Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hatching butterflies

title: hatching butterflies

I noticed some fat green caterpillars on the nasturtiums one morning and showed you, right there and then you decided that you wanted to hatch some more butterflies. We got my big rose bowl, put some leaves in the bottom and settled them in your bedroom. When I went to check on them I noticed that they were trying to escape but I found three of them on your lamp and curtains and returned them to the bowl, adding clingwrap to keep them inside. It only took a day or 2 and they started spinning. Another 2 days later and they’d lost their heads and were pupating. They were moved to the spare room where I checked on them every few days. When I noticed that the pupae had changed colours so that we could see light and dark coloured butterfly inside I knew that it would be soon. Sure enough the very next day we had 2 butterflies out and allowing the blood to flow into their wings. We removed the clingwrap and placed the vase outside. The final butterfly emerged the following day. Such beautiful pale green wings. I loved watching this little miracle with you all over again.

Template from Janet Philips - Sweet shoppe - 2 many photos # 31,
Green and blue papers and butterfly brush - Elise's Pieces - All natural and Boyish Charm - ScrapMatters
Pink papers and flowers from my digi stash - not sure of the designer sorry :(.

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