Friday, 24 January 2014

GIS sprinkling or trail

“A friend and I took my mother to a local nursery for breakfast, and she spotted these baby African Grey parrots and was smitten. One of the things she told their owner was to give them a smaller toy on top of their cage, which he did. The birds wasted no time pulling the bits apart and fighting over the winnings.”
“On the page, I wanted to echo the untidiness of the scene as the chaos of the noise and the activity of these youngsters. It was almost like having a toddler running loose in the house, spreading toys far and wide. I kept adding little goodies, resizing and adding scattered beads and small groupings. I also added a visual triangle of stitching holes, not unlike what parrots do to newspaper, biting and shredding it. Just keep adding until you’re happy.”

I admit not my usual style and yet I love it.
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Sunday, 19 January 2014

More challenges

 Word art title
 Water colour brushes
 Re-do an older layout
 One little word
Use the simple template as provided