Sunday, 2 March 2008

Winner from last week and Entries for Challenge #13

The winner from last week's challenge is Tracy King with her "In Bed" page. Tracy, you earned an additional 20 pts this week. :)
Here are the entries for this week, DT send me your votes ASAP!!!

Journaling reads:

We came to South Africa when I was 4 ½ and I recall walking up the passage at your Granny’s house and seeing my Grandpa sitting at the head of the table with dappled sunlight filtering through the windows. Apparently I upset my Granny by walking straight past her, but I must have been so focussed on him, that I didn’t even see her. I walked up to him, put my head on his arm and felt like I had come home. Thus began our “love relationship”. I was absolutely secure in his unconditional love and acceptance. He was “Gramps” to me and often spoiled me as much as he was able – he was retired and money was tight. I remember him driving me over to Kenilworth Centre and buying me an ice-cream, mint with chocolate ants, he got into such trouble with my Gran for that. He was always smoking either cigarettes or his pipe. Even now when I catch that smell I feel very nostalgic. He died when I was 13 and I was so concerned that he hadn’t even opened his Christmas present from me. Any one could see that it was yet another deodorant I suppose, my Aunty Doreen gave it back to me and I used it and thought of him. I wish you guys could have know him. I know that he would have loved you too and he would have been so proud of me having my boys first and then my little girl. Your Gran was his 6th daughter, of the 9 children he and my Granny Rose had. Journaled Feb ’08.

Journaling reads:

August 28, 1995 12:18 pm
rings through my memory
like a freight train. The day
that changed all of our lives
forever. This kid that was
hard up for a fix escaped
A drug rehab and stole a
vehicle. You happened to
be the first one to spot the
vehicle. When you pulled
over he stabbed you till
your death. That road now
Has your blood on it, but
It also now bears your name.
So much was taken from
Us that day ,From the world,
our family Our community. The
Sheriff’s Department lost a
deputy, many lost a friend,
many Lost an uncle, a grand
father A brother, a husband,
and a Daddy.
You were so much to so many
It is easy to see that, that day,
when you died. Part of me
died with you. I had no idea
the road that lay ahead of us.
How much things would change.
You truly were the glue that held
us all together. We all seemed
lost and unsure what to do after
that. SO many would say
Oh I know how you feel I lost
My dad or brother or whatever
they had cancer or heart failure.
It’s not the same. We went through
A trial, a long trial, waiting years
for justice to be served. We
fought the drug rehabs for better
security and more chaperones
For stiffer penalties for drug related
Crimes. We succeeded on a few.
We have endured the fact it happened
3 miles from our home we all loved.
I eventually would move because
It is just too painful. Some ONE
took your life. Killed you. Not
Only did that kid kill my
Daddy that day. He took
Away my sense of security
And yeah He took my GLUE.
Its been 11 years now.
People want to move on
But how can we move on
When we don't want to forget

What we love so much.

Journaling reads:

REMEMBERING...spending the night and sleeping in your old t-shirts.Going to Hucks when you picked me up from softball practice and getting bomb pops."real" popcornNick @ NightEaster egg hunts at the VFWyou coming to my ball gamesFishingmaking "salad" in your backyardSitting in your chair with youyou loved meI will always love you.PAW


Stella said...

All I can say is WOW! These LOs are so touching and so sad. (HUGS) to all of you. Sometimes it is good to remember the people we miss. They live on in our memories.

Stefanie said...

Awesome job, love the layers and colour scheme of "always remember" and am sorry for your loses.

Beverley Todd said...

Soooo moving! I'm not sure my hormones can cope with this week after week - I have never cried so much as these last few weeks.

Nicole Drewniak said...

Everyone did amazing pages and really opened their hearts for this challenge. Thank you all for sharing!