Saturday, 14 February 2009

Readers' roundup.

Well done to all of you ladies for your awesome LO's.
There really is so much to see and much enjoyment to be had in finding all the added details.
This is from Janis, and I love everything about it.
This one removed for publication... and you saw it first here.

This one is from Cindy, who cut out the frame and tree by hand.
"This photo was taken in Armidale, NSW, Dec 1999. Ten Years Ago. Our love was really just starting to blossom, to mature. We were getting ready to start a family, to secure us as a couple, to be together forever. And forever it will be."

This one is from Lynn, writing a letter of apreciation to her Mother (the details of which she'd like to keep private) ~ but I bet we could/should all be apprecaiting those people who so enrich our lives.

From Shayne.
Her journaling:
"I watched you today
As you shared a moment,
The two I love most
In the whole wide world –
My eldest, darling Daniella
And Olivia, my little baby girl.

I pray that you will always
Have the bond
That you share today
And the joy you share
In each other
Will never fade away.

I love you both
More than words can say
And each day
I thank our Father
For the precious gifts he gave!"


cabbie lopez said...

wow girls! thanks for sharing with us your beautiful layouts!!!

Mia Castrillo said...

These layouts are all great! Love the journaling! Thank you, thank you everyone for joining us here at Journaling Junkie :D

QueenTracy said...

WOW! Great layouts you guys!

Ali said...

ALL so beautiful! TY for sharing the details! LOVELY! ~ Ali