Thursday, 26 January 2012

We are in love & girls night out.

First up is Elise's Pieces - We are in love.
Elise has released another stunning collection, I was especially taken by the rich pinks in this one.
Having a daughter I can never get enough pink and the pinks and oranges remind me of the tropical islands we've just holidayed to.

 We are in love is available exclusively at the Digichick  and is on sale.

I also used MemoryClips by Ramona  a template from her Holiday Clusters volume 1,
available at ScrapMatters.

 For this one I used Amber Shaw's (previously Ruby Lane) kit - Girls night out.
This is available at Funky Playground Designs.
 and another MemoryClips template from Ramona - minimal style volume 1.

St John - Antigua

The kids were still sleeping so we left them aboard ship for this outing. We explored St Johns the capital of Antigua, an island of the West Indies. Andrew organized a taxi tour with Derek for $25. He promised us 2 ½ hours seeing rich man, poor man, beggar man, tief! Antigua seemed a poor country having got it’s independence from Britain 30 years ago. Slavery abolished in 1843 and the red in their flag represents the bloodshed. People used to jump off Devil’s bridge rather than be taken as slaves. Houses were colourful, some brick and some wooden, many off the ground on stilts due to the hurricanes and flooding they experience. Annual rainfall is 48”, last year they had 5” in an hour. Very lush vegetation, grow bananas, coconuts, pineapples, papaya, dates and sugar cane. Tourism is an important source of income and they have a medical school that many people from neighbouring islands come to study at.
We stopped at Nelson’s dockyard and enjoyed some fruit punch heartily laced with rum, their museum didn’t have too many exhibits apart from the one Andrew took a fancy to. Next was lookout point where we met “sexy Lou” she was such a character I had to take her photo, and there we saw the original canons that had guarded this bay, as well as Eric Clapton’s house and the rehabilitation centre he founded.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

St Thomas

St Thomas
Is nicknamed the Rock City. It lies in the Caribbean Sea and forms part of the district of the United States Virgin Islands.  They have a population of 51 000 and a land area of 80.9kms. The Danish were poor managers of these islands and allowed USA to purchase them in 1917. They grew sugar and this brought prosperity until 1848 when slavery was abolished and the increase in labour costs made them less competitive.
We got a tour to sight see the island ($25 down to $20) A negotiated with Winston the muscle man. We saw the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and Koki Point beach and Skyline Mall. They had a cable trip to the top of the hill but it was way too much for us to take for that short distance. The island was not the most prosperous, school children wear school uniforms and they have gorgeous beaches. They also drive on the left hand side of the road, even though the drivers sit on the left.
It wasn’t the most exciting island and we were back on board ship by 2.30pm.

I used a template by Janet Phillips - too many photos 60
Wishin' & Hopin" & Waitin' by Sweet ShoppeDesigns

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I played along at ScrapMatters - you can find their challenge in the forum here, with freebie template.

Title: Washington, DC
We really enjoyed touring the City of Washington DC. The weather was a little cold but we were wrapped up fine. We hopped on and off of the bus, seeing all of the famous sights. It was incredible seeing these places in real life, walking around the air and space museum, seeing the Jeffersonian,  the obelisk, the White House. Knowing that we’ve watched NCIS and Bones and these shows get taped in Washington DC. So many monuments and American history in one magnificent city. I loved the historic Georgetown too, quaint buildings and a totally different vibe, almost Parisian.

I used the template kindly provided by MemoryClips by Ramona.

and this kit by WM squared designs.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Safari adventure

My safari adventure:
 My first safari drive at Shamwari was one of the best experiences of my life. Seeing the animals up close, feeling I could just lean out and touch the ellies as they sauntered past, hearing the noise the rhinos made as the grass they were biting ripped, hearing the lions crunch through the bones on their kudu kill, watching the cheetah surveying the veldt as though he did in fact own it. All of these first time experiences were far more magical to me than anything Walt Disney could create. My dream is to take the children with us. Maybe someday?

I used Year in review clusters template by MemoryClips available at ScrapMatters,
 and this kit.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

New Year's resolutions.

Most years see me making resolutions to lose weight and get fitter.
To drink 2l of water a day.
Move more and eat less.
I have the self control to do it, maintaining it however is a whole ‘nother story.
I feel the additional weight, get depressed and eat food that makes me feel better at least short term.
I haven’t met a chocolate bar I didn’t like.
Cake is another pitfall. I have so many excuses as well – there are birthday parties, tea dates, saying no can be seen as rude.
This year is the same. I have 10kgs to lose. Probably the same ten I lost 2 years ago.
I look after myself in so many other ways, why does this have to be such a battle. My age, my sweet tooth? Determination – that’s what I need.
I should just start. I missed the beginning of January so lets aim for February.
Wait that’s Valentine’s Day and CJ’s birthday.  There really isn’t ever a good time to start is there?

I used Pixel Gypsy's - A new you and MemoryClips template - minimal style volume1.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

2011 the year that was

I used:
MemoryClips by Ramona template - Year in review clusters (Scrap Matters)
Affirmation by Elise's Pieces (the Digichick)

Friday, 20 January 2012

Is it Paris?

I got to play with Design by Tina's latest kit - Un peu de la France, releasing today at Digiridoo Scraps here.

at first I did a LO about the Empire State Building.

I also used a template by Road Side Designs.
Then I went back in time and fished out actual Paris photos - the one on the left my favourite of Eiffel.
I used MemoryClips template - Double pager from ScrapMatters.

