Monday, 29 June 2009

From our readers (and me)

This LO was submitted by Monique.

Title = een vader is.... / a father is....
Journaling reads: Een vader is iemand die jaar na jaar je voetbalteam coacht!
In English: A father is someone who coaches your soccer team, year after year.
Monique and I are part of the design team on the littleshopofsketches blog. Tanya provides a sketch every fortnight which the team interprets.

This week I paid a tribute to my Father.

Journaling: I wish we could connect again and I was able to trust enough to be that vulnerable to show you my heart. I love you and even now need to know you love me too and that you're proud of me. Just say it "you love me too." May 2009.


Lynette said...

Love your layout Stef...I am sending you the one I did today...late because of eye op...sorry!

Helen Tilbury said...

Lovely Stefanie. I love the raw chipboard - Enmarc? They are doing a great job as a local manufacturer I think.

Helen Tilbury said...

Whoopsie - forgot about you Monique...think I commented on your blog but I love yours aswell - love the recycled type plain cardstock. My sons are also football crazy!