & bathing - need I say more?
5. Clothes left on the floor when they are taken off.  They either need to be put in the washbasket or back in the cupboard that they came out of (and the door is probably still open anyway so how difficult is it to put away)?
6. People who do not leave messages when they call you - yet expect you to call them back.
7. Bad manners.
8. Slurping of a drink or whilst eating.  It repels me.  There is no excuse of it.  Ever.
9. People who are two-faced.  If you have something to say, say it.  Don’t wait for me to leave the room before you do so.
10. Channel hopping whilst ads are on during a prog that you are watching.  If there is something else you want to watch, watch it.  Or tape it.  Don’t try and watch mulitple programmes at once!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Liza's challenge 76.

 Title:  Where is it?

I am not a well-organized person. But I do know where my things are. Despite the clutter on my desk, I know where I last placed my scissors or my ruler.  It's the same thing even with my documents and other stuff.  So if you intend to use my things without asking first, make sure you return it at the same spot!  Don't even try denying it when I ask you 'coz I know, I always know...

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Cabbie's challenge 76.

this is a mixed media gesso primed canvas which i painted with acrylic and decorated with glass bead gel and Smooch accent inks. i also used vintage pages and brushed with gel medium to seal it.

journaling: Mad is an emotion so hard to control. So many things can trigger this so called "build-up" emotion but nevertheless, there is always a chance to let this come off. I am really not an angry person but too-much-to-bear situations can make me a monster. I don't allow DISRESPECT because i follow the golden rule. I hate it when people MESS UP my schedules. I have the attitude of disliking people DESTROYING MY BOOKS... to add to the list, I don't like PRIVACY PEEKERS... mind your own business is very important. I also get mad when I am SLEEP DEPRIVED. When I FORGET SOMETHING, I get angry-- well, only me to blame! and when I CAN'T FIND what I am looking for, I can be at my worst.

I don't get made at people because it is not for me to judge them. It may happen once in a while and very temporary. I believe that it takes so much effort to be mad than to be happy. So stay easy and relax all the way.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Lynn's challenge 76.

A Lot of Snow
We've had so much snow this winter, just another reminder of climate change & the need to look after the planet. I firmly believe that little changes collectively make a big difference. It annoys me when others say they don't have time to do their bit. It doesn't take much effort. We all need to work together to help the planet, after all, the results will affect everyone's future.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Melissa's challenge 76.

Journaling reads:
I have just a few pet peeves, and they annoy me to the extreme. 
Exposed enough, it really brings me to the brink with my temper. 
Watch out for the warning signs!

Around the photo:
perpetual negativity
unrealistic expectations
talking over other people
tail gating
being inflexible
chewing with your mouth open
driving while talking on your cell phone
chewing with your mouth open
arguing for the sake of arguing
bad hygiene
not taking responsibility
being rude and inconsiderate
driving in winter weather

Monday, 15 March 2010

Nicole introducing challenge 76.

This challenge was issued by Julie B from la grande cupcake, thanks Julie.

This is the challenge:
What makes you mad, name your pet peeves to the buttons that people push that trigger a response from you, what makes you angry immediately and demands a reaction from you.

 Nicole's journaling:

*Peeved--adjective: annoyed, irritated, vexed.

Below is a random list of my pet peeves:

1. Cupboard and closet doors being left open.  I always seem to be the one who smacks into them.

2. Noisy eaters.  Chew with your mouth closed and stop clicking your cutlery against your teeth!

3. Telemarketers.  'Nuff said.

4. Tardiness.  I try to be organized and early in order to respect your time and keep things running smoothly.  Please do the same for me.

5. People who speed through the school zone. Hello?  Do you really want to kill someone's child?

6. Texting.  Especially while driving.  There are enough distractions on the road without adding to them deliberately.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Shannon's Challenge 75

Today's LO is from Shannon.

Her Journalling:

I don't know what I would do without music .. it has the ability to transform my mood, my day, a single moment ... it brings back great memeories .... helps me through very painful ones ... it has a place in my life .... it's uplifting, it soothes me when at times I feel inconsalable .. when denial is setting in .. music can help me come around.... force me ... deal with it.... sweet melodies, meaningful lyrics, all of tese wonderful things melded together, revitalizing my mind, bydy, soul ... replenishing what i felt missing... my life would be empty without music to fill it.

and the heart in the corner says:

music that I could't live without:
jeff buckley, gavin degraw, stevie ray vaughn, early 90's grunge, sarah mclachlan, jonny lang, pearl jam.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Early reader's roundup

Carol's journaling:
You can visit her blog here.
Our CD rack looks like this:
a variety of praise and worship from United Hillsongs, to Tree 63, to Steven Curtis Chapman...
then 1 or 2 oldies such as Shania Twain (more for the romance than the western touch...)
a few "latin-style" ...some cuban, jazzy blues...
Christian heavy rock, and then a small collection of Metallica,
and of course some Christmas CD's.
My favourites would be the christian rock (SKILLET), Praise and Worship...actually I guess I probably like them all...would you believe I'm a shy, quiet person, who really prefers silence?

