Thursday, 27 December 2007

Tonya and Tracy's Takes

Here is Tonya's LO:

Journaling Reads:

For me, Christmas is all about the lights and "the light.""The light" is the feeling that comes from being with family. Alightness of being because I don't have to work. No work, no stress, noplans. I know that doesn't sound like the typical holiday season, butfor me, regardless of all the "work" involved, the feeling of Christmashas to do with just being together, in the same room. With the noisesall a bit too loud and the lights a bit too bright. Everyone is happyand excited. Everything goes on at once and a general sense of chaosfills the air. And in the background, always present, is the light. I amsurrounded by family, twinkling lights on the tree and the sun coming upas we open presents. I can think of nothing better than Christmas light.

Here is Tracy's LO:

Journaling reads:

My Christmas List

I love Christmas. I decorate early. I begin singing Christmas music in October. My Christmas Cards are picked out weeks in advance. I love it. This year I was stressed. Things just weren’t going well anywhere. This year has been a bit more hectic than normal with three different schedules in three different towns…but these are things that are still essential for Christmas:
-a beautifully decorated tree with colored AND white lights
-hand painted ornaments (salt dough, usually)
-Grandma King’s adorable sugar cookies
-our Festival of Fried Food on Christmas Eve. Nothing says “Christmas” like battered and deep-fried anything
-Christmas parades. This year we went to two!
-a church program with shepherds, angels and the true meaning of Christmas
-gingerbread houses
-Christmas concerts! Even with the stress, I love Christmas concerts!
-pretty Christmas paper…I like paper with words on it. *giggle*
-Grandma’s sage dressing…mmmm!
-Cats in the Christmas tree (annoying, but always there)
-Christmas carols
-exhausted shopper buzz
-the floodwaters of paper that rise on the floor as the presents are unwrapped
-snuggling with my baby with candles lit and presents wrapped
-watching A Christmas Story on TBS
-the smile on Joey’s face.


QueenTracy said...

Tonya! I love the photograph on your layout and the journaling is just perfect!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

those are great layouts with awesome journaling. I think I need to try and put that into words myself!

Beverley Todd said...

Fab LOs ladies!