Sunday, 30 March 2008

Challenge # 17

Here is the challenge for this week, brought to you by Tonya. :)

Journal and/or create a layout about your favorite meal. But, don't just write about how good it is. Dig deeper. Does it have a significance beyond the taste? Do you have fond memories associated with it? Food is such a social and emotional thing that chances are, your favorite meal has a lot more to say than "I taste good."

My journaling: This meal is magic because it makes me feel like anything is possible. Steak, salad and bakers. Always together. Always eaten in the summer when everything is right with the world. Always eaten outside with the people I love the most. Always on a warm, summer night.

Stella's take

Here is my take: (sorry for the funky scan)

Journaling reads:

The bookstore has to be my favorite place in the world. So many awesome books, coffee, music, relaxing atmosphere, much to learn about, so many things to read about!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Jamie's Take

Here is Jamie's take:

Journaling Reads:

I used our sponsor's glitter kit to add some pizazz to the yellow floral paper by dabbing a combination of red and gold glitter on the flowers.

"I LOVE this place"

Mom's backyard...there is no place on God's earth I'd rather be. I now understand why Dorothy said, "There's no place like home" in The Wizard of Oz...there really isn't! Of course I don't actually live here anymore, but Mom makes it known that we are always welcome and wanted here. This yard with it's great oak trees and enormous pines is the place I used to pretend like I was an Indian living in the palmetto bushes. It's where we found our pet raccoon Roscoe, and where I built tree forts up above the muddy marsh on the low limbs of a water oak. These hills have heard our shrieks as we sled down them on cardboard boxes when the straw is thick, and they have felt the wheels of my dirt bike as I hurled down as a child. And this porch...this peaceful screened porch has held countless guests, friends, family and children as generations of loved ones rock in the old wooden chairs. It's a place to laugh and cry, to pray and just sit quietly. It's my place of refuge... it's home.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Tracy's take

Here is Tracy's take:

Journaling Reads:

There are so many reasons I love going to Grandma's house. Growing up, every holiday and every birthday was spent around the kitchen table with family. One long handmade bench stretched along one side to hold as many bodies as possible to share in blowing out candles, playing marbles or stealing black olives. The old turkey platter hung on the wall proudly watching over these happy times. In the winter the adults would crowd around the woodstove to chat on the back porch as the fire crackled and foil covered dishes fragrantly bubbled on top. As an adult I try to memorize these warm cozy moments of unconditional love and acceptance and hold tight to them so they may live forever.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Colette's Take

Here is Colette's Take, she also used the glitter kit from this month's sponsor, be sure and check out their website link to the left. :)

Art Glitter is our product sponsor this month! You're going to LOVE their adhesive and glitters. I've been using Art Glitter Clear Designer Adhesive for nearly a year and it is definately my FAVORITE liquid adhesive. It flows beautifully, dries quickly, and if you use their Ultrafine Metal Tip you can add details on your pages with precision and ease! The glitters are luminous and luscious and so fun to work with. On this page I used these wonderful products to embellish die cut letters. I just covered the letters with a bead of the adhesive and sprinkled on the ultra-fine glitter. Nothing could be easier!

I'd Rather Be In Disneyland by Colette Bate

As long as the whole family is together then anywhere is fine with me. But, if I had my choice I'd rather be in Disneyland! There's nothing in this world that's better than holding my granddaughters hands while we're walking down Main Street, USA.
I love the butterflies I feel in my tummy as Sleeping Beauty's Castle beckons us in the early morning light. The slow moving line as we wait to ride Dumbo only serves to make our airborne minutes even more special. The small faces of my girls, tilted upward and full of awe and wonder as we glide through the water in It's A Small World, brings a sentimental tear to my eye.

But, Disneyland is for 'big kids', too. And, watching them enjoy the magic that is Disney is a gift for my heart. Yep. I'd rather be in Disneyland ... as long as we're there together.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Challenge # 16

The challenge for this week is to journal about your favorite place to be or to visit and scrap it. This week's challenge is brought to you by Stefanie.

