Saturday, 1 March 2008

Stella's Take

Here is my take:

Journaling Reads:

She is Evelyn Elizabeth Vanderpool She is my Grandmother.She was a fantastic cook and made dishes that to this day are my very favorites: her vegetable beef soup, green beans, homemade beignets, sloppy joes, banana and peanut salad, waldorf salad, neiman marcuse cake.She had a drawer in her house that she designated as my drawer, whenever I would come to visit there would be some special prize for me there like a coloring book or a children's magazine. She loved coupons. Nothing was better than saving money.She had the most musical laugh that made you want to laugh with her. She couldn't carry a tune. She snored very loudly and you could hear her snoring all over the house. She loved crossword puzzles and Wheel of Fortune. She loved to travel. She went to Italy, Hawaii, Alaska, and many other exotic locations. She loved shopping and getting a great deal. She was a fantastic story teller. She saved everything, nothing was wasted. She lived through the depression and still graduated college during the depression. She had 3 children and had 5 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. She was a true lady and a beautiful soul.


Stefanie said...

I love the green journaling strips, not what I would have thought of- but I love how it "pops". What a lovely tribute. I think when I am a Granny I will need to have drawers like that for the grandchildren what a stunning idea!

Nicole Drewniak said...

I thought exactly the same thing about the green as Stefanie. It works perfectly! Fantastic memorial page to a special lady.

Reformed Mama said...

I like the green journaling strips. great page

QueenTracy said...

Great journaling and a lovely layout!