Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Cabbie's mother's day LO.

Sorry I missed posting this one, please forgive me?title: mom's tips
though my mom is living quite far from me, we have this constant communication through phone calls. these are some tips which i got from her all through the years:
a. a mother will do everything to keep and protect her children.
b. always be grateful.
c. be kind to everyone.
d. love your husband as you love yourself.
e. you should cook.
f. spic and span your household.
g. don't get hungry.
h. education is very important.
i. constant communication is a must in a family.


cabbie lopez said...

oh stefanie. its alright! thanks for posting. no big deal!

Liza said...

indeed, great tips to live by. love the lo cabbie and love the effect of not using photos.

janis said...

i haven't encountered anything you've done that i don't like. you always rock cabbie!!!