Journaling reads:

This first photo is of my cousin's, David and Michael and me one Easter whenI was about 6 (1972 or so I think), in the back garden of what was then myGranny and Grandpa's house, but now your Granny stays there. Childhood issuch a special time and a place that we would visit if we could but returnwhen we are adults. So many little things at Granny's house to remember andlook back on when you are grown and long (just for a moment) to return for alittle reminiscing. I trust that these photos would prompt you children toremember and chat about your lives while you were growing up.There are things around her house I wanted to capture for you on this day inMay 2007 as I snapped away. Herbie, the coughing, sneezing, swearing, bitingparrot, the three-legged dog Bob and the long-haired cat, Bonnie that runsaway from Bob, Granny's printer's tray, her playing on the computer, her owlcollection, the lamp she mosaic'd when I was young, the pink mark on thewall where Josh sprayed her identifying mace spray when he was about 4, thecat statue, the lamp in the passage that never has a light bulb strongerthan 15 watts, her dried flower arrangement, the (very old) Tupperware bowland sugar spoon that have been used for decades during the 4 o'clocktea-time ritual, and Granny's hospitality, she always bakes and has treatsfor us when we visit. She shows her love through food so often and she lovesit when we pop in for tea.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Spring Break...

The journaling junkie DT will be on "Spring Break" this week. We will return this Saturday with a brand new challenge, so don't go away for long.

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Monday, 17 March 2008

So late, but here it is...

Entries from this week and my take:
First Entries.....

Stefanie's take:

Journaling reads:

This song by Ronan Keating always reminds me of the 21months I had with you before your sister Sarah was born. You were my world,I was entranced by you and never thought I could love another child with thesame all encompassing dedication. I know I put you above your father. Yourneeds and wants were paramount, I understood for the first time what a“mother’s love” was, I would have (and still would) offered my life foryours. In many ways I still rush to your defence and feel that I show youthe depth of my love in such an inadequate way. I know that you feel I loveyour siblings more than you, putting their demands above your patientrequests, but it isn’t true, you were the one who made me a Mother. Welearnt our way together and yes time has marched on, I am not 26 any moreand I have healthier boundaries now, putting your father first amongst otherthings, but I remember when it was just the two of us with others lookingfrom the outside in. I love you so much, always have, always will.Journaled Feb 2008, photos from when you were 6 months old.

Nicole's take:

Journaling reads:
Music has always played a huge part in my life. I took piano lessons for 8 years and played in the school band for 5 on alto sax. I spent way more hours than I can count listening to all kinds of music, from rock to jazz and back again, on my stereo. I supposed I used it to escape a lot of teenage angst but nothing transports me the way a song can. Even now I can get lost in the sound for hours. Here are a few songs that bring back some special memories:

More Than a Feeling by Boston: That was SO our driving song when Terry and I were dating! I will never forget cruising around in that orangey Capri and rockin’ out to that song.

Let Me Be the One by Rik Emmett: this song completely encapsulates how I feel for my husband. It was the song we chose for our first dance as a married couple.

Hey Baby! by No Doubt: One of the first “grown up” songs Dominique caught on to---it was totally cute to see her singing along in her car seat as if she was Gwen Stefani. Now Gabriel is starting to do the same thing. My little rockers!

Ave Maria by Franz Schubert: I had to have this song for my wedding and it absolutely HAD to be in Latin. Luckily a coworker was a singer and could do it---amazing song. Evocative and timeless. No wonder so many people still have it for their wedding ceremonies.

I Wanna Be Your Dog by Joan Jett: She opened for Def Leppard on their 2000 Euphoria tour. That girl could rock (and get you to howl like a dog too!)

Where Do You Go by No Mercy: It might sound funny but I am transported to the Tomorrowland Terrace (at least that’s what it was called then) at Disneyland every time.

I always had dreams of becoming a professional musician but I lacked confidence. Too bad I will only be a rock star in my own mind…but at least I will have the great soundtrack of my life to get my groove on to!

