Sunday, 9 December 2007

Colette and Janine's Take

Here is Colette's take on the Letter to the past challenge:

Journaling Reads:

I'm older than you. I have years more experience than you. I wish I could offer you sage advice, wisdom and encouragement about your future. But, it seems that time hasn't changed my need to lecture you, pressure you, criticize you. I want to tell you DON'T! Don't lose control when your daughter tells you a lie. Don't be too busy to call your son. Don't have that life altering conversation with your sister. Don't let your Dad get away with it. Don't expect too much from your mom. Don't let them send your husband home from the hospital. Don't start smoking. Don't let Breckin help you cook breakfast. Don't, don't, don't. But, I look at you and I know you wouldn't listen. Because you will always do what you think is the right thing ... and the right time. And, gain experience.

Here is Janine's layout:

Journaling reads:

look at me, the year was 1994. i was so young and uncertain..if only i knew what i know now! where should i start..a career is not everything, find happiness within yourself, don't rely on others to provide it for you. travel, be spontaneous, follow your heart, its ok to be vulnerable and uncertain, life is for living not planning. you will be loved more than you can imagine, you will find true love in someone you already know. that piece of paper means so little to your future. you will be a great mother, friend and wife. you will learn the joy of creating. you will find peace in your own thoughts, you will learn the value of a dollare, you will have times of sadness and despair but you will be just have to have will learn to smile with all your heart. you will realise that the dreams you are now having aren't really what your heart desires..follow your heart!


Colette Bate said...

Wow, Janine ... such powerful journaling! It's poignant that we both offer advice but acknowledge that we wouldn't listen to it. And, a great photo of yourself! Love your page design ... it's so cool how you doodled and used the rub ons and the scalloped edge of the journal paper to create a border around your page. And ... there's another wise old owl!! hmmm, I think I see a trend on this site ...:)

Anonymous said...

Whoa, these lo's are great! Love that journaling...and yep, it's pretty funny that you both noted that you wouldn't have listened to your own advise...sigh. Hindsight's definitely 20/20 isn't it? :) Beautiful job ladies!

tonya said...

These are both adorable! Colette, I love the cluster of embellies above the photo! Janine, I love that little owl - so cute!

Beverley Todd said...

I wouldn't have listened to me either! LOL. Great journaling too ;o)