Saturday, 8 March 2008

Challenge # 15

Here is the challenge for this week brought to you by our own Tracy King:

As a music teacher I recognize the important role that music plays in the lives of others everyday. In celebrating Music In Our Schools Month in March I want to challenge you to look at a song or a type of music and journal about what it means to you. This should be more than just using a song title on your layout. Think about songs that have special meaning to you and tell us why. Why did you choose the songs for your wedding? Do you and your sweetie have a special song? Can you remember a lullaby that was sang to you or that you sang to your little one? Remember a funny song your mischievous uncle taught you? What song did you dance your first boy/girl dance? Ever got a song stuck in your head? Think about your teenaged years. What song could you perform word for word? Have a special attachment to your college fight song? Is there a song that personifies your life? Is there a song that always makes you remember someone? I hope that these prompts spark an idea for this musical challenge.

Happy Music Month!!!

Title: The Music Reminds MeJournaling: (written as though I am speaking to my son) “Tomorrow” from the Annie Soundtrack. You loved this song and loved singing along to it. When you were five and traveled with Mom and Dad to Richwoods every day we heard you belt along with it. Really you have such a strong voice and really nailed the high notes, it was fun to listen to you sing!“Light the Candles All Around the World” This song is from Music K-8 a music teacher resource. You performed it in concert (holding a flashlight “candle”) in Kindergarten and then again as a soloist in third grade. Currently you are polishing it up to sing in church. “Standin’ in the Need of Prayer” This kids’ Bible song is an unusual song for you to love, but something about it speaks to you and you sing it all the time.“God Bless the U.S.A.” You learned this song in my music class and we quickly added it to your iPod list. On more than one occasion you have just been moved with emotion when you listened to it. Once after Grandpa died you cried so hard because it reminded you of him.The power that music has to touch our lives is amazing. It helps us celebrate. It helps us mourn. These songs will always remind me of you! -Mom, February 2008.


QueenTracy said...

I'm thinking that I may do an entire music album sometime...songs that have been important to us during different stages of our lives. I'm just not sure who I want to put it together. I think I may just keep looking for inspiration first. Maybe they'll be some great ideas this week!

Reformed Mama said...

wow, this is a really great challenge. We're totally into music in this household. I also LOVE the lo!!! Great embellishments!

Stefanie said...

Music is so emotion-inducing. I remember Hannah singing "I'm not THAT innocent" when she was only 2
- How times have changed as now her room reverberates to High School Musical 2! Thanks for the challenge.

jamietg said...

Oh yeah Tracy! I'm thinkin' I'd like to do a whole music album too. WHy don't you go ahead and get started so I can scraplift from you! ;)

Nicole Drewniak said...

Great idea Tracy! It's funny how memories are linked to music. I hadn't thought much about it until this challenge so thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I came over from Tracy's blog. I think this is a great challenge. I think I would like to play. How do I send my layout when it is finished?

QueenTracy said...

You can take a picture of your layout or you can scan a copy and e-mail it to I think you should probably try to have your layout in by Friday (maybe Saturday?) Although I'm sure if you did one later that it could be posted too.

If you post in a gallery like twopeasinabucket you can just send the link or link to it here in the comments.

And thanks for stopping by my blog whoever you are! :-)