Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Jamie and Tonya's Take

Here is Jamie's gorgeous take:

Journaling Reads:

Hey little girl, do me a favor...get that pouty look off of your face, and give us a smile! I know you feel totally uncomfortable up there at your piano recital...wearing the little pony dress and the nude pantyhose, but CHEER UP, lessons with Mrs. Lamb aren't that bad. And sure, practicing piano theory is BORING, but it's better than paying bills! Here's the deal, when you're 35, you're going to wish that you could play the piano...you're going to wish you could teach your daughter how to play something other than "Jingle Bells." So, do yourself a favor...take one for the team ok? I'm proud of what you've accomplished, but you'll be so much prouder of yourself if you stick with it...go get 'em!

Here is Tonya's lovely layout:

Journaling reads:

Hey you,
I guess I have some explaining to do. First off, you are going to break your hip when you are eleven. It will seem almost cool at the time, the attention is pretty heady. But don’t let it become this “thing” that changes you from an active, energetic kid to a woman, who at 40, is way too old in her skin. It may not seem to be making changes to your life, but they are miniscule and they add up. I would hate for you to realize out of the blue that despite the facade, you hate much of your life. When you are thirty you will get some bad medical advice, and you will accept it, because this is what we are taught to do. I want to tell you now, trust yourself first and strangers second. Because i know what’s coming up and believe me, the ten years between thirty and forty can be WAY different. WAY better. WAY more YOU. You are absolutely worth it, but you can’t be afraid to go for it. The longer you wait the harder it will be.

I am so inspired by the DT! You guys RAWK!


Nicole Drewniak said...

Awesome designs and journaling, gals! I love the use of the notebook paper as well--so fitting!

janine kaye said...

gorgeous stuff ladies!! love them both!!

tonya said...

Jamie - Love your journaling "take one for the team"! Something I wish my kids would understand sometimes!

Beverley Todd said...

Great stuff ladies! Love the natural look of these!

Colette Bate said...

Wow, Tonya! What an awesome page for this challenge! Love the multiple photos and the stamped letters in your title! And, that zig zag border is just brilliant! What can I say about your journaling? So much of what we do in life is because it's what we think we 'should' do ... not what our heart tells us to do. But, then ... isn't that how we grow? Just wonderful work!

And, Jamie ... I could so relate to this page ... I took piano lessons, too! But, didn't retain much and now I wish I had. Thanks for sharing these 'not so happy' memories ... and for your wonderful layout.