Carol is catching the early worm, please still feel free to join in on this challenge by leaving your comment on this blog with a link to your blog/and or layout by the 31st of March. 

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Helen's challenge 75.

TITLE:- Hitting a JC sesh L2M
English translation - hitting a “just chilling” session listening
to music!
Journaling reads:-
In the last couple of years Jack has really got into his music.  He loves
house, electronic dance and hip-hop.  Most of his CDs are DJ Mix
compilations he buys or downloads online.  He discovers most of his new
He logs on a few times a week to listen to the latest previews and is a big
fan of Royal K, Nic Supply and Euphonic aswell as DJ Fresh and
DEADMAUS.  Jack, Grant, Brendan and Pete all share the same music
taste so take it in turns to buy original CDs and burn them for each other

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Liza's challenge 75.

Title:  Sing Your Heart Out

Oh yes he does! He is one frustrated singer.  Every time he gets a chance, he'll open the viedoke and check out the playlist.  Standard ballads are his favorite and his staple song - "Simple" by Ariel Rivera.  As he sings that song, my heart melts for him.  Seriously, he really can sing!  He loves music and singing them with the videoke brings out the best in him.  That's why I just let him sing to his heart's content.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


One of the things I really love about my car is the
6 cd-shuttle, I am not big into change so these are the cd’s
we listen to all the time. I crank up the volume when the
children bicker. I prefer listening to my cd’s than the radio
anyday. However when I drive them to school it is Kfm
all the way.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Cabbie's challenge 75.

title: MUSICAL
journaling: Music has always inspired me ever since I was a child. The mere tone of a note will make me feel relaxed. Today, I play the piano to relieve stress in my everyday life... It is music that makes a mood and what you play determines your feelings.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Lynn's challenge 75.

(This is part of my Sunscreen album featuring the lyrics to the Baz Luhrmann song)
My favourite songs to sing:
  1. What If?
  2. Take That Look Off Your Face
  3. This Is Me
  4. The Climb
  5. Once Upon A Dream
  6. Nobody's Perfect
  7. Mama
  8. From A Distance
  9. Love You, Love Me
  10. Circle of Life

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Nicole's challenge 75.

Title: i-play
I have been obsessed with music for as long as I can remember.  I am sure I was the only kid in kindergarten who could sing along to Meat Loaf’s “Bat Out of Hell”.  I listened to it a lot on 8-track on days I wasn’t in school.  I took music lessons for 8 years as well.  It started out as a way to keep me busy when I couldn’t play with friends or was bored and it quickly grew into something else.  It was an escape from the things that bothered or worried me.  I could lapse into a daydream while listening to a song and enter a whole other world.  Music can move me from tears to laughter and back again.  It comforts me on nights when I am sick or have insomnia.  It inspires me creatively.  It is something I don’t think I could live without.  My mp3 player is very well loved and is one of my most prized possessions.  It is like it stores little pieces of my soul in there.  It is said we each have a “soundtrack” to our lives and perhaps, for some, that is true.  But for me, music holds the key to an entire other life where there are no boundaries or limits.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Cindy's challenge 75.

My Music
Journaling says

"Music dominated my life when I was a teen & in my twenties.  I was always listening to music, going out to clubs & going to concerts.  It made be happy & made be feel alive.  It also gave me comfort, I could cry, I could feel. isnt a big part of my life anymore.  Other things have taken over - being a mother, my craft, reading, TV.  But there are times when I need it, either as background music for scrapping - JILL SOUBLE, MICHAEL BUBLE, DIXIE CHICKS, DAMIEN LEITH, EAGLES or driving long distances - ROBBIE WILLIAM, PINK, GOOD CHARLOTTE, BONJOVI, JIMMY BARNES, MIXED HITS or at times when I want to remember my mum and feel close to here. For that I listen to JOHN DENVER. Now I love that my 9 year old daughter loves music.  Listens, dances, entertains."

