Saturday, 27 October 2007

Challenge #2

The inspiration for this challenge comes from the 2 peas stash challenge for this week.

1. Take ANY photo from your stack of photos that you have not scrapped. DON'T LOOK FOR PAPER TO MATCH OR EMBELLISHMENTS!!! Grab some blank sheets of writing paper.

2. First write down the answers to the following:
a. who
b. what
c. when
d. where
e. why

3. Next write down 10 random things that the photo brings to mind. It can be anything at all.

4. Next write down any feelings the photo brings up.

5. Do you have any memoribilia associated with this photo? If so go get it.

6. Does the picture remind you of a song or a quote? If so, write it down.

7. With the above, start writing without any worry about punctuation or spelling.

8. Begin to perfect what you wrote.

9. Ok, now you can pull out the paper and embellishments. Scrap your photo/photos.

10. Now, write out your journaling in your very own handwriting.

All right, I will be back in just a bit with my example.

Sunday, 21 October 2007


The response for the "design team" is just amazing! I honestly had no clue that I would get the response that I got! So, in order to apply for the DT all you have to do is send in 3 of your best samples of journaling and one sample of an actual page with a creative use of journaling i.e. hidden journaling or a unique method of journaling. Please remember this blog is about journaling, so you will not be judged on page design only on your journaling. Please send all entries to

The call will run until November 20th. I will announce the new DT on Nov 21st.

Looking for a few good journalers...

Journaling Junkie is looking for a few good journalers to be a journaling "design team". I am looking for people who are either already great journalers or who like myself need a little journaling, how shall I say it..."assistance". LOL I have found that my journaling is an after thought. Here at Journaling Junkie, the words are the star of the show! There were will be one challenge a week and once a month there will be a layout to accompany the challenge.

Since I am just starting up this blog, at this time the "design team" would be doing this for the glory of the challenge and the page that hopefully will be completed after it is all said and done. However, I am speaking to some people about getting some sponsorship and some "celeb" scrappers to join in on the challenges.

What will be asked of the "design team" is to participate in the weekly challenges and provide one layout with the journaling that is used from the challenges once a month.

If you are interested, please e-mail me at

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Challenge #1

Tell a story about your life and begin with the words "once upon a time...". Try to make it about a profound and meaningful aspect of your morals, beliefs, feelings etc.

Here is mine:

The History of Love....Nicole inspire me.

Once upon a time there was a girl. When she was young, she felt like there was no where that she belonged. When she got older, the feeling would go away for a time, but 90% of the time she felt like somehow she was on the outside looking in. She always wondered how everyone else seemed to have it so...together, that they always seemed to know the right thing to do and seemed to say the right things and seemed to fit like pieces in a puzzle. She dreamed that someday she would meet someone/someones that she would fit with like pieces in a puzzle. Like perfectly fitting pieces in a puzzle. Someone/Someones that would understand her. But she never seemed to find that person...and even at 31 years old, even when she was married and had a beautiful child, she never seemed to fit in...and she wondered...does anyone feel like they fit in? those people who seemed to have it all together? did they feel like they were on the outside looking in? was everyone like a pea in a land of corn?

Anyway, as strange as the above post was, read The History of Love by Nicole Krauss which is the inspiration for this challenge. Please share a link to your journaling in the comments. :)

A Blog for Scrapbookers...

A blog for scrapbookers who need a little journaling help. Let me tell you that journaling is the weakest part of my scrapbooking. There are sites out there for sketches and all other sorts of scrapbooking challenges. Journaling is the red headed step child of scrapbooking. So, let the madness begin!