Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Stefanie's challenge 84.

Shrek: Ogres are like onions. 
Donkey: They stink? 
Shrek: Yes. No. 
Donkey: Oh, they make you cry. 
Shrek: No. 
Donkey: Oh, you leave ‘em out in the sun, they get all brown, start sproutin' little white hairs. 
Shrek: NO. Layers. Onions have layers. Ogres have layers. Onions have layers. You get it? We both have layers. 
Donkey: Oh, you both have layers. Oh. You know, not everybody like onions. 

I love this quote about onion layers. It comes from Shrek 2001. My friendship circle is a lot like an onion in that there are layers. Only a few very trusted souls make it to the inner sanctum. These are the people I can be me with, I can be the real me, no masks and they accept me 100% as I am. As a child in Primary School I often thought that if so and so knew me, really knew the real me hiding behind this facade they wouldn’t like me. Yes I have issues, yes I have baggage, yes I pretend to be whole and that I have it all together. I have grown up a little since school days and now know that there are friends that will see past my aloof exterior, my choleric temperament. These few have earned my trust, they have earned the right to call me at 2am, to ask me HUGE favours and tell me when I am wrong. They know the path I have walked and they don’t judge me. They walk alongside me and listen to my heart even when the words come out all wrong. So I know that I can’t be all bad.

Others think they are close friends and speak words that wound me. They don’t speak out of love, yet I feel judged, measured and found wanting. These people will never make it near my heart as I have to protect myself from them. I will watch what I say and think before sharing too much. I have learnt that not everyone is safe and trustworthy.

I am a fiercely loyal friend, kind and caring. However I won’t tolerate hypocrisy, people who say one thing, smilingly, to your face and something else behind your back. Nothing will get you bumped faster to the outer rim, the onion skin. I will forgive you, but forgetting? Probably not. You see I have protective mechanisms that swing into place with the solidness of a safe door, I have had to learn these things in order to survive.

I have been betrayed before and why would I tell you something that you could use as ammunition against me later? Better to be less that transparent, and safe. I feel that I accept people as they are. Quirks and foibles, things that others’ may not understand nor be as accepting of. Who am I to judge? Not knowing the path that you have travelled, nor the pitfalls you have fought.

My layers can be flexible, people moving nearer the core or further out as we spend time together and apart. Some friends I see every few months or years but the time spent apart fades when we kuier together again. Quality time is my love language. I am good at one on ones and terrible in a whole group, even if I know everyone, so much worse if I don’t. I really suck at small talk. Some can bubble and light up a room, making everyone feel uplifted and entertained. Me, not so much.

My close friends are immeasurably important to me.
You’ll know if you’re in there, near to my heart.
You know how much you mean to me, I would have told you.
I would have shown you by the little things I do to help, to bless.
I would have given you gifts, something small, probably not even beautifully wrapped, but something that tells you when I saw it I thought of you.

My friendship circle is like an onion, it has layers.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Cabbie's challenge 84.


Friends are blessings. Without them, life will just be a monotonous journey. For with friends, we learn courage; our bonds with them grow stronger when problems arise. It is a test of what God gave us. Friends are cushions... we should learn how to keep them! and love them beyond time.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Melissa's challenge 84.

Title: I get by with a little help from my friends

Journaling: These girls are the ones I can trust to know they will be there for me. Richelle, Millisa, Kelly, Genie, and Melanie. I know I can count on them. -07.15.10

Saturday, 24 July 2010

From our readers.

From A graywolfe's ramblings.
You can visit her blog here.

She decided to go back to the very start of journaling junkie and play along with our very first challenge.
(back before I was even on the team, Stella Crupko was the one who started the blog and set the challenges)

Tell a story about your life and begin with the words "once upon a time...". Try to make it about a profound and meaningful aspect of your morals, beliefs, feelings etc.