Gina's take:

Title: "Someday" begins today Journaling: There has never been a time when I didn't want to be your boyfriendThere had never been a time when I didn't want to know your nameThere has never been a time I didn't want youI swear I'm gonna marry you somedayWe spend hours on the phone but its never the sameNo, nothing good ever does come easy, nothing good ever comes w/o a fightI'm all alone and I wish that I was home with you tonightI swear I'm gonna marry you somedayMy girlfriend is like magic in my handWhen I lose my sparkle she's the only one that understandsI know I'm gonna marry you somedayI swear I'm gonna marry you...August 9, 2003was our"Someday"(song by everclear)

My take:

Journaling reads:

Into the Mystic by Van MorrisonWe were born before the windAlso younger than the sunEre the bonnie boat was won as we sailed into the mysticHark, now hear the sailors crySmell the sea and feel the skyLet your soul and spirit fly into the mysticAnd when that fog horn blows I will be coming homeAnd when that fog horn blows I want to hear itI dont have to fear itI want to rock your gypsy soulJust like way back in the days of oldThen magnificently we will float into the mysticAnd when that fog horn blows you knowI will be coming homeAnd when thst fog horn whistle blows I got to hear itI dont have to fear itI want to rock your gypsy soulJust like way back in the days of oldAnd together we will float into the mysticCome on girl...This song gives me chills when I hear it. It brings images to my mind of the communion and connection that can exist between two people. The absolute utmost feeling that miraculously can happen when you meet your soulmate. Someone that you would anxiously await their return from the sea. Not just communion between people, but communion between humans and the earth and the beauty that exists in feeling simple things happen like the feeling of the air on your skin. An absolute bond between body, soul and earth. It also makes me think of sailors sailing into the unknown, not knowing where they will go, but just trusting in their instincts and God to get the there. Imagine in times long ago when people had no idea of the geography of the earth and how scary and frightening it would be to sail somewhere and not know where you really might end up. Every time I hear this song, I have an actual bodily reaction to it, on some molecular level it just speaks to my soul. I can't explain it. No amount of words or thinking can try to illustrate the feelings I have when I hear it. I get actual goosebumps.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

And the winner is.....

3.Gina --740


Saturday, 15 March 2008


The numbers have been tabulated!! CLOSE IS ALL I CAN SAY!!!! After midnight, no more points for the "Get the word out" contest will be taken. Annoucment and LOs tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Colette's Take

Here is Colette's Take:

Someday by Colette Bate

Somedays we forget to look around us,
Somedays we can't see the joy that surrounds us.
So caught up inside ourselves, we take when we should give.
So for tonight we pray for what we know can be.
And, on this day we hope for what we still can't see.
It's up to us to be the change.
And even though we all can still do more,
Ther's so much to be thankful for.
Josh Groban

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Audrey's Take

Here is Audrey's take:

Journaling reads:

Duermase mi baby.Porque El Coo-Coo viene,Y te agarra para una manzana.(interpreted)Go to sleep my baby.Because the monster is coming,And he will take you for an apple.Silly? Yes.Soothing? Almost always.Scary? Most definitely, once you understand what the song is about.This song is a Spanish lullaby that my Grandma and Mom sang to us as babies. Now, Ising and have sung the lullaby to my kids. I always thought it was a song that was just in my family until I met my husband and he knew it too! We never thought much of it untilwe started singing it to our son. Then we realized the song itself was scary and it was themelody that was soothing.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Jamie's Take

Here is Jamie's take:

Journaling reads:

"The Groove Is In The Heart"So much of our history together is entwined with the music we've listened to.I remember walking into Congress Street Station in 1991, dressed up and looking for some fun with my friends. The beat of the music pumped in my ears, strobe lights flashed, and people crowded the dance floor. YOU were there...such a good dancer...I thought you were sexy, cool and dangerous. I loved dancing with you. I'd just stand there and wiggle while you showed off to songs by Depeche Mode, C&C Music Factory, MC Hammer, Fine Young Cannibals, AC/DC and DeeLite. The club was dark and exciting, and we loved going to dance the night away. When I hear songs from these days I feel like we're there again...indeed, the groove is in my heart!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Challenge # 15

Here is the challenge for this week brought to you by our own Tracy King:

As a music teacher I recognize the important role that music plays in the lives of others everyday. In celebrating Music In Our Schools Month in March I want to challenge you to look at a song or a type of music and journal about what it means to you. This should be more than just using a song title on your layout. Think about songs that have special meaning to you and tell us why. Why did you choose the songs for your wedding? Do you and your sweetie have a special song? Can you remember a lullaby that was sang to you or that you sang to your little one? Remember a funny song your mischievous uncle taught you? What song did you dance your first boy/girl dance? Ever got a song stuck in your head? Think about your teenaged years. What song could you perform word for word? Have a special attachment to your college fight song? Is there a song that personifies your life? Is there a song that always makes you remember someone? I hope that these prompts spark an idea for this musical challenge.

