Friday, 31 October 2008

Stefanie's challenge 41.

I really struggled with this challenge as my scrapping mojo is missing, but I appreciate all the digi divas out there who provide freebie quickpages that I can literally just drop some photos into and voila!
Not only that but the awesome dt have covered all the topics that I would thought of and far better than I can have. Shannon is missing those early married days with a melancholy feel on her Lo, Mia's longing for the scent of her babies, Tracy G wonders where her childhood went and Liza is missing a relaxing easy time with her there wasn't really anything left for me. Great job ladies!

I decided to focus on missing my youth. Ironically when I was young, thin and pretty I had so many insecurities that I would disappear whenever a camera came out, now that I am older, wrinkled and carry more weight I am willing to step in front of the camera as I feel that I would wish to have more pics of me when I am 60 or 80, then I will think wow look how good I looked when I had no grey hair and all of my own teeth.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Mia's : challenge 41.

Title: (I Miss) The Scent of a Newborn
Hidden Journaling: I can't believe you are already a year old! You insist on doing big girl things like eating chips, watching movies and playing with small toys. I miss my baby! I miss the times when your whole world revolved around me, when you relied on me solely for comfort and nourishment. You are slowly growing up and I'm learning to let go. But no matter how big you become or how tall you grow, you will always be my baby.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Tracy G's "what I miss" LO.

I don’t remember being present in my childhood …

Lately I have been feeling pretty nostalgic about “time”. Perhaps it’s because my 37th Birthday looms close (and I still feel so much younger) … or perhaps it’s because I have been looking through photographs of when I was a child and I do not remember even being there for the photo … or maybe even because my little boy turned 12 this month and I see a teenager emerging, moods, sulks, cheeky comments and all, and it seems as though he was born just yesterday - such a tiny little dependent soul placed in my care …

Where has the time gone?

I read a lot and think about living in the moment and being present in my life all the time. I yearn for the days when I was a child living in the moment. You see, I don’t have many memories of being present in my childhood – I remember little bits (and some of these memories are fuelled by what others have told me) but I don’t seem to remember the important stuff, like how I felt about certain situations or where I was on such-and-such day …

What was I like as a little girl?

Was I timid? I know I was a pretty little girl because I have seen a few photos BUT WHO WAS I? My mom says I was incredibly clingy as a little girl – I would even follow her into the bathroom – I don’t remember this … Is it possibly because this was the time of my mom and dad’s divorce? Was I that traumatised by the fighting and the abandonment? I don’t remember being present in my life at that time …

What was I like as a young girl?

My memories of before I became a teenager are so vague. I vaguely remember going to Boarding School – not the first day or even the first month though … How did I feel? I can IMAGINE that I felt abandoned and lonely and scared BUT I can’t remember how I actually felt – I don’t remember being present in my life at that time …

I was a sad teenager …

I have vague memories of becoming a teen … of wanting to be accepted amongst my peers … of not wanting to be different … I remember that I was unhappy a lot of the time and adjusting to all sorts of outside influences and that my home life was difficult. My memories of high school are vague - I don’t feel as though I was present in my life at that time …

Where have I been?
I miss my childhood . . . …
(October 2008)

Monday, 27 October 2008

Liza's challenge 41.

Journal (Hidden): ...the times we've spent at San Antonio, Texas. Seeing all those luscious trees, the squirrels that are playing, not mindful of the people watching them. I miss not thinking of anything else but enjoying the cold weather and simply relaxing. I miss the chance to do this again. (October 2006)

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Shannon introducing challenge 41.

maybe it's not about what's in the photo, i think it's more about what's not in the many years has it been? three perhaps four? years ago, without any hesitation, we'd be swinging slowly in that cute swing together....what's so different that we can't enjoy each other anymore? Are we that changed? Are we that lonely with each other......have we grown so apart.....maybe we'll be "those people" again....the ones we used to be instead of the ones sitting awkwardly next to each other.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

oops I did it again!

The title is 'Its good to talk (but ov cors betar 2 text)"

I made a little fold out book at the bottom of the page that contains the journaling which states:

Name: Lyndon
Date: August 2008
Subject: SMS
Notes: Where would you be without yr mobile phone? Its as essential to u as breathing + accompanys u everywhere. Its how u organise yr social life + keep in touch with everyone u know. Yr phone beeps 'its customised' text signal frequently, as u tend 2 text more than talk. Its amazing 2 watch yr fingers move like greased lightening across the keyboard - it takes u 1/2 the time it takes me 2 send a message! U r a master at 'text speak' + know all the abbreviations used, resulting in occasions where I have needed a txt dictionary 2 decipher!

