Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Cindy's challenge 59.

Where I Love To Be

Riding high on Daddy’s shoulders is where I love to be.
He carries me when we need to walk far & I can see far, and we always have fun being silly. When I am tired I can rest & Daddy doesn’t mind when I squash his head or spill my drink on him.
Its the best place in the world.


Helen Tilbury said...

LOL the drink! Love the muted papers & great photo;-D

Lynette said...

Love this layout....I so wish I had these kind of memories of my dad.

Nicole Drewniak said...

LOL I love the honest journaling from the child's point of view--brilliant!

Liza said...

love that photo! that is sweet!
reminds me of my own memories sitting on my dad's shoulders.

janis said...

ditto on the photo- - soo precious! love the journaling too!