Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Jamie's Take

Here is Jamie's Take:

Here's my take for the tribute challenge...it's actually kind of wierd by itself, but it goes into a whole tribute album I'm doing about my stepdad.

"The Written Word"

Ernie loved knowledge...He read books about everything from "Self Help" to "How To" to the Bible and more. He had quite the library built up in his office. He was such a smart man...sooo smart! And I know much of it came from reading every day.


Colette Bate said...

Great page, Jamie! I'm sure looking at that shelf of books is just like seeing him again. Memorial pages can be so hard to do sometimes ... but, a whole album? That's awesome!

Love your journal circle with the quotes, btw.

Nicole Drewniak said...

Super job on doing a whole album! I am sure it is full of tidbit about him that will be fondly remembered. And I love the photos of the books too,

Reformed Mama said...

cool take on the challenge. i like photo of the books.

Stefanie said...

I love the circle journaling too. TFS.

QueenTracy said...

Great layout! I've done a page about books before too. My husband is quite the reader. I love the photos of books. I take pictures of objects around my house all the time (especially my fridge!) so I can really appreciate a page that highlights everyday objects. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Gina Johnson told me about your site. It's really great. You guys have some really orginial stuff on here that will def. full my imagination for my own pages. Thanks so much!!!