Happy Music Month!!!

Title: The Music Reminds MeJournaling: (written as though I am speaking to my son) “Tomorrow” from the Annie Soundtrack. You loved this song and loved singing along to it. When you were five and traveled with Mom and Dad to Richwoods every day we heard you belt along with it. Really you have such a strong voice and really nailed the high notes, it was fun to listen to you sing!“Light the Candles All Around the World” This song is from Music K-8 a music teacher resource. You performed it in concert (holding a flashlight “candle”) in Kindergarten and then again as a soloist in third grade. Currently you are polishing it up to sing in church. “Standin’ in the Need of Prayer” This kids’ Bible song is an unusual song for you to love, but something about it speaks to you and you sing it all the time.“God Bless the U.S.A.” You learned this song in my music class and we quickly added it to your iPod list. On more than one occasion you have just been moved with emotion when you listened to it. Once after Grandpa died you cried so hard because it reminded you of him.The power that music has to touch our lives is amazing. It helps us celebrate. It helps us mourn. These songs will always remind me of you! -Mom, February 2008.

Entries for this week..

Here are the entries for this week:

Journaling reads:

"As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love." John 15:9 Zeke, you are only two weeks old and you already know your daddy and you are secure in his love and provision. As you grow your understanding of his love will grow, however, until you have children you will never really understand how much he loves you. What I pray for you to remember and understand though, is that God created the family to glorify himself and to help us understand Him better. No matter how much your daddy loves you it can never compare to the love Christ has for you. Let your daddy's love and provision for you point you to your heavenly Father and HIS love and provision for you."

"Betcha didn't know...

"This is a layout from my "Pieces of Me @ 33" scrapbook. I used these premade pockets from Creative Imaginations to hold some of the things that I don't like to secrets. I'll share some of them with ya, but promise not to laugh okay? ;)

I throw away pennies.I worry that I'm going to mess up Elizabeth.I hate eating in fast food restaurants.I doubt myself alot.I think ghosts might be real.I stuff things under the couch.

Beverly's Take

Here is Beverly's take:

Journaling reads:

There is a special bond between a mother and her first born. It is you thatgets to have all the 'firsts' well, first! First word, first steps, firstday at school - and beyond to the day you went to 'big' school, left school,first girlfriend and more.But it's not just that. Your first child is a learning curve - you mistakesand maybe you learn to do it better next time. & you're better prepared nexttime around because some of it you've experienced before.But that also gives you a closeness - you're not just my baby but you're mybuddy too. & I think you rock.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Tonya's Take

Here is Tonya's Take:

Tonya has asked not to share journaling on this one, but she has provided us with tip in regard to journaling....

My tip is this: I ALWAYS attach my photos, papers and mats at the top and bottom only (leaving the sides unattached.) This way I can always slide journaling tags and cards under the layers. On the rare chance that isn't possible, I use an exacto to slice a line right next to the edge a photo or mat so you can't see it. Then I tape a scrap piece of paper on the back side so it forms a pocket. I can then add the tags/cards into the slit and know they won't just slide through the back.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Stefanie's Take

Here is Stefanie's Take:

Journaling reads:

You gave me a moaning at when you saw I'd taken a photo of you crying andthen I had it printed as well! You even scratched it trying to prevent mefrom using it, but I want to remember all these times ~ the happy & the sad.Hidden note reads: I love you so much whether you're happy or sad, quiet ormad. I love how you feel emotions- we both cry at the sad parts of movies.God has made us with emotions and while I may think you cry easily I knowyour brothers hurt you too, physically and "heart-sore" more often than theyshould. I treasure all of you. Feb '08.

Here is also Stefanie's scraplift of Janna's page:

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Nicole's Take

Here is Nicole's Take:

Journaling reads:

remember the first time I ever heard of you. Shawn was visiting me at the farm and casually mentioned that he had a really good friend that he thought I would like. Blond, smart, athletic--all the things I liked. Oh, yes, and your name: Terry. I didn't actually meet you until a little over a year later but it truly changed my life forever. I really didn't believe things would go beyond that first meeting, first weekend, first month but it did. And it kept going through the winter, spring, and summer despite literally hundreds of miles between us. We were lucky to see each other every 6-8 weeks. How did we manage to do that for almost 2 years? It was the love letters, I think. All the love and longing in those envelopes that bound our hearts and kept us true to each other regardless of distance and time.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Challenge # 14 --Janna Wilson!!!!

