Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Cabbie introducing challenge 60.

The front cover.
1. historical places are a "capture" to our eyes; i love the outdoor shots. this was taken during an out of town trip. magnificent museum.

2. landscape pictures look serene. sometimes these captures our emotions; i love rivers and anything associated with water.

3. taking pictures of buildings is as exciting as taking shots of your kids. they are still and stable.

4. i love taking close-up shots of objects. there is this sense of going through them and when you are deep enough-- the power of communing with them increases.

5. when you feel it, capture it. drizzling rain .
6. close up views or macromode.
7. old stuffs... aged.. unique.. it would definitely create an atmosphere of remembrance.

8. what i see, i take... some of them the "weirdest" of things found in my house.

This challenge will run from the 1st to the 14th of July.
We will have an RAK for the end of July as there were only 4 entries for June.
Cabbie challenges us to do a mini album of our favourite things.
You can of course interpret this in different ways; favourite things at home, favourite places to go, favourite recipes etc. Some of the team did a LO instead of a mini album and that's fine if you scrap LO's instead of mini albums too.
Looking forward to seeing your creations.


janis said...

i love your mini cabbie. love your photos too - - they look as if taken by a professional!!!

*Monica* said...

Here is a mini book I did about my favorite childhood books:

Helen Tilbury said...

Great photos - lovely little book - like that it is undimensional for a change & that it is so simple, with your trademeark quirky touches like the bold inking. Lovely ;-D