Monday, 15 June 2009

Melissa introducing challenge 59.

they call him Papa

He didn't start off as Papa.

We called him Grandpa & somehow Ethan translated it.

He's taken to the job like a pro!

Both CJ & Ethan get excited to see him & the rest of us are chopped liver when they have the choice of us or him.

And who can blame them?

He flies them around the house, takes them on walks & wagon rides, goes fishing & on boat rides. To the boys, Papa isn't another way to say Grandpa. Papa is fun.

Challenge:In honor of Father's Day, journal about a special male relationship.
Be it your own father, your husband, your Grandfather, an Uncle, or a teacher. Whoever he is, let him know why he's special.


Lynette said...

I like this I can sing my DH's praises:)

cabbie lopez said...

love the colors here! so bright and beautiful.

Liza said...

that is cute! grandkids always have a special spot in their grandparent's hearts.
love your color combi for this layout!

janis said...

this is a fun layout!