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Melissa's challenge 75.

Title: A love for music

Journaling: Music has always been an important part of my life. Songs sung as a child became songs played on an instrument from the 4th grade on. First, I learned the flute, and then percussion in high school, followed by the clarinet and bass clarinet. In middle school, I was often 1st chair and I started participating in solo & ensemble competitions from then on. I received many 1 ratings, the highest honor. In high school, marching band monopolized much of my life inside and out of school. My best friend was in band, and most of my other friends as well. My future husband was even the drum major my freshman year. We spent many hours practicing & I'm still proud of the hard work & self discipline back then. I still even play my flute from time to time!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Introducing challenge 75.

Create a LO and journal your playlist, the music you fill your home/ipod/car with.
Is there something that will help you feel happier, get you out of a funk?
Why is your music important, what makes your choice special to you.
Specific artists, an era (the 1960's or the 1990's?)
How does the music make you feel?

"music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" Bertrand Auerbach

Prize up for grabs.

This is what you're working for in the month of March.
Another awesome class sponsored by Debbie Hodge.

I have taken the following information straight from her website.
"SCRAPBOOKING EVENTS self-paced class available for immediate download by Debbie Hodge

Get your holiday, celebration, outing, and vacation photos onto the page and into your albums.
11 lessons are packed with prompts, design tips, page examples, and sketches.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Events Scrapbooking
Lesson 2: Holidays
Lesson 3: Parties & Celebrations
Lesson 4: Decorations & Preparations
Lesson 5: Vacations & Memorabilia
Lesson 6: Life Events & Milestone
Lesson 7: Local Outings
Lesson 8: Community & Organized Events
Lesson 9: Events Moments & Stories
Lesson 10: Events Stunners
Lesson 11: Wrapping It Up & Uniting

In each lesson:

prompt-&-angle lessons focus on a particular event type or event aspect (i.e., holidays, preparations, vacations) with prompts and suggestion for approaching the subject.

page-parts lessons address the creative and practical aspects of event titles, journaling, photos, embellishments, and the canvas in general.

design or organization lessons teach techniques for bringing all of the pieces of your layout together for great event pages or address the practical aspects of scrapbooking events including organizing, flagging, storing, and locating your events photos.

put-it-to-work lessons offer 4 sketches each class: one-page and two-page sketches in both 12x12" and 8.5x11" formats."

The winner of the February, Get it scrapped: travel class is Michelle.
Congrats Michelle, I will be forwarding your information to Debbie so that she can contact you with how to get a hold of your prize.

Reader's roundup for February 2010.

From Michelle (Mimita)
Alexandrians for Raymond:
What am I good at, do I have any talent?
What’s wrong, and why am I so solemnly silent?
I give this thought and the panic is invading
I’m not in fact all that better at anything

Does that mean I’m average, I’m insignificant?
I make so many efforts, I’m so compliant
But am I really better at any one thing?
Do I make that difference, I am thinking, thinking
My grandma said that we’re all special in some way
All those words of wisdom that I still hear her say
I do think we all have a reason for living
And if I could just put my finger on the thing

I’m so hard to live with and I’m pretty moody
I also have issues that frustrate me plenty
And that all makes me so awful in the morning
Do I make that difference, I am thinking, thinking
In all of my tribulations, my thoughts remain
There doesn’t seem to be one specific domain
I tried martial arts, tried translating and sewing
I tried mathematics, accounting, tried cooking

I can handle all that, no better than others
I can be polite but for that, no one bothers
So ponder over this, there has to be something…
Do I make that difference, I am thinking, thinking
I can write; that’s one thing I can certainly do
However, does it change people’s lives I ask you?
But perhaps there is something about perceiving
The truth is it’s that which makes me good at writing

I can feel what others feel, and sometimes right through
I can understand because I’ve so been there too.
Perhaps that is my one big reason for being
To make you see all the good in you and thriving! 

 From Debbie:
Well as Girlguiding UK celebrates it's centenary this year it seems only appropriate that my LO celebrates the fact that I am a Guider.

Journalling reads: 

I've been involved in Guiding as an adult since 1992 and I am so happy to still be involved and enjoying it in our centenary year. 100 years since a group of girls approached Baden-Powell asking for 'something for the girls'.
2010 promises to be an amazing year for all the girls, fabulous camps, trips and events throughout the year, culminating in a mass renewal of promise at 20:10 on 20/10/2010. I am happy with my little group of Rainbows. Photo taken at Dudley Zoo. June 2009.