Once upon a time there was a baby girl born to Judy Wolfe and John Gray, on August 17th 1974. She was not expected as the Doctor told her parents that her mom was in a wheelchair so she could not get pregnant. Boy was he wrong. And so starts My Life. I started out strong (defying the Dr) I was a preemie at 4.4 lbs. Jumping forward 5 years. I didn’t seem to have an understanding for authority I got expelled from preschool. Who does that before 5 years old, I did that’s who. I don’t want to forget to mention this but I am a fiery redhead, yep it’s true we are a handful. I think it’s the fire in the hair that has us redheads so worked up. I now jump to age 10 and in school. I am best friends with the most popular girl in school, but am not liked by many others. I think that is because people don’t understand me, I am blunt, I speak the truth no matter how harsh it is reality is better than lying, I don’t understand most jokes, and most of all I don’t know how to communicate with the outside world like everyone else does. Jumping a few years to 14, my mom being post polio quadriplegic has a wheelchair so from the time I was able to stand on her foot pedals I would go with her everywhere walking then when I got older. I walked all around Pasadena with my mom. Everyone knew me to be her daughter as she worked for the City of Pasadena. I loved this spending time with my mom on the weekends who knew where we would end up. All things changed at 16, I was pregnant and very alone. Teen pregnancy alienates everyone from you because friends are not allowed to hang out anymore because they might “catch” pregnancy. I placed my daughter for adoption with friends she now 19 and I talk to her daily. I am a part of her family. Now jump to 18 out and about hopping freight trains as I go seeing the country being a vagabond. That’s me at that age. I got to see 46 of the lower 48s. I got to see most of Canada well the western part. I got to meet a lot of amazing people. Now to 19 and pregnant earthquakes can do that to ya…..nothing to do and well Dakota came into the world. She is now 15 and made me a Grandmother last year. I bounced around from state to state looking for a place to settle. I lived in many states until I was 25, and then settled in Texas, 3 months after my third child died from Whooping Cough at 1 month old. I met an amazing man during that time. I fell in love with him and him with me. I tease him still today it’s about the Yellow Jeep. He and I have been together since July 7th 2000, we got married in 2004 on St. Patrick’s Day. Now let’s jump to present day. I sit here and write this as a CNA and newly graduate of a phlebotomy program. I was in the hospital and diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. I had a “House” doctor. I always said I wanted someone like house. And I got her well really them it was a husband and wife team. I am very lucky about that. I now live life to the fullest as you never know what tomorrow might bring.

Thanks so much for going back to the beginning and sharing it with us to encourage and re-inspire.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Debbie's challenge 84.

Forest Friends

A whole new way of 'life' started for me in January 2010, this was when I started my Forest School Leader course. I met a whole bunch of new people, who quickly became likeminded friends, a pillar of support, and a great source of company on our training over the course of 6 months. We even slept out together in a stick & leaf shelter on a frosty night! We had laughs, shared thoughts and gradually we are one by one sharing our successful 'passes' on our Forest School assessments. Til we all meet again...........

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Jennifer's challenge 84.

Title: When I need to talk

'I turn to my sister, my best friend, and my mum. We can gossip and giggle, or delve deep and support each other. I don't know what I'd do without them to have fun with - like trying on wigs in Topshop, dressing as pirates for Harry Paye day in Poole, or going bodyboarding on holiday. Thanks for being my girls! xxx'

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Heather's challenge 84.

Journaling: For a year or so in college, I virtually swore off friendships with girls. I could just relate better to no-drama guys. In Andrea, though, I found a fun, non-catty, would-do-anything-for-you friend. I think because of her, I kept lots of guy friends, but was able to work girls back in, too.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Olivia's challenge 84.

Journaling reads:
I know that I can always trust Seonaid & Gillian to be there for me. They know me inside out, we share so much in common. It's also reassuring to have them understand me.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Karen's challenge 84.


journalling reads

Juliette is my oldest friend, we met when we were three and spent many hours talking and playing shops over the back fence of the garden. We ended up with a gate between the two. We are still friends even if only by e-mail, Facebook and cards. This photo is from Junior school when we must be 10 or 11. Our friendship has survived 33 years, different senior schools and different countries!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Design by Tina

Tina has some fabulous scrapping goodies, just released and on sale, 50% off.

Great for those beach and enjoying Summer Lo's.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Darlene's challenge 84.

The title tag reads, "Friendship isn't a big thing, its a million little things." and there is also a quote that reads, "It takes a long time to grow an old friend." 

Here is the journaling on the strips:
How could I be so lucky to have God bless me with some of the 8 most caring, intelligent, outrageous, uplifting, sweet, hilarious, inspiring, and beautiful women I have ever known- my best friends. Each of these friendships are so special to me in so many ways and I would gladly do anything for them, just as they would for me. For years these amazing women have been there for me when I needed it and even when I didn’t. When life is perfect, they love me. When life is miserable, they still love me and maybe even more so. They have stayed by side faithfully through the thousands of laughs, tears, and arguments. Regardless of how often or little we have contact in a month, the very next phone call or meet-up makes it seem like we never even missed a beat in each others lives. I wonder how fortunate I am to call these my best friends? Very much so I fully believe.
Nicole, Elly, Melissa, Tracey, Leni, Kayla, Thania, and Patricia, no matter the distance between us, you are always near my heart and there you shall always remain. I love you all so much, and you have no idea how much pride I feel in having such incredible women like you in my life to call my best friends.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Another one from our readers...

