Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Shayne's challenge 58

Title: three defining me.

You love “nut-butter” on your toast
Your toast is not allowed to be too crunchy
You have finally mastered the art of “in out” with your legs whilst swinging
Your favourite stories right now are the Apple Tree Farm Series
You love watching your Clamber Club DVD and tap tap tapping along
You are fully potty trained
You go nowhere without Tigger
You still need to nap during the day otherwise you’re a misery by 5pm
You generally sleep for at least 11 hours a night
You just love cuddling, hugs & kisses
You know how to throw a tantrum of note
Puzzles are becoming a firm favourite and you can now do at least 8 pieces by yourself
Another favourite meal is Dad’s homemade pasta and gnocchi (with pesto)
Choccie Milk is the first thing you drink in the morning
You hate having sticky hands
You love eating veg
You want to dress yourself and get changed at least twice a day
You are the light of our lives and we all love you to bits!


Liza said...

Love this Shayne! Great way to document all about her at that age. And I love the enlarged photo. Your DD is so cute!

Lynette said...

Wow Shayne this is really great. I love your journalling.

janis said...

i love the photo best. great journaling too!

Shayne said...

thanks Ladies - I love this LO too.