Saturday, 1 March 2008

Shadow Box Craziness!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOOHOOO!!!!! Check 'em out!!!!

Nicole's Shadowbox:


The inside has the lyrics to our wedding song: Let Me Be the One
Let Me Be the One—Rik Emmett
Who will vow to have and hold you,
love you more than words can say?
Who will build their world around you and stand beside you all the way?
When you need a friend you can rely on, a shoulder you can cry on,
Who will pick you up when you fall,
Come runnin’ when you call
Who’ll be there for you when all is said and done?
Let me be the one…
Who will help you write the pages in the story of your life?
Who will promise you tomorrow ev’ry single time you kiss goodnight?
Who will love you always and forever
As you face this crazy world together?
Who will make you smile through your tears, share all your secret fears,
who’ll wake up beside you when each mornin’ comes?
Oh, let me be the one…
Let me be the one your heart will know,
the partner of your soul,
The one who laughs and cries with you,
The one who lives and dies for you,
The only one you need to share your hopes and dreams,
Darlin’ I could handle any fate that comes if you would only let me be the one…
Let me be the one.

Here is Jamie's:

The journaling is printing on the back...

Tybee Island...our little bit of Heaven, just down the road. Sure, it isn't the Bahamas, and the water's colored grey from the Gulfstream, but I'll take it any day of the week. It's a respite from the everydayness of work and school...a cool drink by the pool...and falling asleep listening to the waves lap the shoreline. It's watching the ships roll into the Savannah harbor...hunting for hermit crabs on the point...and watching the dolphins nose their way through the surface. It's crab legs at walks at sunset...and trying to build the biggest sand castle ever. As Kenny Chesney says, "No shoes, no problem!"

Here is Tracy's:

I decided to something a bit unusual with my shadow box. I really wanted a way to organize some random quotes and short stories about my year. I also wanted all of those to be related to my action word this year, DELIGHT. So I created a sort of file box. The dividers are plastic and in fun colors. For the journaling cards I used library cards. They were the perfect size and I had quite a stash of them in white, blue and yellow.

Since it is just February, I only have a few cards filled out. I added simple embellishments to them and plan to display the box in a prominent place in my scrap area so I can not only record things, but use it as inspiration for my pages. I'm sure I'll pull several things out for future Journaling Junkie challenges!

Here is Audrey's:

journaling reads:

Alex and I met our Freshman year in high school. I remember my best friend, Albert, telling me that ‘some guy’ liked me and wanted to meet me. I was interested, especially since I didn’t know who he was talking about even after he told me his name and gave me a full description of what he looked like. Albert said, “The next time I am with him, I will look for you so I can introduce you to him.” Later that day I was at my locker, running late to class as always, and Albert came up to me and said, “Hey Audrey, this is Alex.” I took a glance at him and said hi; I looked at Albert and said “I gotta go, I’m late to class.” I remember sitting in class thinking that was weird and so random for him to introduce me to someone. It wasn’t until the end of the day that I saw Albert again and he asked me what I thought. I was like, of what? He said “Of Alex.” I said, “Who is Alex?” By that time he was frustrated with me and said, “The guy I introduced you to at your locker, you know, the one that likes you!” I laughed and said, “I have no idea, I didn’t realize that was him and I don’t remember what he looks like.”
The next day, Alex and I were formally introduced. I have to say I don’t remember much of the conversation, all I could think about was how HOT he was. Anyway, Alex and I went on one date and remained friends until the summer before our Junior year. We ended up getting pregnant that same school year. It was a scary time for us being so young, but we stuck it through. I gave birth to our wonderful son, Ezekiel, on October 2, 1998 and in May 1999 we graduated high school. The whole time we continued to live at our own parents houses, even though Alex was at my house 90% of the time. In 2002, on my 21st birthday, we finally moved in together. That was a BIG adjustment for both of us. I remember everyone would ask us when we were getting married and why weren’t we married already? We simply were not ready. Alex’s parents wanted us to get married as soon as they found out I was pregnant, but my Dad knew neither of us were ready for that commitment and actually encouraged me to wait. July 15, 2003 I gave birth to our first daughter Alyssa. One month later, Alex had been accepted into The University of Texas and we moved to Round Rock, TX. Finally, November 26, 2005 we got married. We had already been together for 8 years by the time we decided to get married. Many asked what took so long? I just say that is how long it took for us to grow up and be sure that the commitment we were going to make would be forever. Alex is the most wonderful, patient, funny and loving husband and father. We have had our problems just like anyone else, but we have been able to survive anything that has come our way. We have a very strong bond and our love for one another is even stronger. Seven months ago we had our third child, Isabel. We thought we were done after Alyssa. After all, what more could you ask for? We already had a son and a daughter. Alex is actually the one who kept on pushing the idea of having another baby. I was trying to convince him that we didn’t want anymore. I’m glad he convinced me otherwise because Isabel completes our family. Alex is such a wonderful Father. I enjoy watching him with our kids, you can just see that the love he has for them is more than he can express, but he doesn’t stop trying to show them. He is PERFECT in my eyes. This man was once my boyfriend, now my Husband and he is forever my soul mate.

words over picture are lyrics to our wedding song More than love by Los Lonely Boys:

We were in love before But now it's so much more Cause when I kiss your lips I can't explain What I feel in my heart for youI don't know what I'd do Baby if I lost you Cause I've been without you and I know how it feels And I can't be alone anymore I know its more than love Baby I can feel it When I'm close to you I know its more than love baby do you Maybe my words can't explain Why I'm feeling this way


jamietg said...

Okay, I am completely JEALOUS of Tracy's organizer shadow box...I'm gonna have to go order another one of these boxes and copy cat her!!

Stefanie said...

OK I get to be jealous of all of you living so far away in deep dark Africa... I also love Tracy's organizer shadow box and wish I could be so creative and "think outside the box" pun intended. Well done to all of you. Lovely work and a memory for all to see who enter your homes.

Nicole Drewniak said...

I love how everyone has a different take on these boxes. Well done ladies!

Reformed Mama said...

WOW!!! Those are so cool. Love the organizer! The others are all beautiful too.

QueenTracy said...

I am so impressed with the shadow boxes! WOW!

Thanks for your kind words. I'm really glad to have this organizer set up before August. lol.