This delightfully honest LO with super amazingly open journaling from Graywolfe.

So here goes. I don't normally carry a purse on a daily basis. But when I ended up in the hospital this past month I had to start carrying a notebook for all my dr appointments and the other things happening in my life. Then when well my period starts gotta carry something to haul the tampons around in or embarass the guys around you. Though mine come in cool colours now so not so utilitarian looking.

The bag itself was a goodwill find. Its an old sample bag made out of the banners you see hanging in the middle of streets for fairs and events in towns or on the outside of buildings.
As well as other material they use for indoor banners. Totaly love the bag when I got it there were samples of diffrent fabrics they use for the banners. I dont know the company but totaly love the bag with the two over sized pockets in it and the length of the straps wears well on me so the bag hangs at my hip. Oh and it holds a TON of things and since it is made to withstand wind and rain it holds up to the weight as well.

This shows you all the things that are in my bag. The clothing protector is usually in my car so if I eat on the run I can well as it says protect my clothing. I now make them as I got an idea from this paticular one I found at goodwill. I know that it sucks when at work and find out you spilt lunch on your suit. This protects all that from happening. I love that one simple find and my friends think its cool too.

Yes I do steal the magazines from Dr offices shame on me. Hey but I do return ones to Dr offices to I'll call it proactive recycling. On a good level arnt you tired of the same 6 year old magazines in office waiting rooms. I just switch them up.

Ok so you caught me during my period so I have tampons and pads in my bag this week. Normally I keep the emergancy stash when not on my period in the car. But I will tell you the U by Kotex are totaly amazing. I used to be a Tampax girl but not anymore. I tryed the U by Kotex and totaly fell in love with a new tampon. And not ashamed to tell you and the whole world about them. Rock on U. Oh and the commercials are totaly amazing too.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Some early readers' submissions.

This first one is from Tracy.

What’s in your bag? We all carry baggage around, though who knows what's heavier: the philosophical luggage, or our actual purses. This series of photos were inspired by photographer Jason Trav and his deliciously voyeuristic, fashion forward portraits in the flickr photo pool titled “Persona”. His snapshots examine hipster Atlantans along with the contents of their messenger bags, backpacks and clutches to determine what they deem important in their lives.

From photo 1 we can surmise that my life is overflowing, indicated by the zipper that could not be zipped if my life depended on it. An obvious fix to this problem would be to go up a size in bags but my resistance to do that is also very Freudian! My life is full, and I love it. But maybe I could do with a little less STUFF in it.

Lets examine the contentment. In photo 2 we see everything that my purse held on June 29, 2010. I would have to say this is pretty typical.

The receipts alone would tell the story of the last month of my life. Add my camera’s memory card and my to do journal, and a good detective could retrace my every step.

I am not a glamour girl but I keep an extra lipstick and gloss. The second tube of gloss was discovered in the bottom of one of the unused(outside) pockets and promptly trashed afterwards.(no telling how long that’s been down there!) The little bottle of lotion is new. I love the fragrance “twilight woods”.(doing double duty as my perfume) The Visine is a hold over from the eye problems I had at the first of the year.

The next grouping could be title “things MacGyver would carry”. A tape measure, a large paper clip, a dime, a hair elastic, a nail file and a small can of pepper spray. I am also listing here the 8 ink pens because only MacGyver would know why I need 8 ink pens.

Lastly are the standards, a pair of cheep sunglasses and my coin purse that has a little less coin and a lot more plastic. The stack business cards are not my own; I am retired, they are Savannah’s from the hair salon. I guess right now I am her part-time marketing director.

Photo 3 is what’s going back in to my bag. Missing are the tell tale receipts, NO ONE should be that easy to follow! While I did remove 7 pens, the other MacGyverish items will be stored in the SEEKRIT inside pocket where other women might keep their girlie products. I think this stems from my girl scout days, and the motto “Be Prepared”.

