Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Thanks to Leslie for linking us to her LO.

Her bucket list:

  1. see the red woods
  2. take a vacation - just me and the Sarge
  3. sew a wiggle dress - and rock it (I am a good 30lbs from rockin' any dress right now)
  4. attend a Penn State "white out" game
  5. learn to swing dance

You can visit her blog here.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

some inspiration for you

While surfing the net in my daily blog hopping way I came upon this (new to me) blog.
She has created a layout about her bucket list of things she wants to try on a LO.
Take a look.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Heather's challenge 112.

Journaling: It's one thing every parent in this part of the country plans for their kids- a trip to Disney World. You two were a great age to run all over the parks and still be amazed at the magic and endless fun!

Monday, 19 September 2011

A new challenge: Introducing challenge 112.

There is a young lady in my scrapping class that has an album for her bucket list.
She has one, yes a bucket list at her 21 years.
Me, not so much.
So I got to thinking what would I do? What would I include on my list.
Not things like climb Kilimanjaro, (which she did last year with her over 50 year old Mom),
Not bungee jump from the highest bridge in South Africa, swim with dolphins and so on.
As she completes items on her list she scraps them and thinks up new things she wants to do.

 So do you have a bucket list?
Things you want to experience before you kick the bucket?
Swim with Dolphins, climb a mountain.
Make a list, add pics from Google and present a LO that captures the places you would still love to travel to and the experiences you feel you still HAVE to do.
Stroll along the Seine, eat a crawfish in New Orleans etc, a cornish pastie in Cornwall etc

So I put the challenge to the team to scrap a LO containing their bucket list - things they had done or still wanted to do before they kicked the bucket.
First up is Karen.

1. go to the Olympics
2. learn sign language
3.learn latin
4. learn the piano
5. tango in Argentina
6. travel in an overnight train
7. take an american road trip
8. visit monument valley
9. go to Tokyo
10. see the Easter Island statues
11. visit the pyramids
12. see the Taj Mahal
13. see the Great wall of China
14. Visit Petra
15. gamble in Las Vegas
16. learn to play bridge
17. keep chickens
18. own a convertible Morris Minor
19. learn to crochet
20. go to CHA
21. get on a scrapbook manufacturers design team
22. own a piece of art ( preferably by Van Gogh)
23. discover my family tree
24. go to the Grand National
25. See the Men’s final at Wimbledon
26. See the FA cup final at Wembley
27. go to the world cup
28. ice skate at the Rockefeller centre
29. be in the audience for Strictly come dancing
30. take a photo a day for a year
31. see St Basil’s cathedral
32. Eat at the Fat Duck or
33. study for a PhD
34. Cross the international date line
35. manage to fold some origami
36. fly in a helicopter
37. see the Northern lights
38. travel on the Orient Express
39. see orang-utans in the wild
40. get published in a scrapbook magazine

Saturday, 17 September 2011


First up is Lime Ricki from Robyn Pali Designs, sold at Divine Digital.
on sale at the moment 67% off for $1.

then from My 4 Princesses, a family tree kit, also available at Divine Digital.

Tina (Design by Tina) has released this fabulous, unusually bright fall kit called "magical fall".
available only at  Digiridoo scraps.
for my second layout using Design by Tina's -  magical Fall I also used a template by Jellebelleke's Designs, called back to school.

available at Scrappity doo dah.

Then lastly, but by no means least my month as a guest designer for Meredith Cardall Designs
allowed me to play with her latest kit available at 9th and bloom, called My Happy Place.

Have a great weekend and if you spend some time shopping - ENJOY that too.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Ready for a travel themed contest?

Hello everyone!!!

Digiridoo Scraps has prepared lots of fun for you - a Layout Contest: Vacation and Travel connected with a 15% of sale. Both run September 9th - 23rd. Make a layout about your favorite past midyear break memory and post it in our special blog contest gallery and we’ll leave you lots of love AND our staff will pick a favorite. Make your layouts with any of the products mentioned below and our staff will pick a favorite also … AND this favorite will win a $10 GC to our store!

