Friday, 26 June 2009

Stefanie's challenge 59

I struggle to be as vulnerable as Tracy was in the previous post.
I also feel hurt and that when my father divorced my mother he divorced me too.
Now he is in Germany (we left Germany and came to South Africa when I was only 4) and I am so English that the language becomes a barrier too.
Neither of us is brave enough to risk, both of us afraid of being hurt again.
But the little girl buried deep inside of me would love to hear her Daddy say back to her; "I love you, too."

My journaling:
Looking at these photos of Opa with you my son, I realise how much all three of you children have missed out on.
He is such a hands-on Grandpa getting down to your level and interacting with you. I can't remember him being like that with me, but I remember being a spectator while he did that with my step-sister and my cousin.
The divorce and subsequent language barrier have extracted their toll on us all.
Photos from January 1996
Journaled Father's day 2009.


Tracy said...

Hi Stef

I feel your pain my friend ...

Love, Tracy G

Lynette said...

Oh Stef...I do believe that by now he must realise how much he missed too. Feel for you.

Helen Tilbury said...

This was a tough one for us all Stef - that's why I avoided it altogether & concentrated on the good man in my life - Shane - my husband! Make the most of the life you have now - you are blessed to have a good one ;-D

Monique said...

Great how you were able to put those feelings in writing, I admire you!!

I loved this challenge so I decided to play along! Here's my take on it:

Thanks for the challenge!!
and have a wonderful day,