Sunday, 9 October 2011

Some dt work of mine...

First up is My 4 Princesses - her latest "Periplum" available at Divine digital.

I called this one "Beauty" and then journaled
is in th eye of the beholder and while this statue didn't appeal to me at first, when I saw that the artist had signed it on the Achilles, I was struck in wonder at how we, who are created in God's image also bear His signature as having been created by Him.

Next is Meredith Cardalls Designs
She says they had to create three mini packs with only 8 items in each.

Living in South Africa we really don't experience "fall" or "autumn" as other's do so I had to search a little further for my colours of fall.
You can find these minis here, at 9th and bloom.

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Gina L said...

Love the beauty LO and the journaling on it. I love that your journaling says so much in only a few lines. It really resonates!