The other items really do speak to who I am; simple and organized, defiantly not the hipster type. I try to make the most of my time, whether that is reading while I wait, photographing family gatherings and other little things that catch my eye or being a part time marketing director. By the way, I know a great little gal how can do a mean number with a pair a scissors!

I guess you really are what you schlep!

And the second is from Anazelia

My journaling is around the edges and it says, "I am not a purse person. In fact when I was childless I prided myself on not being one of "those" girls. Now with two children and a thousand things to do I am forced to carry a purse. On any given day I have a variety of things in my purse, but I always have ."
The arrows and journal spots are the pointing at
- wallet, phone, headphones and snacks
- sunscreen for the girls
- a camera for the girls (well really for me to take pictures of the girls)
- a notebook for lists, sketches, notes, etc.
- coupons and receipts 

Wonderful work ladies.
If there are any more that would love to submit this challenge closes midnight the 15th of July GMT.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Debbie's challenge 83.

Journaling reads

I've developed a liking of bags recently so my bag contents these days are fairly minimal- coupled with the fact that the kids are getting older so less to carry for them - wipes, spare clothes etc!
*The new must have in my bag is my iPhone- my birthday pressie from Andrew last week - already I am in LOVE with HIsptamatic app which I'd read so much about on blogs.
*Purse - clearly a girl needs cash at all times (unless she's the queen!) - way too many receipts in there!
*Tissues - it's hayfever season
*Eyedrops - It's hayfever season!
*Guy's inhaler - I always TRY to keep it with me.
*Words - it's the school play in 2 weeks- there are still songs to learn!
June 2010

My challenge 83.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Cabbie's challenge 83.

 One of the most important things a woman would want is putting stuff inside her bag. It's a kind of identity and a sense of security within us. Things that are found inside my bag: My cellphone and car keys. My wallet and my climate change books, some crochet and scrapbook books. Hand sanitizer and peppermints. 

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Olivia's challenge 83.

A close-up of her journaling:

This is my layout for the In My Bag challenge. The little pocket holds some more photos & my journaling. As you can see from the photos & layout I love bright colours, especially pink, turquoise & lime. If something comes in one of those colours then that's the one I'll pick!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Darlene's challenge 834.

I never leave the house without my fully prepared Bag of Wonders (title)

Within my purse are necessary items such as my red wallet, with all of my cards and ID's, house keys, and my beaten up cell phone. Other not so necessary items include a digital camera, for any photo worthy events or spontaneous pretty smiles; a whole stash of candy and snacks to entertain a cranky 3 year old; allergy medication and eye drops; handcream; an assortment of makeup; a blessed cross; collected pens; and a ziplock bag for compiling all my million receipts.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Jennifer's challenge 83.

'In my bag'.
The journaling reads:

My bag is often stuffed to bursting with all sorts of bits and pieces, especially since my daughter was born and spare nappies and kiddie snacks became commonplace. But once all these extra items are removed there are still quite a few of what I consider 'essentials'.
My purse, mobile and keys all speak for themselves, but I also carry some lens cleaner for my glasses, some tissues as you never know when you'll need some, my camera for all those scrapbooking photos, and a notebook for jotting down shopping lists, gift ideas, and notes to myself!

Jennifer also has a giveaway you can enter on her blog at the moment, see here for details on how to get an entry in the draw:

Monday, 5 July 2010

Melissa's challenge 83.

 Title: My Trusty 8
- gum
- coupons
- wallet
- iPhone
- writeables
- lipgloss
- sanitizer
- Tylenol

Friday, 2 July 2010

Heather's challenge 83.

Here is my journaling list:
wallet and pen
mini sewing kit
book for Mom's group
reusable snack bags
Campbell's labels picked up from school
certificate that Z got at school
program from Kristen's ordination
tag from Annie's doll
VBS forms
doctor receipts
ephemera from Hatteras trip
Baby stuff: nursing cover, orajel, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, toy, hairbow, apple  
  snacks, 3 pairs of socks (!), extra outfit, hat, cloth diaper and storage bag, two
  disposable diapers, wipes, changing pad
Missing? My cell phone and point-and-shoot camera... both on the kitchen island and not actually in my bag at the time.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Design by Tina - One fine day.

I feel that Tina's designs are so versatile that I need to make multiple LO's to showcase that.
Her kit is 40% off in enchanted studio scraps shop and available now.
Beautiful papers.

Stunning embellishments, including extractions of flowers, berries, tags, staples and frames.

thanks for looking.