Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Roles you play

I just read this blog post at Log your memory.

It made me think of being a stay at home Mom.
Feeling taken for granted sometimes and overlooked at others.
Then I thought about the "others" that I impact.
The friends of my children.
Those whose Mom's work full time.

  • those I give lifts to, 
  • those I photograph at events their Moms can't make it to
  • those I feed, an extra sarmie here, a cooldrink there
  • those who remind me of myself, small and battling to fit in, be acceptable, stay below the radar, not to draw attention, being different
This wasn't a role I carved for myself, yet one I fulfill anyway.
Made me think of when I was growing up, the parents of my friends who did the same for me.
A few years late for appreciation, but lets just pay it forward anyway.

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katie scarlett said...

That's so sweet. I enjoyed reading. xo.