Tuesday, 4 October 2011

in the olden days, when I was a little girl

I came upon this blog, here.
and thought to link you up, no it has absolutely nothing to do with our challenge for the month but it inspired me anyway. Made me think about what I wanted to be when I was 10.

You ready?
I loved horse riding and wanted to be an actress in a western.
I loved reading and dreaming of being a writer - esp Roal Dahl, his books were just great, I loved the twists in the tales/tails.
I dreamed of getting married and having a whole stack of children - more than 2. In my day people only had 2 children, anything more was frowned upon.
I loved colouring in, I felt I couldn't draw my own pictures - they never seemed as good on paper as they were in my head, but colouring in, that I was awesome at, including shading and darker outlining.
Well I remember my Father telling my Mother to throw away my 1000 pg colouring in book, he felt I would never learn to draw while I stayed inside someone else's lines.
I attended extras art lessons and throughly enjoyed being creative, getting my hands dirty.
My Granny taught me to cook and so that was special time spent with her as well, eating "proper" food still takes me back. She created the best stews and bredies. Old fashioned food that filled you up and chatting while gathered around the kitchen table that was comfort and acceptance.

So how does that relate to who I am today and what I do?
I am married - 23 years to a wonderful family man.
I have three children with another 2 in heaven.
I still love eating, cooking not so much.
I am teaching the children to cook so I can take time off and so they can learn a vital life skill.
I still love writing, but now it is more as a journaler on my scrapbook pages and on my blog.
Keeping track of who said what and capturing those memories of things done and said that will be forgotten without that photo and those few words.
I still can't draw for toffee, but now I can scrapbook digitally.
Let me tell you that it is just like colouring in from my childhood, only better.
I am so blessed to be on design teams, to get access to gorgeous art work and creations from those further along their artistic journey than I could ever hope to be.

And you?


Jen said...

I am with you...not so much a lover of cookie. At least you taught your kids so they will have had this vital lessons later in life. Me? Sometimes I wonder how they will survive... Praying my kids marry a cookie husband or wife! Lol Blessings this day! ~ jen

Jen said...

Just became your newest follower too. I thought for sure I had followed your blog before now. Looking forward to reading more... ~ jen