Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Not so sweet 16.

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Journaling is deliberately tiny as I tell it like it was for his birthday. 
Hence the little elephant. 
We have a saying in our house - never talk about the elephant.
 ie the HUGE topic that I avoid at all costs because of the emotional ammunition it carries.
You only ever mention the elephant if the person whose "stuff" it is, mentions it first.

Neither of us had a shining moment. 
What can I say?

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Wedding fever

My best friend's son got married on Saturday and I got to take some photos and play with them. I was looking for a kit that had the same colours and grabbed two that worked so very well together even though they aren't even remotely wedding themed.

 "Attaboy" and "Back to Nature" are fabulous kits from Mye De Leon and on sale for $1 each @ ScrapMatters so if you're tempted grab them soon.

Friday, 15 June 2012


I believe in Angels.

 I am struggling with the more free form creative type art journaling layout but love  being stretched outside of my comfort zone. Practice makes better and better.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Off road

 (includes some elements too - fabulous surprise!) guesting at ScrapMatters for June.

Monday, 11 June 2012

At my house

My life really is boring at the moment but just to let you see what riveting things are going on in my home, right now, this Monday morning.

 We bought new towels for our en-suite bathroom. This is my latest favourite colour for home decor - sea foam green. Turns out the old towels were 8 years old and falling apart. I thought they were 5 years old, life does fly by fast, doesn't it? I forgot to take a photo of the bedroom but it does look good - I promise.

 Rosie's room. Her exams are all finished and she is back to school as usual. Still waiting for the marks for her desert biome project and she is beginning to stress about an upcoming Afrikaans book report. She forgot to empty the dishwasher this morning but she did remember to get her and Daddy's lunch boxes out and make herself a hotwater bottle for the ride to school, so that counts for something.

 The spare room. Bunk beds lent to Anita for the upcoming wedding at her house. Walls need repainting but it isn't a high priority at present. The desert biome project is in the foreground. This is the room that things come in to die.

 Family bathroom. Seems I am the only person in the house of 5 that knows how to replace the toilet rolls.

 Kitchen with the jug and lid that was used for the spider relocation ...details to follow.

 I have no idea why there is a pile of blankets on the armchair. The stuff on the coffee table is mine. Needs to be packed away in the studio but couldn't because of the boys LAN this weekend. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

 The Oldest's bedroom. He went to college early today with my flashdrive to hand in his project. He has tomorrow off and then rewrites his Biology multiple choice Weds.

 The middlest, still BIG Chelsea fan. Was delighted in their win over Bayern, but as his second favourite team is Germany was a win-win for him. He has been glued to the tv watching the EUFA nowall the games, taped, as well as the highlights.

Dining room, still seldom used for actual eating. Computers also needing to be returned to their right places after the LAN.

 The heater is on as it is cold. Watching Roland Garros and still not dressed, but actually up and about.

When we went to wave goodbye as DH set off to work, there was a HUGE rain spider on the skottle. DH tried to tap said spider into jug, but he was tapping the incorrect end of the spider and (this is how I know the spider was a girl) her equally poor sense of direction meant that she went up the wall instead of into the jug. Any how she was successfully relocated and is now watching the world go by from the grassy kerb.