Saturday, 26 February 2011

The last from Olivia

Autumn makes me want to:
feed the birds
draw & sketch
wrap up warm
write stories
read adventure & fantasy books like Harry Potter
go on woodland walks

Winter makes me want to:
snuggle up with a good book
watch movies like Home Alone
play board games with my family
go to the theatre
sing carols & Christmas songs
go skiing

Friday, 25 February 2011

No place like home

Design by Tina's kit "no place like home"
Is available now at the Enchanted Studio Scraps store and on sale!

Another from Olivia

Each season inspires me to do different things and I've come to notice that the same yearnings strike me each year. So I created these little '... makes me want to' albums. There are 12 pages in each so this is just a little selection of some of the things I included. I've already thought of a few more since completing the project so may add a little list to the inside back cover of each album so I can journal my thoughts over the coming years.

Spring makes me want to:
get a pet rabbit
sew & cross stitch
paint watercolours
go on walks in county parks
watch tv shows like the Darling Buds of May
go on picnics

Summer makes me want to:
stay up late
go on evening walks
go to Gala Days & festivals
go berry picking
ride my bike

Thursday, 24 February 2011

from me

I don't just scrapbook the happy, feel good moments.
However even I know that some things can't be put on the internet for all and sundry to read either.
I have had a bad week with this one.
A torrid time of testosterone surges and outbursts.
But this is real, a part of raising teenaged sons.
The choices you make result in consequences, are you sure you want to make that choice?

I used The digichick: Elise's Pieces Designs - This life
Designer Digitals: Studio double D layer works No 26 layered template.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Olivia's challenge 98.

Edited to add:
So sorry that I skipped putting the title of the post on it and thereby not giving Olivia
the recognition for her great idea and hard work.

 I've been meaning to create these mini books for ages, so when the seasons challenge came up it was just the prompt I needed to take on the project. The 12x12 album holds 6 little mini books. On the left I have filled one with my favourite childhood memories from sping/summer and the other with autumn/winter memories. The four little books on the right feature all the things each of the seasons inspires me to do.

 Some of my spring memories include:
getting my pet rabbit
Easter Sundays spent at country parks
Easter Monday days out
first getting into mystery & detective books
getting my 'Spy hut'
getting my room redecorated

Some of my summer memories are:
going to the library
working on craft projects
spending summer at my Grandparents' house
going to Florida
playing with my friends out late & going to the ice cream van
the town Ferry Fair week

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


I remember years ago when the children were small dreaming of the days that they’d all be in school. 
Then wishing for the time that they’d all finish at the same time + extra murals. 
You know what? I am there now. 
I have time for pedicures, meeting friends for tea at the mall, I can watch a movie, scrapbook all morning but ...still I struggle to see my glass half full.

I am blessed, I know that but sometimes raising three children isn’t the fun enriching experience I thought it would be. They bicker, argue, make disparaging comments, treat each other with far less respect than my husband and I treat each other. My friends tell me this is normal, all par for the course of having siblings. I don’t know.
 I longed for an older brother to look up to, a sister to play and chat with. I was lonely growing up, I felt like a tag-along behind my mother, surprised when people greeted me or remembered my name. 
Why does the “joyous role of Motherhood” feel so tiring and soul destroying? Thankless and unappreciated? 

My thanks to Elise's pieces for her designs.
Background stamp from "this life"
Title: Alpha from MR handsome collab with Sherwood Studios
365 neutral patterns
365 six pack frames
365 six pack flowers
365 doodled border
All sold at the digichick.

Sneak peek

Design by Tina has a new kit being released on the 25th of February.
I was inspired by Fee Jardine's LO at Sweet shoppe Designs ~

to create my own version using Elise's Pieces Designs 365: frames, doodled borders, creams, flowers to make a cover for my 2011 album.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Debbie's challenge 98

Winter Charm?
Winter doesn't really do it for me. Cold, wet, slippy underfoot - however, what I do love about winter is the dark nights. I love coming in from school and being able to pull the curtains virtually straight away, to baton down the hatches and shut ourselves away. I'm a bit of a homebody and being at home not seeing anyone suits me fine. Some friends are driven mad by it and are always on the lookout for someone to share a cuppa & a natter with - but I am quite happy with my own company - behind closed doors and curtains!