You can read more about it here, at Digiridooscraps.com.
Design by Tina's travel kit - Around the world is just one of the featured kits you can use.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Farewell summer

is a brand new kit being released by Meredith Cardall Designs
(I am very blessed to be guesting for her for the month of September)
 this is available on sale at Ninth and Bloom, here.

I created 2 Layouts for this one.
For the first I wanted a look like a high school girl, doodled page, dreaming about her future life.
Journaling says:
I never could have imagined that day when I said" I am just going on a date with him to the Bond movie - it's not like I am going to MARRY him! That my life would turn out the way it did...that we did marry 9 months later.
That we'd move to Stellenbosch, have 2 cats (ok, honestly I did imagine the 2 cats), three children (I dreamed of those as well), settle in the nOrthern suburbs and still be happily married more than 23years later.

This one is called Eighteen already?
It feels like just the other day that you were my little boy, and now look at how much you've grown. Where did the time go?

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Heather's challenge 111.

We have such a rich history in Hanover that we finally just had to take a day to see some of the things we'd never stopped at before... Hanover Courthouse and Old Jail, Hanover Tavern, Polegreen Church, and Beaver Dan Creek Battlefield. We learned that Patrick Henry was even more instrumental in Hanover than we originally thought. YAY for local history!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Some DT work from me.

We've been doing some repainting at home and I created this LO to showcase the change.

Journaling reads:
Out with the old and in with the new. I was tired of the yellow "coneflower" colour we'd had on the walls for 7 years and so we changed it to an off white colour, called almond white which is simply fabulous. The kitchen walls were changed to a dusky blue colour that I picked out from the tiles. Everything looks happier and brighter and it was all over in under a week. Change is great, my kitchen has a whole new lease on life, I almost want to live there, cooking and baking the whole day, but not quite...

I used a template by Jellebelleke's Designs called simply blue 2 which will be available in Scrappity-doo-dah's store form the 9th of September and a kit calleb "journey of the heart", a collab between Elise's Pieces and Kim Broedelet, which is in store now at ScrapMatters.

The third one is the charm

Another from Karen, didn't she do a great job?

journalling reads
The guide books don't really recommend a visit to Hilversum- they definitely don't advise you to stay- there isn't really much of note- even the postcards don't have much to put on them. But its been a nive plave to live for nearly three years and every so often I might get a glimpse of it on TV when I'm back in the UK because Hilversum is the home of Dutch TV braodcasting and radio- and when the Eurovision Song contest comes around the results will be announced from Hilversum with a view of this building behind

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A second from Karen

Karen is in the process of moving and she wasn't sure which town to choose...

journalling reads:

Lutterworth doesn't have much of note- even the sign has to resort to "workplace" of instead of birthplace of but it is renowned for being the place where the bible was first translated into English by John Wycliffe and the place where frank Whittle worked while developing the first ever jet engine

Monday, 5 September 2011

Introducing challenge 111.

Your home town.
Places that you will take visitors too.
Interesting facts that make your home town interesting - that put it on the map as it were.
Signs of interest.
Things you need to record and capture to enhance the experience, sights, sounds, smells etc.

First up is Karen:

1. Where I'm from
journalling reads
you might live in various different places but most people have somewhere they regard as their home town- I grew up in St Albans and the best thing we could think of as kids was a walk round the lake by the abbey and feed the ducks.

Sorry that I have been missing in action.
I think this is a great idea as a challenge.
I will definitely be creating a LO for my album, but I am having serious 2nd thoughts about putting too much information out there in cyberspace.
Hope you can understand that?

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Elise's Pieces new release

Journey of the heart is a collab between Elise's Pieces and Kim Broedelet, sold exclusively at ScrapMatters.
 I also used the double template challenge from ScrapMatters for the 21st of August.