Saturday, 8 March 2008

Beverly's Take

Here is Beverly's take:

Journaling reads:

There is a special bond between a mother and her first born. It is you thatgets to have all the 'firsts' well, first! First word, first steps, firstday at school - and beyond to the day you went to 'big' school, left school,first girlfriend and more.But it's not just that. Your first child is a learning curve - you mistakesand maybe you learn to do it better next time. & you're better prepared nexttime around because some of it you've experienced before.But that also gives you a closeness - you're not just my baby but you're mybuddy too. & I think you rock.


Stefanie said...

I too share a special bond with my firstborn. Love the hidden, stacked tags. TFS.

pamala said...

Soooooooooooo snazzy!!! Love it! Great job. Those stacked letters make such a great frame for that pic. The tag embellie is so cool too. Love the whole thing!

QueenTracy said...

Great job. Love the layout. :-D

Nicole Drewniak said...

You totally hit the nail on the head with your journaling. Super job!