Friday, 28 October 2011

Designed by Meredith Cardall.

 My journaling:

I love that we borrowed some outfits and props from Aunty Nikki and you didn’t need much more encouragement than I wanted to practise taking photos on the patio. I can’t say that the reflector worked that well, however having you posing, laughing at your mistakes and embarrassment and just enjoying the process made the endeavour totally worthwhile. That and the fact that I now have gorgeous photos to scrap and know the kind of poses I want. Roll on Friday – party day I am (almost) ready!

 Template set: Layered up volume 1 - available here at 9th and bloom.

We don't celebrate Halloween in South Africa and I have a problem with it spiritually, I did compromise with using this kit in some ways, but I only used those parts of it that I am comfortable with.

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