Sunday, 14 June 2009

Readers roundup.

These are from Tertia.
Journaling reads:
i) Coming home from school one day, you wanted to know whether God made people. When I said yes, you double checked and asked if He made everybody. When I said yes again, you thought for a while and then asked: "What do the doctors do then? Do they just stir us?
"ii) You adore all the members of your family and love to give hugs and kisses.
iii) You have an imaginary friend - Katie. Katie lives with you and has a brother that you don't like.
iv) Your best friend at school is Shana and you look after her
.v) You prefer sweets and chocolate to food any day!
vi) Your favourite snack is a chocolate muffin.
vii) You love all animals and get really upset when you can't watch Animal Planet in TV. The big cats are your favourite.
viii)You are getting so big that you don't want to sit on oupa's lap all the time anymore. The other day when he asked you to come and sit on his lap for a while, you answered that you had 'no more sits left for the day'!
ix) 6 more random facts:
- You would like to have even more animals apart from the three dogs and four cats you already have.
- You are going to be a great mommy, because your friends and dolls are cared for so well. No child of yours will ever be cold or hungry.
- You love school. Your teacher is mrs. Krige and you adore her.
- You can't wait to go to Physio every Tuesday. You have to go for very low muscle tone and you have made great progress.
-You LOVE tea and will drink tea whenever you can.

Then a little admin.
Lynette won the Kaiser craft stamps from May/June.
I am happy to provide a RAK as a lucky draw for participation but would like at least 5 LO's in the "kitty" before I do so.

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Liza said...

That is just sweet of your daughter. Her curiosity and kindness is heartwarming! Love that photo!