Thursday, 13 October 2011

Finding your voice

My goal when journaling is to tell the story behind the photos.
You know how years ago we'd leaf through someone's photo album and they'd lean over our shoulder and tell us stuff about that photo.
The where, how, why they took the shot.
The background story to the importance of THAT specific image.
Back in the day when photos were more expensive and people thought more about taking the shot and the cost of having it printed out.
I want my journaling to be as though I am right there, chatting in your ear, in my words to you.

For instance these photos are all printed out and are in my photo of the day album.
Photos of everyday stuff I wanted to capture but not necessarily create a LO about.
 My middle son and new kitten, Topaz.
Topaz gets playful after he's eaten and if you don't play with one of his toys he'll find something else to play with. Here he tackles socks and legs.
The legs are getting hairier - the boy/man is growing up.
The holes in the socks? What can I say I have no idea, other than he comes home, kicks off his shoes (sometimes that even happens while he is still in the car and the smell...!) and walks around for hours in socks until I moan at him and make him take them off. This child of mine will sit under a blanket with a frozen ice brick on his chest wrapped in a facecloth so he is the perfect temperature, but I digress.
 This kitten is so spoiled he has his own toy box.
He grabs mice from there and will drop them at our feet so we can throw them and he can retrieve them again. The oldest son whips his toys-on-sticks at such a rate that he lies there with the captured toy in his mouth, using his paw to keep a hold of it. Topaz doesn't even respond when I swing them gently past his nose anymore, he has been conditioned to having them whip by in a frenzy.
 He gets his meals on my chair, as he prefers tinned food and the others all get Siamese adult vet food, I need to keep him separated from them or they will steal his food.
He is my favourite, undoubtedly and I have the sweet cuddles, purrs and battle scarred hands to prove it.

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