This week's challenge is brought to you by the fabulously talented Janna Wilson from BHG Scrapbooks etc. 2007 Creative Team and Fiskars Top Fifteen, she previously was with Junkitz and designed for them. Janna is one of my fave scrappers, I just love her style.

Here is the challenge:

Me, I have to get creative because I am an impulsive, reckless scrapper…I know, I know, its not a pretty thing to admit to. As far as journaling goes, I almost ALWAYS journal—from the heart-- on my layouts…but I NEVER plan on where the journaling will go until after I’m half way done. I leave it all to chance and start slicing and dicing and see where it leads me…and my journaling. Hee hee! This brings us to the creative part. I like to find all kinds of ways that are practical, attractive, and creative ways to add my stories or thoughts to my pages. I like it better this way…if I planned it—I probably wouldn’t like it.

The layout I’ve done here is a perfect example of a fast stash for my journaling! I like to journal on strips because if I mess up—there’s no shortage on paper around here (yet) so I can just redo it easily. The computer is just too time consuming for me and there are way too many fonts to choose from…I like to use own handwriting most of the time.

So I challenge you to come up with some creative ways to “insert” your journaling. You could do something like what I’ve done…just make some slits to insert journaling strips right at the edge of your photo. It works better of course if you have two layers of paper (like here, I have the floral adhered to the dotty blue background) to stash your strips between.

When you put your page into a page protector, just slice the page protector in the same place or right over the slice(s) you made for your strips to go into. Insert your layout into the protector and the insert the strips through the slits you made in the protector into the page.
Another tip, you might want to make some marks on the end of your strips so that you know where to stop pulling them or else you’ll pull them out of their special spot! I just made some dotted lines here…very simple.

This photo of my kiddos says so much to me and makes me want to say so much to them. Its kind of the “the end” picture for the year in my mind. Most importantly, I want to tell them “don’t look back,” as the title clearly states. I’ve learned a lot this year…and I’m not looking back. I’m looking to the future and to many more happy memories we’ll make together.

My journaling reads:
As the year so quickly draws to a close…I reflect on all the memories it’s left me with. Of course the most precious one was being blessed with Cash.

I didn’t have plans for another baby…but it was God’s plan and we are so blessed and thankful…we know that now our family is more complete because of this precious baby boy. Now that he is almost one I wonder where the time went.

The girls have grown and accomplished wonderful things this year. We’ve moved into a new home and look forward to the future and many happy times.

One more thing ☺-- all the fun stuff I incorporated into this page was courtesy of Christy Tomlinson’s The Scarlett Lime. Fun stuff from American Crafts, Imaginisce, One Heart One Mind, Making Memories & more. Thanks!!

The challenge for this week is to find creative ways to stash your journaling.

Here is Janna's page:

For more inspiration from Janna Wilson, check out her blog:

Here is the 2 peas thread for this week:

Here is the scrap in style tv thread for this week:

Winner from last week and Entries for Challenge #13

The winner from last week's challenge is Tracy King with her "In Bed" page. Tracy, you earned an additional 20 pts this week. :)
Here are the entries for this week, DT send me your votes ASAP!!!

Journaling reads:

We came to South Africa when I was 4 ½ and I recall walking up the passage at your Granny’s house and seeing my Grandpa sitting at the head of the table with dappled sunlight filtering through the windows. Apparently I upset my Granny by walking straight past her, but I must have been so focussed on him, that I didn’t even see her. I walked up to him, put my head on his arm and felt like I had come home. Thus began our “love relationship”. I was absolutely secure in his unconditional love and acceptance. He was “Gramps” to me and often spoiled me as much as he was able – he was retired and money was tight. I remember him driving me over to Kenilworth Centre and buying me an ice-cream, mint with chocolate ants, he got into such trouble with my Gran for that. He was always smoking either cigarettes or his pipe. Even now when I catch that smell I feel very nostalgic. He died when I was 13 and I was so concerned that he hadn’t even opened his Christmas present from me. Any one could see that it was yet another deodorant I suppose, my Aunty Doreen gave it back to me and I used it and thought of him. I wish you guys could have know him. I know that he would have loved you too and he would have been so proud of me having my boys first and then my little girl. Your Gran was his 6th daughter, of the 9 children he and my Granny Rose had. Journaled Feb ’08.