Friday, 18 February 2011

One from me.

Cape Town in the summer get hot, very hot. I take a lot of strain when day after day the temperature peaks in the high 30’s. My blood pressure drops and everyone seems to be so grumpy and short tempered. However in light of my new word for the year “delight” I wanted to highlight some of the things I do actually love about Summer.
In no particular order; salad for supper, esp when I just get a roasted chicken from Woolies and add fruit and salad greens to that. We all love watermelon, I usually buy ¼ and we eat it at one sitting. I love that my agapanthus flowers for most of December through February. Hannah loves ice-cream cones, she misses that from having been on the cruise for 2 weeks. I enjoy the berry sorbet from WW. We go on outings and getaways, enjoying family fun. I love the shorts and Capri combos. I enjoy having pedicures with beautifully polished toenails. I love that Hannah’s beans are thriving outside.

Cats, hot cats, stretched out cats and cats lying on tiles to cool down. Beacon eater eggs are in the shops even though it is months before Easter. Sports days, although it would make so much more sense for them to have their galas now and run in November. I also love that we are going to get the house painted. Choosing colours and having our home refreshed.

I used "Summer Love"  from Elise's pieces and adapted a template by Cindy Schnieder.

Karen's challenge 98

As the snow drops are out in my garden i think spring is on its way so here is a spring Lo of a photo of the bulb fields from last year

the journalling reads

One of the nicest things about living in the Netherlands is the bulb fields in the spring- Its so nice to drive along and see a splash of colour in the fields- the beautiful stripes of tulips or daffodils adding a much needed dose of colour photo April 2010

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Mr Charming

He can be charming & sweet, headstrong & opinionated, helpful, thoughtful, stubborn and easily frustrated. He is secure in the knowledge that he is loved, happy to be at home or playing on the soccer field. He'll debate anything with you given half the chance. Rules are meant to be negotiated. He is bright and works hard. That twinkle in his eyes shows his mischievous side. He gets his looks from his father, by\ut th erest he gets from me. 

 Fatherhood, just one of the many hats you wear so well.

Elise's Pieces Designs has a new kit available in store today, discounted for a while.
The Digi Chick. Discounted from $5.99 to $4.79

Filled with manly colours, textures and embellishments - you can almost smell the tobacco smoke.
She is giving one away on her blog too.

Heather's challenge 98.

Journaling: Fall is our favorite season. Apple picking, cooler weather, pumpkins, hay mazes, and dressing up. You decided almost a year ago to be a ghost this year and are the cutest one I've ever seen!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Another from Sue.

Hi, my name is Sue and I live with my husband and two cats in southeastern Michigan.  I'm a piano teacher with a home studio, but when I'm not at the piano I love to be in my craft room. I started scrapping in 1999 when we returned from a trip to Israel and Egypt with so many wonderful photos that I knew needed a special home. That was my first album and I've been scrapping strong ever since. I also enjoy reading, knitting, beating my husband at Scrabble (okay, sometimes he wins) and watching NCIS.

The second layout is about spring, which I thought might be appropriate for this time of year, as we're all getting pretty tired of winter in many parts of the United States.
 The title of this page is Hope
 and the journaling reads:

With the first robin comes hope.
Hope that cold grey days will soon be gone.
Hope that sunshine will replace the clouds.
Hope for new growth on the trees.
Hope for flowers rising out of the ground.
Hope for warmth.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Advert for Design by Tina

Enchanted Studio Scraps is back on line and they're having a sale.

Pop on over to check out these sweet deals.

Her latest kit is called Lil Princess.

and contains everything you need to highlight your little pink bundle of joy.

Design by Tina - Lil Princess available at ESS

Introducing Sue

You can visit Sue's blog here.
(I have to confess that I asked Sue to give me a write up about herself and for the life of me I can't find it.
I will continue looking though, so please hang in there)

The title of the page is Autumn and the journaling reads:

"I always love it when autumn rolls around. The colors are so rich and vibrant -  such a welcome contrast to the green that dominates the summer months. I look forward to the cooler weather, cozier clothes and weekends of college football. Autumn means heartier food like chili, soups and bread. Pumpkins dot the landscape and burning bushes turn bright red, announcing that autumn is here! This is my favorite season and something I look forward to every year."