Monday, 16 February 2009

Introducing challenge 51.

This week's challenge is being issued by our very own Tracy King.

The journaling reads: As the official family historian I have recently discovered that there just aren't very many pictures of me! Now I didn't think that this was a bad thing as I am not terribly inspired by looking at pictures of myself, but scrapbooking has taught me that I am an important part of my family's history. So even if I take them myself, I guess soon there will be more pictures of me!

This week's challenge:
Consider your scrapbooking habits. Do you have pictures of yourself? Are you a compulsive pattern paper hoarder? Do you see family members ducking and hiding when they see you with camera? Are you a pen junkie? This week photograph and journal about a scrapbooking habit.

Please have your submissions in to me by the 28th of Feb.


Shayne said...

Great challenge Tracy.

Helen Tilbury said...

We can all relate to that Tracy! I have also started handing over my camera to kids & dh a lot more, to get some photos of me into the mix...

Helen Tilbury said...

Just BTW would like to learn more about Tracy but hers is the only photo that is not live & doesn't take you thru' to her blog. If poss please can you link it up Stef, tks ;-)

Ali said...

What a SUPER Challenge!

Thanks Tracy! I love your LO. We DO often forget ourselves in our SB'ing don't we? That's why BOM's are sooo important!

Will be doin' this one for sure! Have a SUPER day all~ Ali

Liza said...

So true Tracy! We sometimes lose sight of ourselves when taking photos. Great challenge.