Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Nicole and Jamie's Takes

Here is Nicole's lovely LO:

Journaling reads:

My brother-in-law, Dale, once joked that my family could make a meal out of dessert. The thing is, he's right. Coming from a large French family, I grew up with a sweet tooth and there never seemed to be a lack of sugary treats around. At Christmas, Mom would make desserts that we only got once a year. Dishes like Pineapple Delight were happily devoured each Holiday Season. When I look back to my childhood Christmases, I remember the noise, the laughter and the food. Now that I am older with a family of my own that lives in another province, I am not always able to partake in my Mom's feast. But I do carry on the love of baking, especially of all those sweet confections that remind me of home and Christmas on the farm.

Here is Jamie's unique LO:
Journaling reads:

No Snow Here

It's definitely NOT going to be a white Christmas!
As we watch the news reports about blizzards and ice storms across the U.S, we are relieved and blessed by our sunny conditions, beautiful foliage, and blue skies.


Anonymous said...

great pages!

tonya said...

These are both SO CUTE! Love the colors!

Stella said...

I love the idea of doing a page about how there is no snow. I live in Texas so of course, no snow here! Great pages. I think I will lift Nicole's idea too. Fantastic pages.

QueenTracy said...

What charming layouts! No snow here in Missouri. Some years....just not this one. :-)

Beverley Todd said...

Don't think we've had snow at Christmas for about 20 years! Rain, hail - but no snow! I want to go to Nicole's next Christmas! LOL.