Friday, 11 February 2011

What, another one?

Your Father shows his love to you in many ways, some different to the way I do. He may not know who doesn’t eat spinach and where your shoes are but here are just some of the ways he serves us. He is very hands on and practical, from painting, creating with bricks and cement, changing lightbulbs, killing spiders scratch that relocating spiders, chasing pigeons, hanging up the washing, taking us on stunning holidays, playing table tennis and board games, bring home the bacon and carving it, rough housing with you boys and pandering to his girls, and he can braai a mean steak  too, he loves being at home with everyone in the house. We may all be doing different things but he loves that. He will drive you anywhere you need to go ~ anytime. He is generous and will even give you his last shirt. He is thoughtful, kind and considerate and you will do well to grow up and be like him. As for Rosie, choose a man like him and you’ll be as blessed as I am.

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Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

What a wonderful tribute. Brings a tear to my eyes.