Friday, 19 June 2009

Nicole's challenge 59

I never thought I would end up WITH YOU.
You lived so far away from me and told the worst puns ever.
Yet here I am WITH YOU.
Over time, I learned that puns can actually be funny and that distance doesn’t matter if you really love someone and want to make it work.
WITH YOU I have a beautiful family that I adore.
WITH YOU I have a best friend that I can tell everything to and I can honestly say if I had to pick between spending an evening with you or my friends, I’d pick you.
I don’t think many wives can say that.
WITH YOU I don’t feel alone.
WITH YOU I have more than a lot of people could ever dream of.
Despite the problems we do have, I still choose you because WITH YOU I am home.


Liza said...

so sweet and honest! love it!
love the little details in your LO too.

janis said...

aaawww!!! love your journaling nicole!

Helen Tilbury said...

This is a sweet layout, lovely photo & heartfelt journalling & I too would much rather spend time with my husband than anyone else in the world