For all the Mom's out there

Here's an article for you.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

my Comfort

 These stunning templates available at ScrapMatters, here.
 Amber Shaw's - My comfort at Funky playground Designs, here.

My journaling:

When I learnt to read a whole world opened up to me. First it was the Famous Five, then the Hardy Boys and I never looked back. Books were my friends, keeping me company and transporting me to the most wondrous places. Now I can pick and choose but still find books engrossing. My penchant for romantic suspense by Christian authors is well known and my bookshelf often borrowed from.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Quote me...

Sometimes not too many words are needed, sometimes just a quote will do.
I used Blissful ( a collab between Design By Tina, Digidesigned by Wilma and Cindy Ritter) 
and Bits of life wordart from Suddenly Artistic.

Airport Beach, St Maarten.
Getting my children and the aeroplane in the same shot and in focus = priceless.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

What makes him happy?

I used Amber Shaw/ Ruby Lane's My Man Kit, available at Funky Playground Designs. 

MemoryClips by Ramona - available at ScrapMatters.

Title: Toms

Having watched Seinfeld for years, visiting Tom’s restaurant was on the top of Andrew’s list of things to do while in New York. We were cold and weary after walking around the Intrepid all day, but that taxi drive to Toms started his smiling and our dinner there totally made his day.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


I was inspired by Forever joy.

Let's face it: there are many things I want to change for the better in my life. And though I consider myself a very practical Martha - I read blogs and am so inspired to get organised, lose weight and choose joy…to live in the moment, to go with the flow and accept everyone all the time. etc etc.
Hmmm. Did I just mention I am sceptical, cynical and practical?

My word for last year was delight and I started off well, but really maybe I am just too Eyeore/melancholic to be delighted by the curveballs and unexpected crap I contend with. Make no mistake I live the ideal life (apparently) but often I focus on the 10% less than instead of the prevailing actually great parts of the day.

So this year’s word,
in•ten•tion•al   [in-ten-shuh-nl] adjective
~done with intention or on purpose; intended: an intentional insult.

Is similar to the previous years: 2011 = delight, 2010 = focus, 2009 = balance
ie all a reminder to stop and choose.
Intend to act, rather than a knee-jerk reflexive react, intend to look for delight in the everyday mundane. Intend to take in the details through all the senses.

For me to set goals (ie lose weight and get appointed to a digi shop design team and to have a LO accepted and printed by Creating Keepsakes.) To actively work towards those goals, to go to gym or to choose, intentionally to have that piece of cheesecake and latte with a friend rather than decide the diet is trashed and stop working on the food that I ingest.

To lighten up.
To stop and enjoy the moment or object that I am giving my attention to.
It's easier when it's a good moment.
When kids are getting along, enjoying one another’s company, when the cheesecake simply melts in my mouth and the latte is at my right hand to wash every last delectably delightful mouthful down with.
When all the things on my to do list are done.
The appointments made, supper planned etc.
To savour that moment after everyone else has left the building and I am truly alone at home.
To cuddle a cat, feeling those purring vibrations that give me more endorphins than a visit to the gym.

Then, there are the other 10% of the moments.
Like "there’s cat kotch on the carpet again”.
Or the shriek/scream of the inevitable strong-willed siblings bickering and taunting one another while I am cooking supper.
My world wobbles and like Pavlov’s dogs I react and add my shrill tones into the mix. How in the world do I “delight” in this?
Let me tell you that the glass of water wants to be thrown, half-filled or empty! At BOTH of them, if not all three…although really I’d need a full glass for that, especially if they are moving targets.

Truth is ~ I don’t enjoy my children.
There I said it. I love them, but like them? Only really one at a time or when they’re being cherubic and all sleeping in their beds.
Most of the time I enjoy their company, probably at least 95% of the time, (if you take the full 24 hours of the day, including the hours thaye’re at school and sleeping) but THAT screeching 5% of the time unbalances my world and I let it unbalance me.

But now I want to step back, take a breath and see the perspective that this is just a few moments in today and not the end of the world/family/my sanity.
I can't make everyone in the house happy all the time.
Besides being impossible, I can’t make them choose correctly, they have to learn that it's not sunshine and roses all the time- that we take strain with life’s pressures and then all seem to take those less stellar emotions out in frustration on one another.

They are going to be bored, stressed, anxious, scared, and yes, just plain otherwise, sometimes. Balls will drop, but hopefully they will be the rubber and plastic ones and not the delicate crystal ones.
This too shall pass.
I guess it's a matter of redefining what constitutes a "problem" and then removing all the inevitable little road bumps of the day out of that grouping.
They are not problems, per se, they are just part of the ebb and flow of the day.

A day I will intentionally enjoy each morning and a day I will thank God for each night. Because at the end of the day I am married to a wonderful man and have been for the past 23 years.
At the end of the day I have 2 children in heaven I will be re-united with one day because I know like I know that I will go to heaven because Jesus died for me too. At the end of the day I have three hale and hearty children with their own unique personalities and great qualities.
At the end of the day I live in Cape Town, South Africa one of the best places in the world.
At the end of the day I have a gorgeous home that reflects us filled with beautiful treasures collected on our travels.
At the end of the day the four cats we have bless me with their purrs and affection.
At the end of the day I am blessed, very richly blessed.

My thanks to:
Steph Designs - Early winter
Available here at ScrapMatters.

One little word templates from MemoryClips by Ramona.
Available here at ScrapMatters.