Many apologies, Nicola contacted me to tell me that she did actually submit her LO to me in September and here I was feeling sorry for myself and it was all my mistake,

Here is Nicola Booth, she is our featured guest designer for the week,
please visit her at her blog and let her know how fab you think her work is.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Stefanie's challenge 40: texting

wuu2 = what you up to?
wud = what you doing?
brb = be right back
nvm = never mind
wmj = wat maak jy? What you doing?
gtg = got to go
bb = bye bye
ty = thank-you
uw = you’re welcome
np = no problem
kwl = cool
tks = thanks
bf = best friend/ boy friend
bff = best friend forever
gf = girl friend
nu = and you?
hw = homework
lol = laugh out loud
lmas = laughing my ass off
rofl = roll on the floor laughing
ps = play station
wtv = watching tv
wuw = what you watching?
pc = playing computer
gud = good
lib = lying in bed
lob = lying on bed
cgz = congratulations
diy = do it yourself
fyi = for your information
atm = at the moment
pic = picture
y = why?
u = you
c = see
ily = I love you
dif = different
btw = by the way
kk = million
k = thousand
nmp = not my problem
nop = not our problem
I have the journaling hidden under the photo in my son's handwriting for him to look at in many years time so he can laugh about technology from the turn of the century.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Challenge 40 is up!

This is a challenge from Tracy K to all of those out there who use sms shorthand or have children who text all the time.
IMHO Joey is ttly a computer nerd. From txting to MMORPGs to HDTV this kid has me ROTFLMBO @ the things he does. @TEOTD I *heart* the way he is excited about new techie stuff. He will always have AML! (digital or otherwise!)
Translation Key
IMHO=in my humble opinion TTLY-totallyTXTING=texting MMORPGs=Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing GamesHDTV=High Definition Television ROTFLMBO=Rolling on the floor laughing my butt off @TEOTD=at the end of the day *heart* =loveAML=all my love

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Mia's take on challenge 39.

When I stopped working and became a stay-at-home-mom, I found it harder to spend for myself.
Aside from the difficulty of budgeting our single income, I would, most of the time, rather buy stuff for our growing family.
But on occasional times when I would indulge myself with little trinkets, girly stuff or even scrapbook materials, you'd say the same thing --- "WHAT'S MINE IS YOURS", assuring me that it's okay to pamper myself too.
Thank you for your generosity.
Thank you for your love.
Thank you for making me feel worthy.
I love you!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Joanne's challenge 38.

Pauls Norwegian family, Odd and Heddy came to visit us in March 2004. On
the second evening of their visit Jan, Suzanna and the kids came around and
we had a family dinner. Odd and Heddy presented us all with a beautiful
Norwegian jersey, we then posed for this photo but just couldn't stop
laughing, possibly the thought of us all going out in the middle of winter
all wearing the same jerseys was fueling the laughter. Paul and I have
since argued about who was going to wear their jersey out on the odd really
cold evening and when going out with Jan and Suzanna it is always hit and
miss as to who is wearing their jersey.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Stefanie's : challenge 38; his and hers.

I did a digi quickpage (mcato - chatty- bonus qp) and added photos of mine and my hubby's handbags. Apart from the huge size difference, his stuff is all loose and rattling around, never mind that he has 2 watches and 2 pens, whereas my stuff is inside other stuff, money and cards inside my purse, sunglasses in their case, make-up inside it's bag etc. Neither of us likes fishing for stuff in the other's bag - no sharing allowed!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Tracy G : his and hers


HE sleeps on the right-hand side of the bed * HE likes a single, firm and flat pillow * HE needs total darkness to sleep * HE could be that Prince(ss) that feels the pea …

SHE sleeps on the left-hand side of the bed * SHE likes lots of soft, fluffy pillows * SHE can sleep with the lights on * SHE is not the Princess who will feel the pea …

HE reads the Grapevine and Property mags from cover to cover and he may read the occasional car/surfing/motorbike mag * HE has not entered the hallowed halls of a Library in forever and seems to have passed this gene onto his son …

SHE will read just about anything but prefers psycho thrillers and forensics novels * SHE reads 2/3 novels at the same time * SHE reads everyday * SHE could happily sleep in a Library with all those gorgeous books around her …

HE is a simple guy when it comes to hygiene * HE showers twice a day, prefers Playboy Deodorant and uses shaving gel for sensitive skin with a good razor …

SHE loves perfumes, good face products and is always in search of an anti-frizz hair product * SHE loves the smell of cosmetics but doesn’t wear much make-up …

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Liza sets challenge 39.

These pair of shoes were my gift to you for your 38th birthday.
You've had your old shoes for years and so worn out already.
You deserve to have these replacement.
Less than a month after, you got me these shoes too.
It's been a while since I got a pair of sneakers.
And it was such a sweet gesture from you.
Both shoes are a testatment of our love, in a way.
(March 2008)

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Mel's challenge 38

Mel's computer has died so I haven't been able to get the journaling from her, but she did this LO about their life with dogs - before their children were born. If you double click on the image it should be legible.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Nicole's challenge 39.