Journaling reads:

August 28, 1995 12:18 pm
rings through my memory
like a freight train. The day
that changed all of our lives
forever. This kid that was
hard up for a fix escaped
A drug rehab and stole a
vehicle. You happened to
be the first one to spot the
vehicle. When you pulled
over he stabbed you till
your death. That road now
Has your blood on it, but
It also now bears your name.
So much was taken from
Us that day ,From the world,
our family Our community. The
Sheriff’s Department lost a
deputy, many lost a friend,
many Lost an uncle, a grand
father A brother, a husband,
and a Daddy.
You were so much to so many
It is easy to see that, that day,
when you died. Part of me
died with you. I had no idea
the road that lay ahead of us.
How much things would change.
You truly were the glue that held
us all together. We all seemed
lost and unsure what to do after
that. SO many would say
Oh I know how you feel I lost
My dad or brother or whatever
they had cancer or heart failure.
It’s not the same. We went through
A trial, a long trial, waiting years
for justice to be served. We
fought the drug rehabs for better
security and more chaperones
For stiffer penalties for drug related
Crimes. We succeeded on a few.
We have endured the fact it happened
3 miles from our home we all loved.
I eventually would move because
It is just too painful. Some ONE
took your life. Killed you. Not
Only did that kid kill my
Daddy that day. He took
Away my sense of security
And yeah He took my GLUE.
Its been 11 years now.
People want to move on
But how can we move on
When we don't want to forget

What we love so much.

Journaling reads:

REMEMBERING...spending the night and sleeping in your old t-shirts.Going to Hucks when you picked me up from softball practice and getting bomb pops."real" popcornNick @ NightEaster egg hunts at the VFWyou coming to my ball gamesFishingmaking "salad" in your backyardSitting in your chair with youyou loved meI will always love you.PAW

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Stella's Take

Here is my take:

Journaling Reads:

She is Evelyn Elizabeth Vanderpool She is my Grandmother.She was a fantastic cook and made dishes that to this day are my very favorites: her vegetable beef soup, green beans, homemade beignets, sloppy joes, banana and peanut salad, waldorf salad, neiman marcuse cake.She had a drawer in her house that she designated as my drawer, whenever I would come to visit there would be some special prize for me there like a coloring book or a children's magazine. She loved coupons. Nothing was better than saving money.She had the most musical laugh that made you want to laugh with her. She couldn't carry a tune. She snored very loudly and you could hear her snoring all over the house. She loved crossword puzzles and Wheel of Fortune. She loved to travel. She went to Italy, Hawaii, Alaska, and many other exotic locations. She loved shopping and getting a great deal. She was a fantastic story teller. She saved everything, nothing was wasted. She lived through the depression and still graduated college during the depression. She had 3 children and had 5 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. She was a true lady and a beautiful soul.

Shadow Box Craziness!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOOHOOO!!!!! Check 'em out!!!!

Nicole's Shadowbox:


The inside has the lyrics to our wedding song: Let Me Be the One
Let Me Be the One—Rik Emmett
Who will vow to have and hold you,
love you more than words can say?
Who will build their world around you and stand beside you all the way?
When you need a friend you can rely on, a shoulder you can cry on,
Who will pick you up when you fall,
Come runnin’ when you call
Who’ll be there for you when all is said and done?
Let me be the one…
Who will help you write the pages in the story of your life?
Who will promise you tomorrow ev’ry single time you kiss goodnight?
Who will love you always and forever
As you face this crazy world together?
Who will make you smile through your tears, share all your secret fears,
who’ll wake up beside you when each mornin’ comes?
Oh, let me be the one…
Let me be the one your heart will know,
the partner of your soul,
The one who laughs and cries with you,
The one who lives and dies for you,
The only one you need to share your hopes and dreams,
Darlin’ I could handle any fate that comes if you would only let me be the one…
Let me be the one.

Here is Jamie's:

The journaling is printing on the back...

