Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Tracy and Nicole's Take

Here is tracy's awesome LO! I love that photo!!!!

Journaling reads:

Notes to Teen-aged Tracy

1. Love more. Whine less.
2. Credit is important and can make or break your future. For real. Stop with the student loans.
3. You are your own worst enemy. Love yourself like other people do.
4. Trust. Holding grudges only wears you down. Jealousy can consume you.
5. You look hot and may never look hotter. Shut up about your flabby arms. They're fine.
6. Its okay not to be good at everything.
7. Listen to your Dad. You'll miss him when he's gone.
8. Don't be afraid to really be who you are (even if your mother wouldn't approve!).
9. Keep journals and take more pictures. You'll LOVE looking back at them.
10. Buy stock in Microsoft. For real.

Here is Nicole's gorgeous LO!

Journaling reads:

Dear Nicole,

Just wanted to drop you a little note to let you know I was thinking of you. You are going to be facing some tough times ahead (moving to another province, loneliness, financial stress) but it WILL be okay. Honest! Don't sweat over stuff so much. You are much, much stronger that you give yourself credit for. Chin up, girlfriend! Hugs,Nicole

P.S. And when you meet someone named ****, go with your gut and run the other way. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

"Seriously" and "For real" these layouts rock! :) Way to go ladies! Isn't this fun??

Stella said...

I am seriously loving this challenge, I think the DT out did themselves and I still have 2 more to post.

Ali said...

AMAZING LO's ladies!! The journaling ROCKS. Well done...Beautiful!

tonya said...

Ha Ha love both the journaling(s) here! Love the notes style (buy Microsoft!) and Nicole's advice to run the other way! I could so write a much longer letter now that I've remembered a few more things!

Jeanne said...

Wow! Totally awesome!

Beverley Todd said...

Love both these layouts! We could all do with that advice to run the other way sometimes! Loving tracy's notes style too!