If a cartoon character could be a 'soul mate' then Remy would be mine. We both come from large families with modest backgrounds. We both are self taught cooks with a crazy passion for food. And we both want to wind up in Paris. I just love this Little Chef!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Tracy King's

For Challenge 38: What I wanted to be when I grew up.
Title: Teacher
Journaling at top: This is me staring out the window of my high school music room circa 1988.

A few years later, I returned to this room as a teacher.

Journaling at bottom: Yeah. I always knew I would be a teacher. It was confirmed around 4th grade when I would beg the teacher for extra worksheets so I could take them home to play school. In high school I got to teach choir and beginning band when my teacher went on maternity leave. I knew for sure it was something I soul always do. In college, I considered becoming an English teacher but in the end became a music teacher. If I weren't working in a school today I would be somewhere teaching little kids to tie shoes or old people to use cell phones. Why? Because I am a teacher.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Shannon's challenge 38.

you'd pretty much never guess that i am a fan of *arrow pointing to picture* i'm a vampire novel junkie, there i finally admitted it...even though this is no mystery to my family and friends...random vampire myth/lore/general questions are directed to me...yes i get strange looks and upon meeting me it seems weird, but it's true! they're my favorite kind of book! my collection glaring me in the face, it's kind of hard to deny! although i doubt die-hard vampire novel fans should use smiley faces at the end of their sentences....oh well. 2008

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Marisha's challenge 38.

"People used to say that I looked like her. NOw, I'm seeing myself in some of the roles she's playing. As I watched her in Daddy's Little Girls, it was like I was watching myself. I related to all of it."

Readers roundup.

This one is from Melita for (challenge 36 - family traits. family tree) Serra Little League All-Star Game...June 14, 2008...You are such a great athlete. A lot of determination and hard work helps you succeed. You get that drive from me, I am proud to say. And luckily, the athleticism from more able family members.

this is Timi's secret LO (challenge 37)

At 37, I should have already known the purpose of my existence, what I want from life and what I can possibly give to life. I have been a CATHOLIC all my life, being baptized in a Catholic Church and educated in Catholic schools. At this point in time, having been exposed to a wide range of ideas on spirituality, I have been considering attending lecture sessions and seminars by Brahma Kumaris or even by renowned psychic, Jaime T. Licauco. It's not that I am shunning away from my Catholic faith but these days I have been fascinated by the teachings of Buddhism- karma, past life, reincarnation, soul mate, meditation. These are the areas that I really like to explore and not many people know about this...

Thanks for your participation ladies - I will be putting your names into the draw for the October prize.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Challenge 38

This week's challenge is brought to you by Lynn Robertson.

Title of my LO is "aka Harriet the Spy" so challenge could be about book/film character you are like or a character/film star your family think you are like.
My journaling is about how my passion for mysteries, spies & detectives began so challenge could be about the start of a hobby/passion.
Also you could set the challenge as your favourite genre of book/movie.
Or it could be about a dream job/what you wanted to be when you grew up.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

The September contest winner is...

Just wanted to see how desperate you were for the news....

Well done to all three participants: Melita, Fatima and Tamara

The winner is Tamara.
(chosen randomly by my DH)
Please email me your postal address so that I can get it to the sponsors to post out to you.

More challenge 37 : Secrets.

From Liza:Title: Big Bro Fanatic

Who would have thought that a guy like you will stand by every night, waiting for what will happen to each of the boarders in that house. Everyday, no one can watch the TV between 9:30pm - 10pm. You were glued to the screen. You even went to the extent of dropping by "their" house. A Big Brother fan indeed! I'm sure you'll find it amusing that I am now sharing to everyone your not so secret fascination!



The sun is warm
You are in the chilly, but oh so perfect, water at the WaveHouse
You are with your mates
You have no worries
You are having FUN

In the future (distant, I hope and not very often) you will have days that are NOT SO PERFECT – I hope you will remember the times when LIFE WAS PERFECT – when all you had to worry about was whether the next wave would be the PERFECT wave or whether you could pull off another PERFECTLY CRAZY STUNT in the water and BONUS! – if some girls were watching while you while your perfectly crazy stunt was executed ….

These are the DAYS of miracle and wonder, my BOY – but here’s the SECRET ….

These days can be everyday, forever – your attitude will determine how your day turns out … your attitude towards YOURSELF, towards those around you and how you deal with {LIFE} everyday … Embrace it and remember to “smile and wave, boys … smile and wave!!!”

That’s my {SECRET} to a PERFECT DAY … ssshhh – don’t tell anyone .. tee hee … let it be {OUR} secret …


From Tracy K:

Title: Shh! Don't tell, but I *heart* infomercials.
Journaling: Yeah. It's sad, but so true! I love infomercials. I rarely buy from them, but I seriously like to watch. Love the Magic Bullet, that vacuum bag thing, the grills, Oxy clean everything and that miracle iron that steams clothes on the hanger. I wonder if there's a support group for this...My brothers love them too.

:-) HELP!