Sunday, 2 December 2007

Official Challenge #1

Ok, since this is the really for real real challenge, I have decided to renumber them. :) The Challenge is... You know all those great family events that seem to happen over and over or just any layout where it seems that all you can seem to say is "we had fun". Well, the DT has come up with a "unique" or more fun way to say "we had fun". Please use these LOs and journaling to inspire you. A winner will be chosen from those who reply and their LO will be featured on the blog and I will send the winner a small prize. OK, ladies, get to scrapping!!!

Nicole's LO:

The journaling is tucked behind the photos with a paper clip and reads as follows:

I can not count how many days this summer you longed to see butterflies. The two of you are enchanted by them. How could you not? They are among the most beautiful creatures in nature. While at Edmonton's Capital "X", we were lucky enough to stumble upon this butterfly exhibit. Inside an ordinary looking mesh tent were thousands of butterflies! All you had to do was stand still and a winged visitor would be sure to rest upon you (often bringing several others along). It was spectacular! Both of you were delighted and would have loved to have spent the entire afternoon in that magical tent.

Colette's LO:

Journaling reads:

Third Grade by Colette Bate
The journaling, written on a tag labled "Says It All" and tucked into a paper pocket, reads:
Who doesn't love back-to-school shopping? Tori and I spent all day Friday before school started shopping for clothes and shoes for third grade. Although we visited several stores we had the best luck in Dillards.
Tori loves to try on dresses! She squirms and shimmys in front of the mirror to see how cute she looks. But, the dress doesn't please her unless it passes the Twirl Test. She spins around to see how far the skirt stands out. If you can see her shorts underneath then it's good.
She really loved this layered dress! She said, "It makes me look efficient and that would be good for meeting my teacher, right?". We also found a very cute, drop-waist red dress that passed the Twirl Test. But, she was concerned because before we left home that morning her mom told her only one dress. I told her I'd tell her Mom it was my idea to buy two dresses. {wink, wink}
We found some cute shirts and crops and even bought 5 pairs of shoes. One pair was red ... to match her new red dress ... and she wore that on the first day of school ... looking very cute ... a twirling bundle of nerves! Who doesn't love third grade?

Beverly's LO:

Journaling reads:You were so quiet at first - a bit nervous on the stage in front of all those people but you soon got lost in the music and sang and danced along. Iwas so proud of you - my little star.Leaver's Day - Tiggywinkles Playschool - June 2007

Tracy's layout:

All elements are by Shabby Princess ( The journaling reads:

It was almost the same. Really. Thanksgiving this year. Almost. Grandma had the stove cranked up so that everyone was red-faced and sweaty. Frequent trips out to the carport kept everyone sane. The kids ran screaming and laughing around and around the loop from the kitchen and through the bedrooms. There was so much food that there was no room to sit at the table just like always.
The men sat on the back porch and talked about the price of gas and deer season. The women fluttered around the table and chatted. It could have been any other year. The football game was on the TV. The turkey platter hung solemnly over the table. The wood stove was covered will foil packages of "take-home" food. Leaves were crunchy in the driveway. There was still standing room only in the living room. It was almost the same as any other year.
But without you there was just a little bit of sadness when the conversation lulled. Without you Mom was teary and distant. Without you there was extra pumpkin pie. Without you we were still thankful to be together but losing you still hurt. We missed you. And really?

Really it wasn't the same at all.

Stella's LO:

Journaling Reads: There isn't a kid in the world that doesn't like to lick the spoon. I image since the beginning of time, kids have been likcing the spoon. So yummy and so messy and so fun! So many memories are involved in helping an adult with the baking and of course the ultimate reward, to lick the spoon. However, I know that no kids has been as cute as you when they do it.

Janine's LO:

Journaling Reads:

i have the absolute most fun, best time ever @ gymnastics.

you both love going to gymnastics on race out of the car and up the stairs in record time. you love the freedom of playing on the equipment, the total fun of jumping into the foam pit and getting to share the fun with your friends. i like the routine and the structureand i love seeing you guys so happy.

Jamie's LO:

The journaling reads:

WOW these Clydesdales are BIG! They’re BIG stars, BIG eaters, BIG poopers, and (kinda) BIG babies…you see, they only have to work two times a day, six days a week…photo ops and a walk around Seaworld. Nice! Whatta life!


Stefanie said...

I am so delighted to see progress on this blog. Have been visiting often and waiting (and waiting) and you guys have surpassed any expectations. It has been well worth the wait, looking forward to participate. Thanks, Stefanie

Vicki C said...

What gorgeous layout and diverse jounaling styles. Thrilled to see this blog doing so well!! Congrats!!

Alix said...

a super start and well done on choosing such a varied but top banana team!!

Holly in SC said...

CONGRATS to the new DT! You ladies ROCK :) This might be my NEW favorite blog ~ where else can I get inspiration for two of my fave pasttimes (scrapbooking & writing) in one place?? Look for me here every day ;D

Anonymous said...

What a great BLOG!!!! I am loving this challenge. Thanks for all the great inspiration.

Littleone's Scrapbook Journal said...

I hope this is where I leave my entry.... Here it is:

Thanks for the challenge, It helped me get back in the groove!!

Jen Harrison

Stella said...

Thank you so much Jen! I have your entry. Great work!!!!