Tybee Island...our little bit of Heaven, just down the road. Sure, it isn't the Bahamas, and the water's colored grey from the Gulfstream, but I'll take it any day of the week. It's a respite from the everydayness of work and school...a cool drink by the pool...and falling asleep listening to the waves lap the shoreline. It's watching the ships roll into the Savannah harbor...hunting for hermit crabs on the point...and watching the dolphins nose their way through the surface. It's crab legs at walks at sunset...and trying to build the biggest sand castle ever. As Kenny Chesney says, "No shoes, no problem!"

Here is Tracy's:

I decided to something a bit unusual with my shadow box. I really wanted a way to organize some random quotes and short stories about my year. I also wanted all of those to be related to my action word this year, DELIGHT. So I created a sort of file box. The dividers are plastic and in fun colors. For the journaling cards I used library cards. They were the perfect size and I had quite a stash of them in white, blue and yellow.

Since it is just February, I only have a few cards filled out. I added simple embellishments to them and plan to display the box in a prominent place in my scrap area so I can not only record things, but use it as inspiration for my pages. I'm sure I'll pull several things out for future Journaling Junkie challenges!

Here is Audrey's:

journaling reads:

Alex and I met our Freshman year in high school. I remember my best friend, Albert, telling me that ‘some guy’ liked me and wanted to meet me. I was interested, especially since I didn’t know who he was talking about even after he told me his name and gave me a full description of what he looked like. Albert said, “The next time I am with him, I will look for you so I can introduce you to him.” Later that day I was at my locker, running late to class as always, and Albert came up to me and said, “Hey Audrey, this is Alex.” I took a glance at him and said hi; I looked at Albert and said “I gotta go, I’m late to class.” I remember sitting in class thinking that was weird and so random for him to introduce me to someone. It wasn’t until the end of the day that I saw Albert again and he asked me what I thought. I was like, of what? He said “Of Alex.” I said, “Who is Alex?” By that time he was frustrated with me and said, “The guy I introduced you to at your locker, you know, the one that likes you!” I laughed and said, “I have no idea, I didn’t realize that was him and I don’t remember what he looks like.”
The next day, Alex and I were formally introduced. I have to say I don’t remember much of the conversation, all I could think about was how HOT he was. Anyway, Alex and I went on one date and remained friends until the summer before our Junior year. We ended up getting pregnant that same school year. It was a scary time for us being so young, but we stuck it through. I gave birth to our wonderful son, Ezekiel, on October 2, 1998 and in May 1999 we graduated high school. The whole time we continued to live at our own parents houses, even though Alex was at my house 90% of the time. In 2002, on my 21st birthday, we finally moved in together. That was a BIG adjustment for both of us. I remember everyone would ask us when we were getting married and why weren’t we married already? We simply were not ready. Alex’s parents wanted us to get married as soon as they found out I was pregnant, but my Dad knew neither of us were ready for that commitment and actually encouraged me to wait. July 15, 2003 I gave birth to our first daughter Alyssa. One month later, Alex had been accepted into The University of Texas and we moved to Round Rock, TX. Finally, November 26, 2005 we got married. We had already been together for 8 years by the time we decided to get married. Many asked what took so long? I just say that is how long it took for us to grow up and be sure that the commitment we were going to make would be forever. Alex is the most wonderful, patient, funny and loving husband and father. We have had our problems just like anyone else, but we have been able to survive anything that has come our way. We have a very strong bond and our love for one another is even stronger. Seven months ago we had our third child, Isabel. We thought we were done after Alyssa. After all, what more could you ask for? We already had a son and a daughter. Alex is actually the one who kept on pushing the idea of having another baby. I was trying to convince him that we didn’t want anymore. I’m glad he convinced me otherwise because Isabel completes our family. Alex is such a wonderful Father. I enjoy watching him with our kids, you can just see that the love he has for them is more than he can express, but he doesn’t stop trying to show them. He is PERFECT in my eyes. This man was once my boyfriend, now my Husband and he is forever my soul mate.

words over picture are lyrics to our wedding song More than love by Los Lonely Boys:

We were in love before But now it's so much more Cause when I kiss your lips I can't explain What I feel in my heart for youI don't know what I'd do Baby if I lost you Cause I've been without you and I know how it feels And I can't be alone anymore I know its more than love Baby I can feel it When I'm close to you I know its more than love baby do you Maybe my words can't explain Why I'm feeling this way

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